Friday Farm Fotos: Looking for greenery

The sheep are starting to venture out into the pasture more these days, snatching up every little fresh green sprig that pops up.
And after eating dry hay for the past 4 months, I can't say that I blame them....

It's such a funny sight to see- they all come out of the barn at the same time, then split up to check their favorite spots.

Sweetie and Tiny head straight for the bottom of the hill....

While Lucy's twins, who are inseparable, go to the very far end of the pasture.

Meanwhile, Baby, Molly, and Dolly cover everything in-between.

Fret not, my little woolly flock,
Though dreary it may seem....
Soon all of the brown will disappear-
And give way to a field of green!

(And I do hope it's soon- we're almost out of hay! *Yikes*)

Happy Friday everybody!


  1. Lovely my dear Paula... We can still see only white. Soon, though Spring will arrive in all her glory.
    I love your sheep and the fact that you named them all..
    Have a wonderful weekend...

  2. I bet those girls are tickled to be finding a little green. Your sheep are so sweet.

  3. Even though the temps are low this morning, with all this rain we've had, the pond is full and everything is turning green! Dogwoods and daffodil's are blooming! We'll be on the tractor bush hoggin' soon! Personally, I can't wait!

  4. I love your photos! I'm ready for green pastures too.
    Aww! Lily Mae is so cute and growing up! I love her eyes.
    We have a bit of snow here in the mountains this morning.
    Patty H.

  5. See, this is about the time of year I start having "spring envy." So many bloggers I know are from considerably further south than I am and seeing signs of spring. We, on the other hand, were under a SNOWFALL WARNING last night ~ they were forecasting 4-8 inches and high winds!!!! (Fortunately, that didn't happen. But our snow is still between 2-3 feet thick on the ground!!)

  6. I can only imagine how excited they were to be let out. I love reading all about your farm and seeing all the animals. Hang on, spring is just around the corner.

  7. Oh, I just love sheep! I hope spring brings them some more green treats!

  8. Happy Friday Paula, they are so precious:) We just got another 4 inches of snow overnight and more coming today...*sigh*

  9. Love the twins!!
    Spring is a Coming!! Happy weekend!

  10. What a great post for Spring and Friday! Hope abounds.
    Blessed weekend to you all.

  11. Your sheep look so happy to be munching away on the grass...We are still covered in ice and snow here, but it is melting.....Have a wonderful weekend my friend!

  12. Oh my, my goats are looking for green and only seeing white and brown sadly. I bet the sheep are thrilled to have some pasture!

  13. FINALLY some sunshine, huh? Feels good, too, even to your sheep! I just love looking at all of your pictures, very pretty and peaceful.

  14. Oh I just love to see the pictures of your sheepies in the pasture! I can't wait for spring to warm the earth and for the plants and grasses to turn green.

  15. Your sheep are so cute, Paula. It got up to 74* here today. Too bad the wind is so fierce. Anyway, after all of the rain from the first of the week, we are starting to see a bit of green too. I am so happy that spring is almost here. I'll bet Lily will love it too when the grass turns green. Have a wonderful weekend, my friend.

  16. Your pictures are beautiful...I really enjoyed my visit today ! !

  17. Wishing you and your wooly flock lots of spring greenery soon!!!

  18. Paula,
    I love your sheep. They are beautiful animals. It won't be long until they will have lush, green grass to graze. I love your farm animals.

  19. still rather brown here and unless we get rain - will stay mostly that way - have to buy more hay for our goats. Beautiful and peaceful scene of the sheep in a pasture -

  20. For me, this yellowish green, full of the promise of new life and spring, is the colour of life. Pison, as in poison, green is what a friend call it; I call it lovely!

  21. I'm sure many wonder how you tell the sheepies apart. But like a mamma hen, I'm sure you see the uniqueness in every one of them. There's a whole lot more green in your neck of the woods than in ours. It won't be long now!

  22. I like your sheep am looking for some sign of green.
    How cute that you have named them all.
    Have a nice day.

  23. Beautiful pictures!
    Your sheep are not alone..... we too are looking for green :)
    We have heard that hay is going up and up in price. We have a friend that is going to sell about 15 of his horses, because the price of hay is so high.
    I hope that this is a great year for all crops, including hay.
    Hope you have a great week !

  24. I am still jealous of your pasture. My brown pasture is brown with MUD ! Lots of mud.

    The sunshine and warming weather makes the animals happy, doesn't it? I imagine it is fun to watch your lambs kick up their heels and run the length of your pastures.

  25. Hello Paula, I love your sheep and LOVE your chickens. We are thinking to buy a few chicks to grace our backyard. :) Thank you for visiting my blog and your sweet comment.
    Have a lovely day!

  26. Like you, I look for that particular shade of poison green which signifies LIFE! We're seeing a bit of it here at Thistle Cove Farm, want to see MORE!

  27. I am totally in love with miss lily


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