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Too much fun in the sun

Lily loves to lay in the sunshine... but the 90-degree temperatures we're having (not to mention the 100% humidity)are making her outside trips a whole lot shorter these days, much to her dismay.

1:05 p.m.
"I don't need no stinkin' sunscreen..."

1:07 p.m. "Ahhh... this is the life."

1:10 p.m. "Whew, the sun sure is bright... should have worn my shades."

1:12 p.m. "....wish my water dish wasn't so far away..."

1:15 p.m.
"Okay, this isn't fun anymore... can we go back inside now?"

Happy Tuesday, everybody- hope you're staying cool!

Mother of the Year and a new "Do"

The final count on my Silkie baby hatchlings is... 25! Or is it 24.... or 26? (Whoever said not to count your chickens before they hatch obviously never tried to count them after they hatched....)

The "Fraker Farm Mother of the Year" award has to go to my splash Silkie hen, Freida- who has been given the monumental task of raising all these babies. The eggs were incubated the "natural" way (by hens instead of an incubator), so the chicks all hatched out at different times. They range in age from 2 weeks to 2 days.... every time one hatched I gave it a few hours to dry and fluff up, then it was off to the "maternity ward" with Freida so the chickie's mother could stay put on any unhatched eggs she was sitting on.
Freida herself hatched out 8 babies, and the other chicks were from three different hens. Why didn't I let them each raise their own, you ask? Well, I only have one coop set aside for raising chicks, and since Freida seemed to be the most …

For my Daddy...

Dear Daddy,     I'm thankful to have the opportunity to wish you another Father's Day, and I will when I see you on Sunday.... but I don't think one day out of the year could ever be enough to express my love and gratitude for you. Of course I appreciate all you've done for me, but I also appreciate now more than ever all the many qualities about you that make you special.
    Even though you had a pretty tough life growing up and your earliest memories were not of a loving and peaceful home, you were determined to make things different for me and Tim. You and Mother always made sure ours was a happy home where God was first and music was a big part of our lives. You took the time to encourage us and tell us we could do anything we set our mind to do.... and thanks to you to I still feel like I can tackle any obstacle because you told me "can't never could do anything."

    Not many girls my age were fortunate enough to have a father who taught them how to …

Scenes from a hayfield

Hubby mowing the hay

Wouldn't you know the time to work in the hay just happened to be right in the middle of the heatwave we've had for the last couple of weeks....  But now we have enough square bales in the barn to last our sheep for the winter and all of the rolls are sold- which is nice because we have a little extra jingle in our pockets.

Heading out into the field, Hubby in front with the baler and me behind with the rake.

The large scary-looking spear on the front of the tractor makes me wish I had one on my car sometimes.... I have a feeling no one would pull out in front of me with that on there.

Looking over my shoulder to make sure the rake isn't too close to the tire... (BIG no-no.)

That's hubby with the baler in action... and no, he's not on fire- that's dust. *cough cough*

Rolling it up.....

It's getting dark and there is still lots of hay left.... *sigh*...

Even though it's hard work, the real reward comes in the dead of winter when I c…

It's a good thing she doesn't have to diaper all these babies....

Still in the hay... our barn is full but there are still more bales in the field to pick up. (But we're almost finished! YAY!) Have a great weekend!

Friday Farm Foto: Hello, world!

Today is not only errand day around here, but also the end of a long HOT week with record temperatures in the upper 90's. When I got back home I went up to the barn unload the feed bags and heard chirping coming from the chicken coop- I had the calender marked and thought my Silkie hens weren't supposed to start hatching for a couple more days, but looks like Sadie fooled me and got a jump on the other hens. (There are some bragging rights in the hen house for that, I'm sure. "Mine hatched first! Na-na-na!")
Thanks for your well-wishes for Lily- she is doing fine after her surgery, although this heat has been hard on her... she's been inside all the time except when bathroom breaks are necessary.
Thanks to the heat, the barn fans are going full blast right now... (Edie likes to have her ears laid back from the fan.)
 Looks like we're in for an early hot summer.
Short post today- I'm off to visit all my bloggy friends! Happy weekend everybody!