Home Time Tuesday: Chess pies, chickie bags

Mr. and Mrs. Barn Swallow are back to hatch some spring babies, and are rebuilding their nest of mud and leaves in the highest peak of our hay barn.

Happy Tuesday, all... we had rain most of the weekend, so the fence we were working on last week hasn't been touched since Friday. We'll have to wait until the ground dries out before Hubby can get his tractor in the yard without the tires tearing it up... so for now, we're holding our breath the cows stay home.

From the Kitchen:

Since I always have a surplus of eggs I'm constantly looking for new recipes that feature them as one of the main ingredients. One of Hubby's favorites is an old-fashioned Chess Pie recipe I found in a church cookbook several years ago. I make it at least once a month, sometimes more... it's not a very rich pie, and occasionally we will have a slice along with breakfast.

Chess Pie
3 eggs
1/2 cup milk
1/4 cup half and half (or use 3/4 cup milk instead of 1/2 cup)
1 cup sugar
1 tsp vanilla
1 tbsp cornmeal
Mix all ingredients and pour into a regular (not deep-dish) pie crust; place 3 or 4 small slivers of butter on top of the pie (optional) and bake at 400 degrees F for approximately 35-40 minutes. Do not over-cook.

From my Sewing room:

I found this cute reversible bag pattern online a couple of weeks ago and have been trying to find the time to make it ever since:

It's from the allpeoplequilt website and the pattern can be found here.

I think this is the fabric combination I'm going to use for my first attempt at making it... what do you think?

Lily Mae Photo of the Day:

Lily has lost nearly all her "puppy" teeth now and is cutting some new ones, which can only mean one thing...

My little girl is growing up... *snifff*

I'm caught up on laundry for now (thank goodness) and a roast is in the dutch oven for this evening, so I'm off to start sewing....
Thanks for dropping by today!


  1. Girl, you're busier than a mosquito in a nudist camp! Love the material for the bag. That pie was one of our favorites my mom used to make. Isn't it good? My family loves it too. It is kind of sad when our puppies grow up. Beau was such a cute puppy. I think of getting another till I have to run to the vet to get something or have his shots. Then I reconsider! Everthing is so expensive altogether! Have a good week :D

  2. Awww...Lily...she's so beautiful! Wow, you've got a busy day ahead! I love the bag! Can't wait to see how it turns out!

  3. Oh, Paula... if you click on the swallow picture, it brings it up with such a closeup of the pair! I can never get ours to hold still long enough! We have a pair on the porch, of all places, and this will be their fifth year, 2 clutches each year, if they come back. Maybe we'll see ours soon! We love them swooping through the porch!

  4. Oh golly, those eggs! I so with eggs shipped well, I would love to buy some green ones from you. I would not eat them but just hold them and admire the shells.

    Never had chess pie... this will be a new recipe for me. Thank you..

    I had no idea dogs lose baby teeth.. so miss lily will be gummin' it for awhile?

    We will be getting hit with your rain 3-4 inches starting tomorrow.

    Hope you all stay safe and dry out soon so you can keep the cows from your property.

  5. Hey Paula,
    I haven't made a chess pie in ages! I just may whip one up today!

    The bag will be so cute. The material is just right.

    Hope the cows do stay home. I understand perfectly about traveling animals.
    Have a great day.

  6. The barn swallows are beautiful!

    Chess pie is one of our favorites. My brother's daughter always makes it for his birthday - it was her first attempt at baking. Thanks for the recipe - I'll pass it on to her.

    The fabric is cute as can be. Can't wait to see the finished project. Glad you have some time to work on it while the ground is drying up.

    Lily is the cutest little pup. What a great photo of her. She'll always be your baby. I had to laugh at our new neighbor boy (a young teen). He asked John if he could pet our puppy. Then, when he got close to Harriet, he said, "She's not a puppy, she's OLD!" He probably thought the same thing about US!

    Enjoy your day Paula.

  7. Awww, she is growing into a beautiful doggie:) I LOVE the fabrics you chose for that bag, be sure to show us when it's finished;) Hope you enjoy the day!!!

  8. What a cute little girl you have!!! Love the fabrics too for your bag. The swallows made me smile and remember them swooping around my childhood barn yard in Wisconsin. :)

  9. Your picture of the swallows is so pretty, Paula...what kind of camera do you use? It rained in our area all weekend long, too, and has been on the cool side ever since. I've heard of Chess Pie, but I never knew what it was...sounds pretty yummy to me! I love the fabrics you've chosen for your newest project. Lily is just too cute for words!

  10. Does the arrival of the barn swallows mean that Spring is here?! I hope so!!
    Love the recipe. I can hardly wait to get things organized enough that I can get some baking done.
    The fabric is terrific. Anything with chickens on is a winning combination in my book :)
    Have a wonderful week. Hope the ground dries out, and you can finish up the fence.

  11. Wow - chess pie is a favorite here too - but mama taught me her recipe and it had a little lemon juice and grated lemon rind in it - funny about little differences in old favorites - but chess pie is one of those "ain't no bad" in our humble opinion. YUM. Great pictures. LOVE the fabric combo for bag project - Debbie is right - busier than a mosquito at a nudist camp (gonna use that saying - what a hoot!)and Lily - what's to say - they grow up but luckily - our dogs stay our babies all their life long!

