Home Time Tuesday: Close to my heart

Miniature roses Hubby gave me for Valentine's Day

I'm busy cleaning out a couple of very neglected (not to mention crowded) closets today and a quick meal is on the menu for tonight- chili made with venison- so instead of the usual Home Time Tuesday where I share a sewing project or recipe with you, I'm posting some pictures of things in my home that are near and dear to me for one reason or another....
(Plus a surprise at the end!)

Toy sewing machine given to me by my grandmother

The view from our dining room table-
my mother bought the table and chairs as a wedding gift

An adorable chicken lamp from a wonderful and dear friend

The last picture I have of me with both my grandparents before they passed away

A faithful friend, whom I've spent many hours with

My sweet aunt gave me this gorgeous rooster cookie jar

A beautiful iron sewing machine frame given to me by my best friend and turned into a table by Hubby

More precious chickies from precious people

The kitchen island my sweet Hubby made for me

My computer desk where I blog
(Also Lily's secret hiding place)

If you enjoyed these pictures, leave me a comment telling me which of these you can relate to the most, or just share something in your home that's close to your heart and I will enter your name into the hat to win this adorable little rooster pie bird that will help keep your next chicken pot pie from being a bubbly, overflowing mess.

The drawing is open to anyone, just be sure to leave me an email address where I can contact you if you don't have a blogger profile .
The winner will be announced on Friday's Farm Fotos post-
good luck, everybody!


  1. Hello Sweetie!
    This is going to be hard to pick just one...But I LOVE the island your hubby made-those iron things on the ends, and the tongue and groove wood, the color-it's really beautiful. I loved the picture of you and your grandparents...the sewing machine and table...Well! I just plain love your house-it's YOU-that's why!

  2. I have two favorites. The rooster plates and the island. In my home... i guess....hmm....my red kitchen aid mixer that my daughter got me for my birthday is a biggie.

  3. I tell you, you have some treasures there, no wonder you cherish them so much.

    The toy sewing machine, I have never seen one that small and all metal. Does it work?

    Sewing has been apart of my life, grandmom had an interior design business, never did I see her without a needle in her hand or at the sewing machine.

    Blessings to you this day and everyday.

  4. Hi Paula... I loved your posting today.. Your island is lovely and I wish I had room for one.. I also enjoyed my tea while sitting at your dining room table and chatting with you... lol..
    That is the first pic that I have seen of you and you are lovely, too...
    Thanks for sharing dear...

  5. Good Morning Paula, What a beautiful and welcoming home you have. You have so many treasures to remind you of those dear to your heart. I think my favorite is the table/chairs your Mom bought you. It was hard to choose since my grandma loved to sew and you have some great "sewing" treasures too. Hope you are having a good week. We are still enjoying warmer weather.

  6. Paula, I loved all your treasures, each one I know must be so special to you. I must say the little toy singer was at the top of my list, it reminded me of my Mother..She was an excellent seamstress and she sewed on her little black singer for many, many years...OH, and your hubby did a great job on the island...I loved it too ! ! Have a great day ! ! Mary <:))><

  7. So glad you opened up your home to us. It's so very cozy and inviting. Your sewing pictures remind me of my treasure, the sturdy sewing machine recently inherited from my 97 year old grandmother. I love knowing that it was the last thing she sewed on and put many hours on it. :) Makes her seem so much closer.

  8. OOOOH, I LOVE that island!!!! All your treasures are so beautiful and I love that you have that wonderful pic of your precious grandparents:)

  9. Duh, I wanted to say I love your new look!! Very spiffy!

    That is a Downy Woodpecker. Think I captured a nuthatch, I will look through my photos. They are so quick.

  10. The iron sewing machine makes me think of my mother's home. She loves antiques and anything that my family passed down over the years. She has her's in the living room for everyone to see.

  11. Hahaaaa....I relate to the Blogging desk photo! Our dog Corky use to do the Same thing!
    Happy day sweetie!

  12. Gosh...so many to choose from! I love the island, the sewing machine table and Lily's hideout! From the three, I'd have to say the island is my favorite...it's gorgeous!

  13. I love all of the pics. you posted. My favorite is the kitchen island! It looks like a professional photo and I LOVE the color!!! Blessings

  14. Pam, it's hard to choose. I love the old sewing machine table, but I guess if I have to pick one, it'd be the picture of you and your grandparents. I was SO close to my Nanny and Pawpaw that the pic of you with them just touched my heart.

    You have a beautiful home and thank you for showing us a little more of - nice cabinet island in your kitchen, too!

    Don't put my name in the hat - I'd love your little chicken thingy, but I just won something, and I wanna give somebody else the chance! Great post!

  15. All your photos are wonderful..I especially love the one of Lily..she reminds me so much of the dear bulldog I had growing up...of all the dogs we had..Sarge was my special dog...his personality was bigger than life.....Lily is probably the same....

  16. Loved looking at some of your favorite/meaningful things. For me, the picture of that sewing machine sparked some memories for me. My Granny Langston had an actual sewing machine just like it that had a big pedal you had to pump to make it work. I played with it all the time. One thing I wouldn't trade for the world is my mom's hummingbird collection. I got it after she passed away. She LOVED hummingbirds, so her collection means a lot to me.

  17. I just love that you took the time to share your grateful heart and why each of those things is special to you! Such a beautiful post!!

