Friday Farm Fotos: Meet-n-Greet

"Hi, I'm Lily~ what's your name?"

"You smell funny!"

"Can't we stay just a little longer?"

"See you around... Mom says we've got to go..."

Happy Friday, everybody!


  1. She is just so darned cute. Did she bark or get excited? I love that the sheep let her smell them.

  2. She is too precious!
    I cant help but think of the sheep in the movie Babe The Pig... when the sheep were talking to him. I wonder what your sheep were saying to Lily...
    We know what Miss Lily was saying. She is growing so big... well...I guess a girl does not want to hear the word "Big"... She is growing up....lets put it that way.

  3. LOL, looks like she is loving the farm life;) Have a wonderful day and enjoy the weekend Paula!!!

  4. This was so funny. I really liked the photo of Lily smelling the sheep.
    have a great weekend.

  5. Hi Paula! You are surrounded by such beautiful and loving animals. Lily looks like she is enjoying her new found friends. What a sweetie she is. Hope you all have a great weekend.

  6. first trip to the sheep pen?
    looks like some real conversation going on there. I bet the sheep were saying--so you're the sheep that sleeps in the house. Smoky told us about you. better stand back from the fence, little princess. you smell funny!--
    ahhhhh, I love both your and Pam's stories of farm life. Ignites some pretty special memories for me.
    Love you,

  7. Paula, loved seeing Lily and the sheep. There's nothing as cute as a roly, poly little bulldog puppy. She's so beautiful!

  8. Lily Mae is such a ham! I just think she is so PRECIOUS! Your pictures are calling me home to a simpler way of life!

  9. Lily is so precious and cute...wonder what she was thinking?

  10. My Mother use to raise bulldogs... They are the sweetest things! And loyal.
    Happy weekend to you!

  11. Love those photos from the farm
    so cheerful... Love Animals....
    Thanks for this post...:-)
    so enjoyed it....Paula


  12. Hi Paula, Lily looks so cute. I was wondering what she thought about the other critters at your place. Has she met many others yet? Hope you are having a good night. Lisa

  13. A feast for Lily's senses! You should sumbit one of these to "Country Magazine." Love the post, as always!

  14. What a sweet face(and cute sheep butts too! ;) Happy Weekend!

  15. Oh, Paula, how cute. What a lovely dog. I just love this posting. It's just so adorable. I enjoyed so much the animals communicating. How precious!

  16. So CUTE--the perfect captions for the pics--love it.

  17. Miss Lily is adorable - good to see she is properly impressed with the sheep and learning her way around Fraker Farm - thanks for sharing!

  18. Creatures great and small.... the Lord God made them all :)
    Cute picture of Lily!
    Glad she's makin' new friends.
    By the way...Happy belated anniversary!!!!!! Hope it was a wonderful day!
    Have a great week.

  19. That Lily is just too cute! Hope she likes all her new friends she met.
    Hope you are having a great weekend Paula!

  20. She is adorable, Paula!
    I was wondering if you will sew her little coats or a sun bonnet? (I never grew up!) I would love to put a bonnet on one of my geese...
    Love, Debra

  21. Enjoying the smiles that come, greeting you farm family.

  22. Just look at that cute little fat puppy butt! And that stub of a tail. Your Lily is SO cute! You can just look at her and see what she's trying to tell you! She's gonna love living on the farm, Paula!

  23. What a sweetie! She's getting quite the education, too!


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