Home Time Tuesday: Laundry room reveal

A couple of weeks ago I told you Hubby and I were in the middle of giving my laundry room/ pantry a makeover- and we finally finished up this weekend. Yay! The water heater leak turned out to be a non-issue, sort of.... we will have to install a pressure reducer tank at a cost of around $140 at some point but since it isn't leaking too much at one time, we'll just continue to clean the excess water out of the drip pan until we have the extra money for that.

The before pictures were taken after I had cleaned everything out of the room, because if I had taken them before you wouldn't have been able to even see the walls or floor.
This was the view from the kitchen-

And here it is now!

This is the pantry cabinet Hubby built for me.... he is going to make some doors for it later on with possibly some punched-tin panels, but for now, I like it open.
(So I can find things easier.)

This is the wall border I picked out... *squeeeal*
I love how it looks with the new mustard color on the wall.

 This was my shelf over the washer and dryer before:

And with a little help from some adhesive shelf paper from Walmart- here it is now!

Mops and brooms hang hidden behind the door....

I now have a coat rack to keep my barn jacket and rain suit handy along with Lily's leash....

More shelves over the ironing board:

And lots of floor space for Lily's crate and food and water dish.

I'm so happy not only to be able to walk in here again without stepping over things, but best of all I can actually find things I need in a flash!
All told, we spent about $120 dollars on this project, the paint for the walls being the most expensive item- it took 2 gallons at $25 dollars each- plus the materials for making the pantry cabinet and shelves, which Hubby built and hung for me.Thanks Hubby~ you're the best!

Happy Tuesday, everybody!


  1. Paula, your laundry room/pantry looks wonderful. You guys did a great job. I love the little sheep border. I also love the last picture with Lily at her food bowl. So cute. Have a great day.

  2. Wow...now that's a makeover if I've ever seen one! I really love what you've done, Paula. Everything is nice and tidy and in it's place. The wall color and border look great, too, and give the whole room just the right kind of pizazz.

  3. Awww...love the sheep border! Everything looks so fresh and organized. But, I know what you mean...project take on a life of their own! It does look really good...you should be proud of yourself and hubby!

  4. You got a Sweet Man there Girlie!!!
    LOVE that ironing board setup!!
    Love it All! You two did a great job!

  5. Beautiful!! I love your shelf over the washer and dryer.... must see if hubby could/would do something like that for me!!

  6. I am LOVING it Paula!!!!! I noticed that adorable sheep border first thing;) Hope you enjoy the day!!!!

  7. That is a beautiful make over. Your hubby did a great job.
    Isn't nice to have hubs than can do that sort of thing and safe you money.
    I love the border that you choice.

    Have a great day.

  8. So this is where you have been? WOW what a transformation! I can see how you dont mind going on there now. I see some goodies on the top of your shelves... Looks yummy.

    You have one talented hubby, the shelves look super. I love the gingham covered shelf, I would have never known it was stick on.

    We had to get one of those pressure tanks too. I wish ours was that cheep. Now I read everyone will have to have one. Something to do with codes.

    Lily looks like she loves the new room.

    Fantastic re-do!

  9. Hi Paula.. Your laundry room is lovely and soooo big.. It is so nice to have a place for everything. You used my favorite color and also a prim border...lol.. I love it..
    Enjoy your week, dear friend....

  10. I love it! I love the open shelving. I really love your color combination and the border! And there is no better makeover than the one that comes in under budget and beautiful!
    James, you did good by our girl! We love to hear her squeal with delight!
    ( insert mischievous grin)Seriously, good work!
    Looks like Lily has a pretty nice setup; much like ours only multiplied! We have 5 of the Pet Taxis! Our dogs sleep two to a kennel! BTW~ Lily is growing like a weed! And cute-goodness that dog is cute!
    Big hugs, Hon!

  11. Spic & span and so cute! I see I guessed wrong with the chicken motif---the sheep border is great. I did notice the chickie picture, tho. I think open shelving looks so vintage and is practical, but pierced tin doors would look nice, too. Super job!

  12. Great makeover at a great price! I love the border and Lily is so cute eating in the one photo. She must give you all such joy! Have a great afternoon Paula.

  13. Looks so neat and tidy, I love it when I get a room organized and redone! Nice Job, give yourself a pat on the back.

  14. It looks great Paula. I love the red checkers behind your washer and shelves!

  15. Love it! The sheep boarder is adorable. It looks workable and enjoyable now.

  16. Wow! Love the makeover! The boarder is darling. Wish I had space/room for my washer/dryer and pantry.

    Irma :)

  17. very nice...I dream of a nice laundry ROOM..I've just got a pass through to the garage...its not much and no room to decorate of any kind..and I do tons of laundry...today, in fact is laundry day..clothes on the line and overflow in the dryer...phew!

  18. That is so nice! i like the shelf idea behind the washer and dryer.
    Patty H.

  19. Wow, I love it! That border is so sweet. My laundry room is SUCH a mess. It is not much of a room. It is more like a walk-in closet.

  20. Paula,
    It looks great! Everything is so neat and has it's place. Love the wallpaper border too and the shelves. This was a way successful makeover!

  21. i like the room so much i would want to hang out in it! maybe if i decorated my laundry room i would get my laundry all done each day!

  22. That all looks so nice! And I know how it feels to be so organized...thats the way to roll! Love everything you guys have done...really great! :D

  23. Hey Paula, I love it. How does it feel to be so organized? I don't think I have ever experienced it? HEHE! Just kidding. I love the sheep. One of our jobs for the winter was to clean the basement and the laundry room. I better get busy cuz spring is coming! yippee. I am soooo ready to be outside and feel a warm breeze. I hope you are having a great day. Lisa

  24. Beautiful makeover! I love the sheep border. Your home is beautiful!

  25. Looks great, Paula! I really love your colors in there and the border is wonderful. Lily is livin' the life of Riley in there! I'll bet she grins a jauntier grin in her new digs! Good job, Mr. Paula!

  26. It all looks so great, Paula! And it looks like Lily approves, for sure! I definitely like the idea of the shelf above the washer/dryer. I've got to do that myself. All my "stuff" sits on the floor next to the washer right now. The shelf idea is just wonderful!

  27. My goodness. And you think I like organizing. You put my little yarn project to shame!! I love the rear shot of Lily. She is just growing like a weed! There was a girl at my knitting group last night who is going a bull dog. I squealed! Oh, I know someone else with one. Great conversation about bull dogs and mashed face doggies. Am I going to have to clean up my laundry room now??

  28. It looks great. How nice to have an indoor laundry room...mine is in my garage. You did it for a great price too!

  29. WOW,,,,it's great! I love the border and cabinets and awww Lily's little home is just the best.
    Well done and for so cheap!

  30. Your laundry and pantry area looks great!

  31. What a great transformation! It definitely looks good now.

  32. Paula...I just wanted to say "Thanks"! You always seem to read my blog and comment! So...Thanks for being there!

  33. What a great re-make; gives me some encouragement to de-clutter and thoroughly clean my laundry room. Hope you've been well; I'm out and about for a little while Sunday evening. Many thanks for your prayers and kind comments; they have meant the earth to me, Paula. God bless you and yours.

  34. Nice looking laundry room, Paula. I love the sheep border.

  35. Looks so neat and tidy, I love it when I get a room organized and redone!

    corner pantry cabinet


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