Friday Farm Fotos: Summer Smiles

Another cold blast of winter has come our way, bringing with it the possibility of more snow and ice. And to all my bloggy friends scattered across the country who were in the path of the blizzard- my thoughts and prayers are with you.

I was looking through my photo archives last night and came across some scenes from last summer.... even though it was one of the hottest and most miserable we've had in a while, just seeing the bright blue skies of a few months ago and imagining the sun on my skin was enough to make me forget the freezing temperatures and warm my icy bones for a little while.

I hope these "sunny" pictures make you smile as well....

Happy Friday, everyone!


  1. What beautiful, sunny pictures, Paula! They sure brightened up my snowy, blustery morning! We're in for about 3 inches today, then more on Sunday.

  2. Hey Lady, this is the perfect post to link up with us at Farm Friend Friday. Check it out at Verde Farm and join us :) Would love to have you!!

  3. I'd like to be that little chickie soaking up the sun!! I told my hubby that I was going to move where it's a constant 70*. He said, well, they have problems all their own. He's so smart! We had some icing this morning then another round coming thru next week along with colder temps.
    But when I see pictures of the trouble they are having up north, I cant' complain.
    Patty H.

  4. You have such a pretty farm. Thanks for sharing the warmth this cold 21 degree morning.

  5. That's just what I needed on this cold, miserable, rainy day! I'd almost forgotten how good it feels to see the sun shining! Thanks for the picker upper!:)

  6. Lovely photos...thanks for the sunshine...its very cold here in Southern the high 20s this morning...which is very cold for on the cars..the ducks water was frozen this morning..poor thing trying to peck through the ice....brrrr

  7. What great photos Paula. It is rainy and dreary here today and these warm, sunny pics are a treat for my eyes. Wishing you a nice weekend.

  8. Actually Paula, I've been enjoying the creativity of the folks who have been getting stuck out on the streets and have to figure out how to make their cars move forward AND the creativity of the plow guys who have to keep coming up with more and more ideas regarding "where to put the *%@#!&* white stuff :D
    You photos are beautiful. How's Lily?

  9. OH Paula, I can almost feel that wonderful sunshine on my face:) Such beauty, thanks for sharing it!!!!

  10. Oh you are super tease... I can just feel the sun on my face and hear the bees buzzn'.... OH! I forgot I am alergic to them.... shoo...shoo... get away!! Back inside I rush... I will enjoy your summer photos from behind glass.

    What is that flowering bush you have in the first photo?

  11. Hello, I'm very new to your blog and have to say I really have enjoyed my's pictures really lifted my spirits on this very cold winter day ! !

  12. Oh thank you for some warm photos.
    I would also like to be that chick in the sunshine and warmth.
    We are going to have more nasty weather this weekend.
    I guess it is a good time to snuggle in my blankie and watch the superbowl with hubs.
    Thanks for sharing
    Have a warm and safe weekend.

  13. The pictures are beautiful. I remember some, but not others. Maybe it was before I found your blog. Anyway, they do make me remember how wickedly hot it was here in western NYS last summer! Boy, it's been two extreme seasons for us (and you). Let's hope this summer is just right! I know we are all dreaming of the warmth to come.

  14. Sunshine on my shoulders...! I could use a little sun, but unfortunately it looks like Monday thru Wednesday we're in for some more white stuff! (And the weather man says, "...a significant amount." I'm gonna find a new channel to watch!)

  15. What a treat! Helps me remember that one day... warm weather will come again :)
    I can promise you when it does, you won't hear me complain one time about the heat!
    We have had temps in the negatives all week and are lucky to get up to 18 degrees in the daytime.
    Hope everyone gets through the rest of winter safe, and warm enough not to freeze any noses off :)

    Have a fun weekend.

  16. You made my day, Darlin'.
    The patches of blue sky, the tease of green grass, the charm of a hen in the grass, the handsome farmer on his tractor.......all very heartwarming.
    Now, if something would just thaw out these toes!

  17. Thanks for the dose of sunshine Paula!!!
    I love all the pictures, but the one of the sheep and the hills....that is so pretty!
    Have a great weekend. :)

  18. My favorite photos are of the tractor in the field with the blue sky and mashed potato clouds, and the sheep in front of the fan! That is a great photo.

  19. Thanks for the mood boosters (beautifully sunny pic's) I think, we could all use some sunshine about now.

    I love your sheep, they seem to like having heir pictures taken.

    Mmmm, look at those juicy berries, makes me want some...

    Have a wonderful weekend,

  20. I am full of faith - the sun will return and stay someday SOON! Has been a far too rugged winter for this North Texas gal - too cold by a mile. Thanks for the reminders -

  21. least my feet feel warmer!!!
    Thanks sweetie!

  22. aaawwww Thank You for the beautiful pictures of warm sunshine days. Take Care :)

  23. Oh, I think that is exactly what I needed to get me going this morning--hope!
    Thanks and blessings to you all from the holler...

  24. Hi Paula, what nice pictures from the past summer.
    The weather has been nice here, in the 70s.
    Hope the suns warms up where you are soon!
    Hugs, Ann

  25. These are some of the most beautiful pictures ever...I enjoyed every one of them very much! :D

  26. Oh Paula, loved the visit at your farm today. It's nice to snow spring follows winter and will, soon, come again. I do hope there will be a wee bit of winter left at the farm; I enjoy each season, in its time, so much.

  27. Oh thanks for the remider that summer will come...eventually....i think i've said several times now I will never complain about the heat in the summer - we've had lots of single digit days and below zero which is horrible....


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