Busy, busy...

"I'm not sure what "fixed" means, but whatever it is,
I hope they never have to do that again."

I'll be spending the weekend taking care of Lily as she recuperates from some minor surgery.... once she's well enough that I can feel good about leaving her alone for a while, I'll be off helping Hubby in the hay field.

Hopefully things will slow down around here soon and I'll get my blogging mojo back.
Happy Memorial Day, everybody!


  1. Poor Lily. Hope she recuperates quickly.

  2. Hi dear Paula.. Poor Lily!! Tell her sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind...grin... Not funny.. I know... smile..
    Anyway.. I have lost all my followers now on both blogs and I probably won't be able to leave this comment..sigh..
    Thanks for the advice but where is my firewall or security..
    I am toooo old for this stuff I am beginning to think....
    Take care, dear..
    Perhaps I will sign my name just in case ....
    Faye H.

  3. I sure hope that Lily is well soon.
    She looks so sad, I think she needs more hugs.
    Have a great weekend.

  4. poor little lily! hope she feels fine soon. :)

  5. Awww poor Lily. I was wondering about the comment status! I looked on Google, but I couldn't find anything...glad you did!

  6. Ahh Paula, love that picture of Lily. I am sure she will recover quickly. You know she might use this to get more attention from you. (grin) Have a great Memorial weekend, my friend.

  7. why do bulldogs do THAT with their tongue?
    answwers on a post card please

  8. POOR LILY!!!! ((((woof!)))

    THANK YOU!! I'll go try it NOW!!
    No one from blogger has contacted my request!!!
    See you in a minute!

  9. We hope Lily recovers soon and that your hay gets all done.
    Happy Memorial day to you all.

  10. Bless her darlin' heart, I do hope Miss Lily feels better soon... Looks like she needs a little TLC.

    Look forward to you posting again soon, I miss you.

    Honeyman says to work around me posting, he does not want to turn off the firewall right now. He was just hit with some awful virus and probable will have to take the computer to the shop. So I hope my comment can be posted.


  11. Sending many hugs and get well wishes for Lily, being "fixed" is no fun:( Hope you have a wonderful Memorial day weekend Paula!!!

  12. When I looked at Lily and read your caption I laughed so much! This surgery is a little bit harder on the females than the males (what else is new)? lol
    So glad you had it done, tho.
    I think everyone is busy now that the weater is better. Hope you have a wonderful Memorial Day. I always look forward to your posts---they are worth waiting for!

  13. Oh Lily! I hope your recovery goes well. Bumble sends her love.

  14. I got 'fixed' during my 2nd cesarean section, so I'm not sure just how bad that was :D I wouldn't want to endure either again! I always dread this procedure when we get a new dog, male or female. The 'lampshade' around the neck is never a good sign!

  15. Easter Lily-hope you feel better soon sweetie! Been here, done that. Love Lucy.

  16. Hope Miss Lily gets well soon..Have a great week-end

  17. Awwww, poor girl. She'll be up and about in no time and happy to not have that thing.
    I hope you get to enjoy some of James' extra day off. We will probably stay home--rain forecast all weekend. Mike got half of the yard mowed and looks like that will be it for a few days. He hates that.
    I wish for you a delightful and relaxing holiday weekend.

  18. I have had no trouble at all. Hugs to sweet Lily..have a good weekend! :D

  19. Thank you for stopping by my blog and your sweet comments. I notice we have a lot of the same interests; my husband will just have to see your post with the Farmall since they're the ones he really likes. We're waiting for a dry spell to start our hay work. Do you help? I rake for hubby and he says he'd rather bale behind me than anyone else. I'll be back to visist.

    I'm also having trouble with comments and have lost my list of followers. So I'll see about the firewall deal. Thanks

  20. Poor Lily! Hope she will be feeling better before long.

    Happy Memorial Day!

  21. You've done it again! Your picture and quote of Lily cracked me up! I love that girl!

    Take care and have a great weekend.
    Ardith from Green Country

  22. Hope Lilly soon feels better and hope you get your work finished and get back to blogging!

  23. Paula, I know just what you mean. I haven't had my blogging mojo for along time. I love my blog, but I some how don't blog as much as I would like. I'm going to be caught up soon. I hope Lily feels better really soon!

  24. Speedy recovery to Lily.

    I am feel your mojo losses here as well. Some days are so full my head spins and I dream of just sitting still to blog...

  25. Hope Lily is doing well now. She is such an adorable girl.

  26. Poor Lily. I sure hope she heals well and gets to feeling better soon.
    It's a hot, hard job working in the hay field. I hope you'll drink plenty of water and stay cool.

  27. I love Lily....

    Happy Birthday to your sweet chickens too. My geese will be 10 next Tuesday. I may bake a corn cake for them. :)

    Love you!

  28. What a sweet baby chick! I'm wondering how many (Silkie chicks) you expect each year. Wish you could send some of that heat our way:(
    Hope Lily is back to her old self by now.
    Have a great weekend!

  29. I was going to paste the link without permission pictures of nature


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