Home Happenings Tuesday: Sewing patterns and Chowder

A little sparrow cleans up leftover chicken feed in the snow.

 Our snow has finally started melting after being on the ground for over a week- which is very unusual for East Tennessee, where most snows are gone by the next day. I have to admit, it's kinda nice to see the grass again... even if it is brown.

From my sewing room:

I've not been doing much sewing this past week (unfortunately) because of the weather... the temperature was below freezing for several days and it seemed like I was constantly having to go outside and thaw the water out for all the animals... I don't like to be starting and stopping a project, especially when it comes to sewing- I'm afraid I'll forget a step and mess up.
However, I did take the opportunity to start organizing some of my patterns... gosh, I didn't realize how many I had! I'm trying to get them separated into groups, since some are for clothes, some are for crafts, etc.- then I'll put them back in order that I want to make them. I have a little plastic 3-drawer cabinet I bought at Walmart that works great for pattern-keeping. I know I'll never get around to making all of them, but maybe this will help me in finding one if I need it.

From the Kitchen:

A dutch oven full of potato chowder is on the menu for today.... we like ours served in a bread bowl and topped with shredded cheese and crumbled bacon.
(I would rather make my own bread bowls, time permitting; but if not, I'll buy large rolls at the local grocery.)

Potato chowder with bacon

12 medium potatoes, peeled and cubed
2 medium onions, chopped
1/3 cup butter
1 cup all-purpose flour
8 cups milk
2 medium carrots, shredded
1 tablespoon salt
1 teaspoon pepper
Crumbled bacon for garnish

Place potatoes in dutch oven and cover with water, bring to a boil. Reduce heat; cover and cook for 20 minutes or until tender. Drain and place potatoes into another container; meanwhile, in the dutch oven, melt butter and saute onions. stir in flour until smooth, then gradually stir in milk. Bring to a boil over medium heat, cook and stir for 2 minutes until thickened. Reduce heat, and add potatoes back into the onion mixture along with carrots, salt, and pepper. Simmer on low for 15-20 minutes. Sprinkle with crumbled bacon and serve.

(Click here for the bread bowl recipe I use- it's one of the best I've found, but I did cut the sugar content down from 1/2 cup to 1/4 cup.)

Lily Mae photo of the day:

Lily lays in the sun chewing on a stray sock that fell out of the laundry basket.....
(Only after 30 minutes of me looking for the sock everywhere... *jeez*)

Caught cha!!

Happy Tuesday, everybody!


  1. Ahhh, what a life dogs lead, eh??! Must be nice! Thanks for sharing your potato chowder recipe and the link to the bread bowls ~ looks and sounds DEEEELICIOUS!!

  2. the potato chowder sounds wonderful....we all love potato soup, something I haven't made this winter yet....and Lily is so so cute...what a sweetie

  3. Been enjoying your blog pages. I love potato soup too and definitely going to try your potato chowder, sounds so very good. Thanks for the recipe.

    Lily is so cute

    Lots of inspiration from your homestead, thank you

    tc linda

  4. The Potato soup sounds delicious and I think it would be good for this really
    cold and chilly day in NC. Also thanks for the Bread Bowl recipe...I know I'm going to try it..Ginny

  5. Oh, my word, Paula...does that Chowder ever sound GOOD! Thanks for the recipe! We're FINALLY all thawed out here in Georgia...it's about time! Lily Mae is so ADORABLE!!!

  6. Your blog is great I'm just getting started please come and visit my little blog lilredroof.wordpress.com

  7. Was showing my Lily pictures of your Lily and my Lily says "I need to see her" referring to your Lily. I guess we will be making a trip to your house soon.
    I was doing great watching what I ate today until I saw your picture of all that yummy food and bread (my weakness).
    Love ya
    Janie and Lily

  8. Oh, I will take the leftovers.
    ha ha ha

  9. Potato Chowder sounds really good. It's 47 here and raining. We had a fire in the fireplace last night and I am wishing it was still going right now. I love making bread myself. Nothing beats hot bread with butter dripping off of it! Lily is going to be a little pistol. She is so cute. Better keep those socks under lock and key or you might be going barefooted here shortly.

  10. Awwwww, that Lily is adorable!!! I would love to snuggle her!
    I know what you mean about the weather. It is nasty here. I am in a creative holding pattern. And there are long weeks of it ahead. *sigh*
    I'm planning to make a white chili for supper. Soup does sound really good.

  11. Girl, I am coming over if you dont mind, I will help you with changing the water if you feed that some goooooood chowder... Drooling.

    and I thought I had patterns..wow! Your hands must be itchin' to play. I hope you can soon, I like looking at the end results of a creative mind and hands.

