For my Daddy...

Dear Daddy,
    I'm thankful to have the opportunity to wish you another Father's Day, and I will when I see you on Sunday.... but I don't think one day out of the year could ever be enough to express my love and gratitude for you. Of course I appreciate all you've done for me, but I also appreciate now more than ever all the many qualities about you that make you special.

    Even though you had a pretty tough life growing up and your earliest memories were not of a loving and peaceful home, you were determined to make things different for me and Tim. You and Mother always made sure ours was a happy home where God was first and music was a big part of our lives. You took the time to encourage us and tell us we could do anything we set our mind to do.... and thanks to you to I still feel like I can tackle any obstacle because you told me "can't never could do anything."

    Not many girls my age were fortunate enough to have a father who taught them how to change the oil in her car, sharpen a knife, and use a level and a hammer.... but these were things you thought were important enough for me to learn because you said "I might not always be around to show you how." I also remember you saying "Hard work never killed anybody, but laying around on the couch all day will"- although as a 10 year-old girl toting buckets of rocks out of the garden for you, that couch seemed mighty inviting at the time. But I understand now what you meant and I'm thankful for the work ethic those words instilled in me.

     I'm also thankful you shared your love of animals with me... it's true that Mother loved animals too, although she was not very fond of the goats, especially after one got loose and jumped on the trunk of her new car. But you were the one who taught me that every living thing has value, and should be treated as such. You've spent so much time down through the years teaching me everything you know about chickens and honeybees.... and oh, how I've loved every minute of it- because the bees not only give us glorious honey, but also pollinate our gardens and fruit trees, not to mention how downright fascinating they are... and chickens? I can't count how many times I heard you say "to us it's just an egg; but to a hen, it's a full day's work." That's one saying I'll always remember and the reason I feel like crying when I accidentally break an egg...

     Thank you for being my protector... like the time a boy who I did not want to have anything to do with wouldn't leave me alone (today it's called "stalking") and you went and found him and had a "talk" with him.... this boy was well over 6 feet tall, and you, all of 5 feet 7.... but after that, he never bothered me anymore. *grin*
Of course, I know how scary your stern little talks could be, too- you gave me more than one or two growing up.

    Thanks for showing me what true love was as you cared for Mother while she was sick; I know some days you must be so lonely without her..... Tim and I miss her too but I can't imagine how you must feel with your companion of almost 50 years no longer by your side.

     Most of all, Daddy- thanks for not trying to be perfect; or always expecting perfection from me only to be disappointed when I'm not, but being instead the perfect example of what a Father should be. Happy Father's Day.... I know I don't say it enough, but I'm proud that you're my father.
Your Daughter


  1. That was so wonderful; thanks for sharing your dad with us!

  2. What a beautiful tribute to your daddy Paula, sounds like he was an awesome man!!!!!

  3. A very heart-warming post Paula and I wish you all a very happy Father's Day.

  4. What a wonderful tribute to your father.He sounds like a wise and loving man.Happy Father's day to him.Jen

  5. what a wonderful man you've had as a father. truly lovely tribute.

  6. I get to start the day with a stopped up nose.

    Love, love, love your daddy. Uncle Paul was just saying the other day that I loved to pick at your dad and that when no one else could do anything with me your dad could.

    He's a man of few words until you get him to tell you a story, then you might as well pack a lunch because he is going to tell you every detail of that story. And what I love most about him is that when he gives you advise, you can believe it and trust it. He is very wise and when he says something he knows what he's talking about.

    Uncle Clyde did teach us all what love really was when he cared for Aunt Shirley.

    We love him so much

  7. That was very touching. I wish I could say those same loving things to my dad, but he passed away in 1999. I think of him often and will especially on Sunday. Thank you for sharing such a personal story.

  8. Oh what a beautiful tribute to your dad. He sure does sound like one great person.

  9. How blessed you were to have such loving memories of your father, and be able to pay honest tribute to him.

  10. Such a moving tribute to you dad. It seems you were very close to one another. I was never close to my dad; although he did raise us in a Christian home and was a preacher, he could be very critical of us and that hurt is hard to get over. At times I feel envious of people who had a loving father and then I remember, I do have a loving Father. Thanks!!

  11. Paula, you have me in tears. What a wonderful tribute to your father. Enjoy your father every day you have him with you. I lost mine over 14 years ago and still miss him terribly. What a great daughter you are! Blessings, my dear. You deserve them.

  12. Your dad is obviously your hero. How wonderful that you have a great daddy that loves you so much!
    I'll bet you are his hero too!
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend and a special Fathers Day with your daddy!!

  13. Such a meaningful tribute. A wonderful dad is such a blessing!

  14. What a nice tribute to your Paw
    Benny & Lily

  15. Paula, dear sweet Paula,
    This is the most awesome thing to have written for your Daddy. It floods memories into my heart and my mind. I'm glad to know your Daddy is as great as mine. I know much of what we say to them only makes them blush, but they hear us and they know we are sincere in our love. Enjoy every moment you have your Daddy with you. I know I will mine.
    BTW~My Daddy is now 83. How old is yours?
    Love you bunches.....★Linda★

  16. What a special tribute! God bless good daddy's who love their families like a man should!!! Great pictures, too.

  17. That is one of the sweetest tributes I've ever read. Love the pictures. He cuts quite a figure on that shiny, red tractor. Have a wonderful Sunday with him!

  18. Well, my love that was a tear jerker... smile... I loved reading it so much.. What wonderful words for your Dad to hear and you to say..
    He sounds like an awesome Dad..
    I had an awesome one too but tonight he is Home with Jesus... I miss him so much...
    God bless you sweet girl...

  19. Wow! What a tribute to a father! You had the father we all wished for and few of us got. More dads like him would sure make a difference in a kids life.How blessed you are! You look like your dad :D

  20. Ahhhhhh!! Makes me want to Cry!
    He sounds like a Wonderful Dad! Reminds me of mine...

  21. This must make your Daddy so happy....You are a wonderful daughter.....

  22. Great tribute, Paula; what a blessing is a good Dad!

  23. Such a sweet post! I loved seeing your old family photo's.
    Happy Fathers Day to Daddy's everywhere~

  24. OH i loved that kid picture! And great post!


  25. Paula, that is so sweet! Your dad sounds like a wonderful man and father! You are blessed! I can tell the passion he passed on to you lives!



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