Friday Farm Foto: Hello, world!

Today is not only errand day around here, but also the end of a long HOT week with record temperatures in the upper 90's. When I got back home I went up to the barn unload the feed bags and heard chirping coming from the chicken coop- I had the calender marked and thought my Silkie hens weren't supposed to start hatching for a couple more days, but looks like Sadie fooled me and got a jump on the other hens. (There are some bragging rights in the hen house for that, I'm sure. "Mine hatched first! Na-na-na!")

Thanks for your well-wishes for Lily- she is doing fine after her surgery, although this heat has been hard on her... she's been inside all the time except when bathroom breaks are necessary.

Thanks to the heat, the barn fans are going full blast right now...
(Edie likes to have her ears laid back from the fan.)

 Looks like we're in for an early hot summer.

Short post today- I'm off to visit all my bloggy friends!
Happy weekend everybody!


  1. The heat has been really tough on all of our animals too (all four dogs). Lucy and I have been walking almost everyday early in the morning because she is just like Lily; cant' take the heat with that flat nose. She wants to be outside but comes in and pants like she is going to die. I hate to see her so miserable. I think training for the half marathon with Lucy being my walking partner is going to be hard on her until she gets used to doing it. Lovely baby chick. The only thing I know about chicks, is they are so cute!

  2. What a cute little chick!! We raise broilers and have just under 70,000 on the farm right now; they're almost three weeks old. But yours is black! So sweet! I love biddies that can run free with their mother.

    We've just come from the hay field; very hot!

  3. We have had highs of 101 two days this week - ugh! Happy to hear Lily is doing ok. Hope you all have a nice weekend.

  4. What a cute little chick! and yes warm warm summer!

    Thanks for sharing

  5. Cutie-patootie chicky poo :)
    How fun!
    Missed the post about Lily, but glad to know that she's doing about as well as can be expected.
    Good thing she has you for her 'mama', I know you will make certain she has plenty of care :)
    90% temps ??!!
    Wow! Maybe someday we'll get summer like temps.
    Hope you all have a great weekend!!

  6. oh, we've had the heat too here in Texas. 99 today. blech...

    cute little chickie!!! adorable!!!

  7. Paula, so good to see you run a fan in the barn. We run one in the big henhouse, too.

    We keep a deep water tank full for the llamas to lay against, since we don't have a pond. We also run a small swimming pool full of water so they can lay there, too, where it is cool and nice. They use it regularly, too!

  8. Aw! How cute is that? You have a little biddy! I love when they come to the farm store. About a block from here, they are raising silkies, too. Little red ones? I haven't talked to them but I drive by to see them.
    Yes it is hot here, too. The dogs want out, the dogs want in, rerun, rerun, rerun. They have water bowls inside and outside but their little bodies cannot take the heat. They need lots of breaks, too. But it is really good for the garden. We have tomatoes on and everything is doing very well. Except maybe too much rain. 6" last week. Pretty soon, there will be none. *sigh* What do you do?
    Take care of all them critters, James included....... Big Hugs!

  9. Heat for you, rain for us, lots of rain. But summer does come eventually, and it helps dry up the mud.

    Your new chicks are so cute. I seem to always mis-count the days til hatching, or maybe as you have said, the chickens get the jump on us. Either way, chicks are a delightful surprise, even when they hatch as expected.

    I hope you can stay cool this summer. I think you should spend a lot of time with the sheep in front of the fan.

  10. We were in middle TN over the weekend visiting our daughter and sil, and it was soo hot! And the Cicada's were, well, doing what Cicada's do! Flying into your face, etc. Loud buggers. Good to hear Lily is doing better. That little chickie is so cute!
    Patty H.

  11. My poor gardens are suffering with the heat, each evening they are drooped..we give them water and by morning they have perked up...but repeat the same drooping by evening has become a cycle.

  12. I bet she is totally bragging. I would be! Such a cute baby!

    The heat has been horrible here too. Well in the 90s everyday.

  13. Such cute babies. I'm with Edie, I like having my ears laid back by the fan too!! :O)

  14. I just want to grab that baby and kiss the daylights out of it...SO CUTE!!!!! I know the feeling of heat, its so hot here my face is dripping off when I go out to put cool water in the birdbaths.

    Keep those babies cool and Lily too... after all, sugar melts.

  15. Over here in California we're in the midst of what they call "Junuary". No heat and all rain! The garden loves it, but I need some sun. Very unusual for us. Love that chick!

  16. Send us a bit of heat with that fan will you. Love the baby chick cute!!! ;D

  17. Adorable chick! What a nice surprise. And, I we can sympathize with the heat since we are from Texas. Not fun when it's too hot to make a one little motion! It's good you have those fans.


  18. Oh, what a cute little Silkie baby; her mama seems to be keeping a close watch on her while you're holding her. This heat is horrible; we've been hitting a 100 most afternoons here in FL.

  19. Hahaaaa...I'm looking at that fan and thinking I'd like my ears pinned back by it Too!!! I love a good fan!
    What a sweet baby chick!! They are SO soft at that age!
    Happy week sweet friend!
    Go sit in front of that fan with Edie!!Hahaaa

  20. Ahh, congrats on the new babies. Baby chicks are so cute, but mama's are so grouchy! (grin) It has been really hot here for a few days now. Kevin said it got to 100* this afternoon for a little bit. I am staying in till this heat breaks. Have a lovely week, my dear.


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