    YOUR LILY... spoiled rotten... I see it... that face says it all.

  12. Lily looks so cute!

    I'm going to try the bread bowls. We love potato soup around here. It's chilly in the 50's today so that's soundin' pretty good!! May try it on my day off!

    Doesn't organzing make you wanna start a new project???

  13. What a precious puppy!!!! That chowder looks SOOoooooo delicious Paula, thanks for sharing the recipe:D

  14. Ahhhh!! Lily Mae is Adorable!! And those are Wonderful shots of her!
    Thanks for the recipes too...Constantly on the lookout for good ones!
    Stay Warm sweetie!!

  15. That is the cutest dog ever! Love your recipe too, thanks for sharing it. Have fun with all the sewing...I love these colder days for just such things! :D

  16. Hi Paula, We are so glad to see the snow go too! That Lily is so cute on her pillow in the sun. That chowder looks so delicious. I know many of us that have been snowed in for a week or more have been organizing. Great job on all your patterns. Hope you have a nice afternoon.

  17. Your recipe for Chowder sure does sound good.
    We are getting more snow here. I wish we could get rid of it soon.
    Your Lily sure does look a little spoiled.LOL My vet says they are not spoiled just overly loved.
    have a great day.

  18. Hey Paula, I agree that snow lastest way too long. Yesterday I saw the last of it go away when it started to rain. A week! Yeah that is way too long for here in SC. I have a ham getting ready to go into the oven and I think I'll save that bone for a pot of chowder because it sounds good and warm. Lily looks precious as she lays there as if she isn't doing a thing wrong.lol Take Care :)

  19. All I can say is, "ADORABLE!". :)

  20. Hey Paula,
    Love the pictures of Lily. She has the right idea......laying in the sun and soaking up the warmth :)
    Thanks for sharing the recipe; it looks divine.
    Happy Tuesday to ya :)

  21. Hello Dearie!
    I'm going to make your soup tomorrow! Looks wonderful-thanks!
    Love, Debra

  22. We still have some snow but it has melted alot. Now we have alot of mud! mmmm! I love potato soup. With cornbread! Lily is so cute!! How big will she get?
    Patty H.

  23. Sounds like you have had a nice day Paula. Now what time should I be there for dinner? It sounds and looks delicious! Thanks for sharing the recipe.
    I can't say it enough...that Lily is sooooo cute!!!
    :) Tracey

  24. I absolutely LOVE Lily Mae--I think she is day dreaming of spring as the sun hits her. The chowder sounds wonderful and all soup is better in a bread bowl.

  25. Hi, the potato soup sounds fantastic right about now. I just might have to try that...The comment about the sock made me laugh. I know what that is like for sure. Carlee always has to carry something around whenever someone comes in to our house. Usually she just carries my socks but yesterday she chewed it up. I couldn't believe it.
    Do you know how to check if a bird egg has been fertilized? These eggs should have started to hatch last friday at the latest. I looked tonight when I got home from work and there are 10 eggs now. I wonder if I can mark them somehow. The books say to throw them out after 20 days and let them start over. That sounds so harsh. hehe. I hope you are having a good week. Lisa


  27. That potato chowder sounds great. Lily is the cutest thing since.....bread bowls!! Who could be mad at that face?

  28. Paula,
    I love your dog photos. The chowder looks like a great recipe. Yes, it's good to see the snow melt. It was lovely, but stayed too long on the ground.

  29. It's very satisfying to organize things---makes one feel in control (even if that isn't the case)! That potato chowder looks DELISH. I just may give it a try. The bread bowl idea is great. I never would have thought of it. And what can you say about Lily. Cuter every day; and how they love laying in the sunshine!

  30. Lily is soooo adorable (of course, you probably already know that, LOL). Thanks for the recipes!

  31. Your snow is melting, ours is coming down. I'm coming back tomorrow to look at your recipe for soup, it looked great! I LOVE your Lilly, and your pictures are so good, Paula, thank you!

  32. Yumm, thanks for the recipe, the perfect thing for these cooler days.

  33. Hi Paula! Hope you are warming up a little!Here in Texas, we are still as dry as a bone........from last year!! I am in the beginning process of redoing my create space. I need to get some shelves. I have way too much.......no, just enough I think actually! The potato chowder sounds so good! Just love the puppy pic! blessings,Kathleen

  34. I need to get my patterns organized too. I love those stackable storage drawers. They are good for so many things. I love your pictures.


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