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Friday Farm Photos: A good day for plowing

This week's edition of Friday Farm Fotos was taken last Saturday at the annual Spring Plow Day in Crossville, TN.... Hubby's favorite day of the year.
(With the exception of the Fall Plow Day, his other favorite day of the year.)
They had a wonderful turnout this time with over 20 antique tractors and plows. The horse and mule teams were a bit of a disappointment with only 3 teams showing up.
However, the weather was nice and cool,  the fields were rolling and beautiful, and the homemade country ham biscuits from Mr. Kirtley's Chuck Wagon were out of this world. (Sorry there is no picture of the biscuits in this post- Hubby and I ate them so fast, we nearly chewed our fingers off trying to eat them they were so good.)

"Someone better have saved me a country ham biscuit...."

You know it's going to be a good day when the heavens open up with rays of light when you start to plow. That's a pretty good omen, I think.

Mr. Booker checks to see how deep he's plo…

So thankful.....

Just wanted to let everyone know we are O.K..... just a little wind damage and flooding of the barns, but we are safe, thank God. Yesterday was a very nerve-wracking day to say the least; all day long I watched the destructive storms on the radar barreling up the Tennessee Valley toward us, only to see them weaken before they got here.

To my blog friends in Alabama, Georgia, and other parts of Tennessee, I'm whispering prayers and hoping you are safe....

Wordless Wednesday: Birdwatching


Friday Farm Fotos: Spring has sprung!


Friday Farm Fotos: Breakfast



Good morning, all... it's actually 1:00 a.m.while I'm typing this... We are having bad storms tonight and I'm not sure if the power will be on or off in a minute so I'll have to make this a quick post.
Just wanted to share some pictures I took over the weekend of a rare sight around here: a pileated woodpecker! (Sorry for the poor picture quality... it's times like these I would really love to have a camera with a BIG zoom... *sigh*)
I took this quickly because I was afraid he would fly away when he saw me....

 But after a minute or two, he looked down as if he was trying to figure out why the chickens below him were making such a fuss. (He was HUGE... no doubt they thought he was a hawk. Or a 747...)

One more shot... the best close-up I could get....
And then he was gone....

Mr. Woody, thanks for dropping by and staying a few minutes- you made my day!