Dear computer, I have missed you.

Sweet-smelling honeysuckle blooming in the fence row

Since I've worked my fingers to the bone the last week or so, I thought I would reward myself with a relaxing day of my favorite cuppa and some computer time. Besides, it looks like it's going to be a cold rainy Wednesday so there is nothing outside for me to do.... *grin*
I thought I would write just a short post to say "howdy" and to show you some of the things that have been going on around here lately, then I'm off to catch up with my blog friends....

Remember a few weeks ago when Mr. and Mrs. Bluebird had 5 sweet little eggs in their nest?

This is what they have in their house now...

Daisy and Edie got their spring haircuts last week....

Here is a very short video of me shearing a years' worth of wool off sweet little Edie:

It wasn't all work last week; Hubby and I took Lily on a shopping trip to PetSmart, where we bought her a pretty pink collar and a spiffy personalized name tag.
(We won't talk about all the new toys she came home with...)

As you can tell by this next picture, she thinks she's hot stuff with her new accessories.

And finally, Happy 5th Birthday to Sarge and Big Bird!

Once upon a time we ordered chicks from McMurray Hatchery and they were 2 days old when we picked them up from the post office; that was on May 15th, 2006. Sarge and Big Bird are the last survivors of that batch. It's a pretty big deal around here to turn 5 if you're a chicken, because thanks to all the predators and varmints running around the life expectancy of our chickens is not very long. These two even lived through the raccoon attacks that killed Hamburger and several of our green-egger hens, but somehow managed to survive.
Even though neither of them lay eggs anymore, they still have a job to do around here as resident bug catchers, but most of their days are spent finding a sunny spot to take a leisurely dust bath.

I have a lot of catching up to do, so I'm off to visit my blog friends.
Happy Wednesday, everybody!


  1. I am glad you get a fun day after all the work. I hope you find lots of fun stuff to read in blog land. Hope you enjoy your day. Lisa

  2. Lily is looking VERY lovely in her new accessories:D I love how that wool comes off, like taking off a big blanket! Have a wonderful day Paula and thanks for sharing!!!

  3. Hi, Paula. I love reading about the goings on at your place, Lily looks very stylish! SHe is so cute. That's alot of wool. What do you do with it?
    Well, enjoy your day
    Patty H.

  4. Girl, you are a whiz with that razor and the sheep has a lot of confidence in you. I always thought you had to hold them down! Pets are a lot of maintenance. My pup needs a bath right now. I saw him rolling in something in the yard yesterday and I don't even want to know! He's partial to dead birds! No toys for him!

  5. So glad you're back...I missed you! Thanks for the farm updates and pic's.

    Have a lovely Wednesday!

  6. impressive how calm the sheep is during your shearing! Wonderful thick growth of wool. Like the boids and our chickens are 3 years old last month - low egg production and I really should have gotten rid of them and started anew - but golly - they've done well for me and I hate to kick'em to the curb (and I'm hypersensitive lately about too old to be worth feeding anymore! LOL)

  7. Lot's going on at your place! What do you do with the wool?
    Happy Birthday to Sarge and Big Bird and Lily is hot stuff :)

  8. Missed you! I love Lily's smile as she show off cute! And the baby birds and chickens..thanks for sharing it all. It's snowing here..I think Spring was a distant memory! ;D

  9. It's always a treat to get an update from your farm! I really enjoyed the video clip - and I, too, was impressed with how still she stood while getting sheared. It was almost like she was enjoying a massage. LOL

  10. Hahaaa...yes it IS all in the accessories!
    Happy 5th birthday to the ladies! 5 yrs IS old for chickens...Glad they've made it!
    And that video WORE ME OUT!!Hahaaa
    Missed you!

  11. Good to see your post, Paula...have missed you but know how busy you are with all the animals and very impressed with the video...and Lily has really grown! how does she like farm life?

