Friday Farm Fotos: Bovine Barrier

This edition of FFF is a little later in the day than I usually post, but Friday is errand day around here and *gracious* did I have a bunch of them this time.

Hubby took off yesterday and today to start building a fence.
Not just any fence, but a Bovine Barrier.
(I came up with that catchy name all by myself. *tiny squeal*) 
 After the rather disappointing meeting with Cow Man we decided to take care of business the best way we knew how- by putting up an obstacle that a herd of wayward heifers cannot cross. We've wanted to put a wood fence up in front of the house for a while now to match the one on the other side of the driveway where the sheep pasture is located, so we figured there was no better time than now, since you never know when you'll have... ahem... unexpected visitors. Plus, I'll be able to let the chickens out to roam more freely without worrying about stray dogs coming through the yard.

An auger makes easy work of digging holes.

The fencepost process goes like this:
Dig, tamp, fill.

Aaaand... repeat. Many times.

I'm off to help Hubby get as many posts in the ground as possible before the rain comes tonight...
Thanks for dropping by for a visit today.
Happy weekend, everybody!


  1. Oh, take some Advil or Bayer or something for the aches I can already feel you getting from here! Can't wait to see the finished BB!

  2. I can't wait to see what it looks like when done.
    I am glad that hubs does not have to dig each hole by hand.
    Have a great weekend.

  3. Those cows will be buffaloed when they see that fence, and what a nice bonus for the chickies! Looking forward to seeing the completion of the BB!

  4. I always think it's a little pathetic when the party(ies) who've been wronged are the ones ending up being the ones bearing the cost, time, and effort of preventative measures, but I guess if you wanted a fence there anyway, it's not quite such a problem!

    And I'm with texwisgirl ~ I can feel your aches and pains from here ~ do make sure you don't overwork yourself!

  5. Hubby will definitely need a backrub after this, won't he!!! Loved your previous post. Made me understand your need for the fence!

  6. Hi Paula.. What a lot of work but it seems you have it all in control..
    Hubby is sure working hard.
    Have a great weekend and don't work too hard..

  7. Aren't those post hole augers the greatest. They sure save our backs.
    I'm anxious to see the finished product. Your FFF makes me want to start farming again, just because.

  8. Looks like it's going to be the best 'Bovine Barrier' ever!
    Thank heavens for tractors, and most especially wonderful, hardworking husbands :)
    Have a wonderful weekend.
    Happy fence building !

  9. Bovine Barrier...hehe :)
    Have a great weekend Paula!

  10. Aren't augers wonderful? Sounds like Hubby is going to be sore for awhile..still got the fencing part to go after all those perty posts! I was so hoping to have our feeder calf hauled off today but, no, brakes went out on the truck so that had to come first..ugh, another week of feeding our bovine.
    Take care,

  11. That is so nice to have a good fence...and a bunch of work, but so worth it! :D

  12. Tell James he makes a really great tamper. Mike does our tamping, as well. Wood posts seem to need that every spring. It has advantages, for sure, but doesn't seem right to have to do it because of an inconsiderate neighbor.

  13. Now that is a surefire way to keep those hoofers out.

    So sorry you did not get much help from Cow Man. Its his responsibility to keep then safe and away from other's folks property.

    I had no idea sheep could get so spooked and hurt themselves. Good you are doing this for everyone evolved.

    That is one mighty-fine tractor and what an auger. I bet that does make good use of time and saves on the poor back.

  14. Come on over and link up too my Farm Photo Friday!! Would love to have you join. :) It's a new thing I started...and I know it takes awhile to get people involved!!

  15. There's nothing more exciting than a new fence going up. At least for me. I love building fence, at least while I'm doing it. Later on I can really feel the effects in my back, but by morning lets build some more.

    It looks great so far.

  16. Looks like fun (even though I know it's work) and I bet it will do the job.
    Sweet of you to help hubby too.

  17. There's a lot of work maintaining a farm, but that's the good life, no doubt..It's going to be beautiful as well as functional..

  18. We like our auger too - makes fencing almost less work - stil more than enough just putting in poles. Wise to be proactive again the cow pattiers!

  19. Good fences make for good neighbors--at least that's what they say. From experience I know that fences make for sore backs but many benefits.
    Aren't you glad to have errand day over with and be Home Sweet Home?

  20. Ah the joys of fencing. Tylenol works well I`ve found. =)

  21. Oh Lord, that's a lot of hard WORK! BUT, your place looks Great! Wish we had acreage large enough for chickens! I love them!
    Happy week sweetie!

  22. I have a question for you Paula, what is it you do with your sheep?
    Besides feed them and enjoy them?
    My grandkids had the 4-H lambs last year and did great with them but we are still passing it back and forth if we will do it again this year....

  23. Hope you made good progress on the fence and that you two are not too terribly sore. We had rain all weekend here. Take care Paula.

  24. Oh fence a never ending fun job on the farm We do mostly rail fence here because of the limestone in the ground. When we need posts we have to hire someone to drill the post holes.
    Your fence will work great. B

  25. That looks like tough work! I followed you here from the comment you left on Aprils blog....I used to live in Limestone Tn between Johnson City and Greenville. Are you near there?

  26. Oh, it is going to looks great! I am excited to see it all done. Those pesky cows wont be able to tear up your yard any more. And the chickens will be oh so greatful :)


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