  12. I love stopping by an visiting your home! Little Lily is growing up so fast! She is a beauty...

  13. Birds building nests---spring has arrived. I've never had chess pie before. Is it a side dish or a dessert?! I love eggs and believe they are a really good, healthy food. That bag pattern looks cool, and I love the fabric choices. I am guessing you will line it with the toille, which is one of my favorite fabric patterns.
    And what can I say about Lily? She's growing into quite a girl!

  14. I love your Lily! Such a sweet face. Love the material you chose and the birds are nice if you have a barn but I hate the mud nests on a house, then they turn into such a pest! ;D

  15. Hey Paula, I think I'll try that chess pie, sounds good...and...I've fallen in love with Lily ! ! !
    Have a great day sewing...

  16. That chess pie recipe looks great. I've written it down and intend to make it soon. Thanks for sharing it.
    I love the purse. The photo is so pretty. The dog sure is cute, too.
    Your sure are a busy lady. I don't see how you get so much done.
    Lily is a beautiful animal. I loved your bag.

  17. Love the barn swallows. I just put up my Purple Martin House. I will be watching to see the finished tote bag! I also have an abundance of eggs. I may have to try that Chess Pie after I get back from my clogging convention this weekend!

  18. Whenever we had family get togethers when I was growing up, my dad always wanted a slice of chess pie :-) I don't think I've had a slice in years myself, but the recipe sounds tasty.
    I like the fabrics you've chosen for the reversible bag.
    Lily sure is growing up :-)

  19. Love the fabric Paula. That will be a cute bag!! Lily is so adorable :)

  20. The fabric is awesome, GF! Love the toille.
    Lily is so adorable. She looks like she is thinking about something important. Perhaps pondering what she can chew on to help cut those new teeth......
    Gonna try your pie. if James loves it, how could Mike not?

  21. Hi Paula, Sounds like you are really on the ball. I hope your sewing went well. I can't wait to see....I just haven't had much to talk about lately. I need to post something. Maybe today. Thanks for thinking of me. Lisa

  22. I just LOVE the colors of the eggs. Exactly what I'm getting, and I hate breaking them. Wish I could just keep them in a basket forever! Chess pie sounds delicious. Haven't had it in sooooo long!

    But the swallow picture. Just so perfect. When I lived in Virginia, we had nests in the barn, too, but they always left before I could ever see them like this. What a picture!!!!

  23. Paula, What a great post! The barn swallows a beautiful, we usually get some each year too. One year however they did not build their nest in a safe place and the Magpies tore it down and killed the babies :o( My husband was goin for the pellet gun but they were too quick.......I love your choice of fabrics for your new sewing project! Anything to do with French Toile and chiickens is right up my alley.....Lily is a doll, what a sweet face she has. Better get her lots of raw bones from the butcher and keep your closets closed! :o)
    We have been down that road.

    I have a recipe for ya, you might already have it but just in case you don't I'll post it. It is a great one for using up extra eggs.

    German Pancakes
    6 eggs
    1 C. milk
    1/2 tsp salt
    1 C. flour
    1 cube butter

    preheat ove to 425
    place stick of butter cut into cubes into a 13X9 glass baking dish and place into oven to melt butter.

    put all other ing into blender and blend well, pour into dish over bubbling butter and bake for 25 min.

    cut into about 8 squares and top with fresh squeezed lemon juice and powdered sugar or whatever you like

  24. Oh and Iv never even heard of chess pie, I will have to give this a try

  25. O' Paula, its so good to see you again. I lost 2 of my fuzzy bottom chickies this winter and beside sadness, it made me think of you and your fuzzies.

    So glad to be back online again~

    Have a great day!

  26. Love all the things in this post. I haven't had a chess pie in ages-I should make one.

  27. I enjoyed hearing about your life. Your dog is adorable and the swallows on the fence line just drew me in. I hope you can find lots of fun things to do while your yard dries up. Your chess pie recipe looks delicious!

  28. Lord, I'd love to be doing what You're doing...sigh.....
    Love it!

  29. I just found your blog and I Love it! It is a pleasure to meet you. I'm your newest follower. :)
    Have a blessed day! ~*~Wendy~*~

  30. Hi, just dropped by to say hello. Every thing looks wonderful and Lilly is so cute! blessings,Kathleen

  31. Now Chess Pie brings back some memories!!! My Granny Walden used to make it when I was just a little chick!

    Ya make me dizzy your so busy girl.

    God bless ya and enjoy your day! :o)

  32. I love the photo of your barn swallows.
    I have been trying to get a photo of an eagle that comes and sits on our deck umbrella, but when I get the camera ready he is gone.
    I love the baby photo of Lily. She sure growing up.
    I have never had a chess pie so I took down the recipe and I will have to try it soon.
    Have a great day.

  33. I am known as Pie Lady at community suppers; all because of chess pie. It's the easiest and best pie there is, other than apple or blueberry or peach or...

  34. I'm so glad to get caught on my reading - will blog something soon. BUT,,,1st that's my favorite pie
    2nd I've printed off the same project and love your fabric choice
    and 3rdly--- Lily Mae is just the cutest little sweetie pie!

  35. Busy busy! Great to catch up on blogs, especially yours :) I LOVE the bag and the link for directions you posted, I'm going to check into that!

  36. I'm glad you shared the pattern. It can definitely help in a lot of ways. I would love to create my own and it's great that you shared the info.

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