  12. I must say that it is nice to have you back.
    Lily sure does look stylish in her new accessories.
    What will you do with all of that wool?
    It is so fun seeing everything that is going on at the farmstead.
    Have a nice day

  13. Hey, Babe.....missed you. You are an adventurous spirit, for sure. I would have no idea how to shear a sheep. Do you trim hooves, too?
    Happy birthday to the pre-schoolers!Glad to hear you allow them to have a peaceful retirement--away from the stew pot.
    That Lily---she's a lovie, isn't she?
    Always got a smile on her face.....
    :) Smiles :)

  14. Oh my it is wonderful, I love all the new stuff Lily got, she is so cute, my husbands dream dog too. Hugs for your day, Barbara

  15. Hello there Ms Lily. We love your jewelry. Weave walking around the farm with you so we could see those beautiful flowers and purrty eggs
    Benny & Lily

  16. your pup is so cute. and happy birthday to your chickens!!! they deserve a good retirement!!! :)

  17. Paula, your pictures are beautiful! The video of the sheep shearing shows expert skill! I think I'd be covered in the mess and the sheep would look ridiculous. I can't believe the chickens are that old...I don't know how long they really are expected to live, but I know your chickens are true survivors! We bought the SAME dog tag for our dog! Ha ha.

    Lana C.

  18. Hi Paula, looks like fun days at the Fraker Farm. Daisy and Edie look ready for some hot summer days. Interested to know how long does it take to shear and what do you do with the wool? Miss Lily is just toooo cute with her new pretties! Have a Blessed Day!

  19. My soul, Paula ... you are one good woman.. Tell your hubby that I said so.. grin..
    Do you spin your wool?
    Lily looks precious:-) A term my husband uses and always gets a laugh..
    Missed ya..

  20. I can't believe how thick the sheeps' coats are! They must feel so good now. That is a cute collar, but the tag is the best!
    I love your two senior citizen chickens and hope they keep going strong. Anothe picture of them sun bathing this summer would be great! Glad you got some work done and took a well-deserved break!

  21. birds are beautiful and funny, and its other animals and dogs are adorable, and beautiful photo, I am very glad to see it, let us all at same time maintaining the balance of nature, for all sustainable. because your blog is very beautiful, I am pleased with you.

  22. Wow! I am ubber impressed with your sheep shearing skills ! Do you hire out ???
    The last time we had sheep, and had them sheared, the poor things looked terrible, and honestly, they had a few battle wounds.
    Love Lily's new 'bling'! What a sweetly spoiled girl :)
    Hope that the rest of your week is awesome!

  23. So nice to see a post from you. I love all your photos of the animals. That Lily sporting around in her new stuff! She's a doll.

  24. haha i just saw your comment on Jills post and i coudn't stop laughing about the ladybugs getting a motel room!

    Thanks for the fun this evening!

  25. Big Bird looks just like our Natasha, who is also from McMurray.

    Do you open up a bluebird house to take the pics? We have one with babies, but I haven't looked in because I'm scared of upsetting the mom.

  26. Glad to see you had a fun day! We've been getting lots of rain too....the shearing is so neat! do you spin it then yourself? have a good day

  27. Lily, as always, looks like a princess! I am getting caught up with blogs too, Paula, much the same reasons. Our new henhouse is coming along beautifully... we are putting flower boxes on it to rival the Fraker Henhouse! :-)

  28. Girl, I miss you as well, I too have been busy away from the computer.

    I see miss Lily is all spiffy in her new pink accessory. She is looking awesome!

    I do hope all is quiet on the farm and you can sit back and take it easy for a bit.

    Look forward to catching up with you.

  29. Just loved the pictures, especially Miss Lilly! She has definitely found her place, hasn't she? Your honeysuckle is beautiful. Mine is blooming, but not that full this year. I wonder why? Lots of green, less blooms.
    I'm also wondering what you are doing with the wool. So good to be here today and catch up with you! Have a blessed day, Paula!

  30. Paula, I found your blog from my friend Kathy Burnson. I so enjoy checking out your blog and seeing the creative things that you make. In my eyes you are living the life many of us can only wish for. Thank you for always sharing what is going on at you farm. Love the chickens, my kids show theirs and we become attached to them. Blessings to you, Holly

  31. It's good to have some fun after some hard work! Lilly is adorable and your chickens and sheep are also!

  32. Paula,
    It's so good to hear from you again. Thanks very much for visiting my blog. I just love the blue birds, the chickens, and your dog. Your animals are so beautiful. You are so blessed to live on a farm. Have a wonderful Memorial Day.

  33. Just dropping by to check on you! Hope you are Safe up there Girl!

  34. I just love that sweet Lily!

    Yes...I now have an "official" farm with real animals and everything! LOL

    Ya'll stay cool up there this gonna be a hot one!

  35. Have a fun day . Lily is looking cool in his new accessory !
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    What do you have to say about your pet?


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