    My favourite picture is on your sidebar though.... the "fearless defender of the farm" one!! :)

  18. Hey! I'm in! My handiman recently made me a table out of his grandma's sewing machine stand. Mine isn't as elaborate, and I'll bet I waited a lot longer! Love the kitchen island. Handiman said it was very nice too. You know me; I still think Lili should come here for awhile ;D She is growing so fast! She's still my favorite, tho that kitchen island is really somethin!

  19. I love that island..beautiful! And the cute dog under your desk..what sweet company! ;D

  20. I love the Rooster cookie jar. We had a piggy cookie jar as I was growing up. I'm off to call Mom and find out what happened to Piggy!
    Hey to Lily! As I type this, Scrappy is in the same place :O)
    blessings you from the holler...

  21. LOVE that kitchen island!!!! Just beautiful! But ALL the pictures just made me feel "at home!!" Looks like Lily is very much at home!

  22. Hey, hey-Paula,
    I love the view from your dining table. Such a sweet and generous thing for your Mom to do.
    I always enjoy looking into your life.
    I think my favorite piece is the sewing machine base turned into a really decent table. It looks so good.
    I love your little pie bird.
    Have a wonderful week.

  23. I just love peeking inside your beautiful, and beautifully decorated home, Paula!

    I have a very similar small Singer machine that I received the Christmas I turned 5 (so, yes, mine's older than yours!). I remember that Christmas so vividly. I really, really wanted that little machine.

    My mom, dad, and brother were outside, across the street, visiting with neighbors, and I did a very bad thing. I carefully opened a package that I thought might be it (as carefully as a 5yo can!). I was thrilled to see what it was, then I oh-so-carefully taped it back shut. Well, you can imagine what a package wrapped by a 5yo looked like. My mom spotted my shenanigans right off! ;-Þ

    The little machine was at my folks' home in 1990 when they had a house fire, and it burned. Though very charred, and some pieces missing, I couldn't bring myself to throw it away, so it now sits on a shelf in my living room. Sorry to take up so much space, but your little machine brought back all those memories. :-D

  24. I enjoyed every picture and the story that goes along with each item. I think I have to pick two favs: the island and the chicken lamp, both so unique and so very country! I love the new look of your blog---so fresh and spring-like. The picutres of your animals were wonderful. I lingered over each one. You have a knack for picking out the cutest names. And remembering your little buddies who are no longer with you shows you heart. Wonderful post, Paula!

  25. Paula, everything you showed us is so special. Hmmm, I think my favorites are the kitchen island, the sewing machine base turned into a table, your sewing machine and the picture of you with your grandparents. I still miss my grandparents and they have all been gone for over 20 years. I love your little giveaway too. Who wouldn't love to win that? Have a great day, my dear.

  26. Hi Paula,
    I always feel guilty for not being a better "mommy" when I lose a chicken to a predator. Your chicken treasures are sweet. I have a small collection too, now that I am a chicken keeper. I have a pie bird that is a crow I think. The roo is adorable.

  27. All of the pictures struck a chord with me, we both love chickens...you have plenty of nice chickens inside and out.I love the view from your lovely dining room set, and the photo of you with your grandparents is priceless.The photo of Lily made me smile, but I love, love, LOVE the kitchen island your sweet husband made for you~ I have a case of kitchen island jealousy here, why he even made it my favorite color!

  28. I love the table made from the old sewing machine,that gives me an idea what to do with one I have and I also have an old singer sewing machine just like the one your grandmother gave you.
    Have a blessed tomorrow.

  29. Oh my, the sewing machine table is wonderful... and the island, your husband is truly gifted! What a great use of an antique!

  30. If I have to pick only one thing...it would be the picture of you with your grandparents. I am blessed to still have my grandparents and they are so special to me and I see that your grandparents mean a lot to you. My pictures in my home mean a lot to me too.
    Have a great week Paula and what a sweet contest!!

  31. Your home is so warm and inviting! My fav (this time) is your kitchen island. Or maybe the converted sewing machine stand. I really like the view from your window. I can see spending time, sitting at the table, designing something, tea at hand, looking out, all warm and cozy inside. Your home shows love, I like that.

  32. Just love the photos! Miniature roses are one of my favorites out of the many favorties I have of flowers. Have a blessed week. blessings,Kathleen

  33. I must tell you that it is so hard to choice one.
    I guess it would have to be the sewing table. I remember my grandma taught me how to sew on like it and I loved the hours we had together.
    I also like that rooster cookie jar. If you get tired on it, I'll display it for you.LOL He would go good in my kitchen to. I don't have room for the beautiful island.

  34. I kept noticing your Beautiful floors! Of course the sewing machine caught my eye but those floors! Entirely beautiful and worthy of envy in my green eyes -smile-.

  35. Hi. JP here from the, well, you know.

    Regarding your question about fruit trees budding early, and at the risk of telling you something you already know, we found a couple of years ago that one of the advantages of spraying fruit trees with pre-emergent oil is that it can help delay early blooming. This won't completely eliminate the possibility of losing your blooms or early fruit to a late frost, but it improves the odds. Your local farmers' co-op can point you to the right stuff to use.

    Mrs. JP just sprayed ours this week, so here's hoping for some juicy peaches come July/August!

  36. Paula,
    You sure have a lot of lovely things. I relate to the peddle sewing machine. We used to have one and Mama made a lot of dresses for me on it. We gave it aways years ago and I sure wish we had kept it. Sometimes you give things away and later wish you had kept them. Your photos are all very pretty.


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