Farm Happenings Thursday: Flying sheep and chicken tracks

"Did someone say...TREATS?"

I had a special "Home" Happenings Thursday to share with you today, but due to unforeseen circumstances (okay, okay~ I didn't have all the pictures ready... *sigh*) it will have to wait until Monday.
Instead, it has been replaced with another episode of  "Farm" Happenings.... besides, I just couldn't wait to share some pictures of our snowy week with you.

Hubby and I have so much fun watching the sheep when they take a notion to romp and play, but I never seem to have my camera handy when the mood hits them; even if I do, I'm never quick enough to capture the moment.

Until now.

No, your eyes do not deceive you~ on the far left of the picture is the very graceful and acrobatic Sweetie caught in mid-flight.

Not to be outdone, the not-so-graceful (and very plump) Tiny is bringing up the rear; trying his best to catch some serious air.
Notice how even though his front feet are off the ground, the rest of him doesn't seem to be able to defy gravity long enough to take flight.

And then there is this...
 for some reason this makes me laugh out loud every time I see it.

Chicken tracks in the snow.

 Notice the single pair of huge feet leading up to the spot where apparently a group of cluckies were gathered to brag about who laid the biggest egg this week...

Or were they line dancing?

Unfortunately, I have not been able to capture that on camera....yet...

Happy weekend everybody!


  1. Good Morning Paula, These are such fun pictures this morning. Tiny sure gave it his all!!!
    We are still homebound due to the driveway being iced over but we are hoping to thaw out this weekend.
    Wishing all of you a very happy weekend.

  2. Love the flying sheep. I have seen this before and it leaves me speechless. I have never seen chicken tracks in snow before though. They are just cute. I hope you are enjoying your snow. We have nothing but just plain old cold...not that pretty and frankly, not that exciting. I hope you are inspired to sew since you look like you are snowed bound. Have a wonderfully snowfilled weekend!

  3. I needed something to make me smile, and you sure provided that. THanks. That leaping sheep is just too funny. Those little pointed toes are so cute! I am amazed he could catch so much air. I didn't know they were so agile. Have a good day Paula!

  4. OKAY! I am screaming with laughter, your farm is a hoot and your commentary is a scream.

    Then followed by photos... your sweet sheep romping.

    Your Sweetie...I had to laugh, her hind legs, remind me of the rear view of a frog jumping onto the pond. Then Tiny not getting her flight on.

    Then the group of cluckies feet... you are one fab story teller. You have to create a book... too CUTE!

    Thanks for the laugh this morning.

  5. Lola saw your photos and said "I never knew sheep can fly! Maybe they can help Santa's reindeers next time they come!" There you go! Santa's Helpers on Fraker Farm!

  6. Oh Paula... you are sooooo funny:) I think I say this everytime but I am curious....
    Who laid the biggest egg? LOL..
    Can you believe it is weekend time already??
    God Bless...

  7. LOVE the flying sheep!! Great shot!

  8. LOL Cute post, Paula. I love to watch sheep and goats play. They make me smile every time. (grin) have a good day.

  9. this post!!!
    Great pictures.....Those tracks look like arrows!Hahaa

  10. Paula this post was so wonderful, I haven't quit smiling yet! I love it when the cold weather makes the animals frisky and they romp and play. I've watched deer frisking about but never sheep. The chicken tracks are priceless! Stay warm and snug!

  11. The dancing sheep pics are so fun! I think they must like the cold, crisp air. And I have a suggestion for the chicken tracks picture. Print it and frame with a nice country frame. What could be better on the wall of a chicken lover! lol!

  12. The joys of having animals! I love it when sheep do that, it is so joyful. It looks like the one in the air is giving it all he's got, even his little hoofs are spread out! LOL

  13. Oh my goodness that's hilarious. The elusive sheep rodeos. Actually, those chicken tracks probably are a lot like my foot prints when I'm bouncing around the house trying to get my chores done.
    Great post.

  14. Hey Paula,
    I looked just like Sweetie today when I tried to go out and get in the car. A big patch of ice was right at the car door.
    I have decided I can never ever move north of the mason-dixon line. I can't walk on ice, I can't drive on ice, I have to have grits, and after 3 days of looking at ice I don't even want ice cubes in my ice tea!lol...
    Have a great day.

  15. What fun photos,Paula! I'm glad that you are enjoying your snowy days. I think I've had enough--at least for a week or two, LOL!

  16. just wonderful...the sheep were having a party...such joy....and the chicken tracks are a crack up....wonder what they were thinking?

  17. Go Tiny! Such great pictures!! I enjoyed your made me smile Paula:)

  18. Oh my, I love looking at pictures of your sheep... we have never had them and I like them so much! They were so funny playing in the snow!

  19. Oh, that is just delightful! She is lighter-that-air! I feel much like Tiny--can't quite launch. Especially on the really cold days, when old Arthur is visiting me. lol
    My goodness those are big chicken feet. Do you watch Top Chef? This gal cooked chicken feet on a show I watched. The judges just ate them as if they part of a normal meal, but they did give her a really bad score because she didn't get them done right. Can you imagine? Of course they were also cooking goat brains. Mike says they are getting more like Fear Factor. Next they'll be eating bugs! Anyway, if your chickens laid eggs on the ground in this cold, wouldn't they freeze and be no good?
    Just wondering....... Say hay to James.

  20. Hi Paula,

    So glad you had your camera this time. I never knew sheep could fly, but now "I know!" That is the funniest thing I've seen lately.

    Chicken tracks, and is that the rooster coming in last? We usually get several inches of snow at a time, getting pictures is nearly unthinkable in our neck of the woods.

    Enjoy the snow, but do bundle up...It's cold out there.


  21. Paula, I love your photos. The chicken tracks in the snow are really cute. We've had lots of snow here too.

  22. Paula this was a real Hoot. I loved the pictures of the sheep taking flight or not.LOL
    I like the prints that your chicks left.
    I hope that we can see more and I will be waiting for Monday.
    Have a great weekend.

  23. Oh your post brings back memories from when my folks raised sheep. They were always so much fun to watch romping around and jumping... especially the little lambs in the spring time. THANK YOU for sharing!

  24. Beautiful, fun pictures! I love the glimpse into your farm life!

  25. Hello Paula, I just came across your blog and I love it! :)
    Your flying sheep pic is the best and I find myself inspired by your stories. I have just started my blog and I looking forward to a more fullfilling life as we get back to a more simple way of living. Hope y'all have a wonderful weekend!

  26. Your sheep are in excellent health. Do you have any spring lambs yet? The folks started getting them in late Jan. How I miss watching them race to the snowhill to play tag and chase jumping as high as they could. They are a treat. Busloads of 2nd-3rd graders would come to the farm in the spring to get a mini education from the folks and their pets. Mel is right, you brought back some sweet memories for us. Mom still has chickens and she's going on 82. BlessHerHeart
    BlessYourHeart I'm envious

  27. oh how cute! i never saw sheep running and jumping before! just found you and followed. hope to see you on farm tails soon. we have lots of rescued furry babies too!

  28. I love the picture of the sheep jumping for joy! I'll bet it is hard to get a shot like that. I would really love to see chickens line dancing! That would be something!

  29. I love to watch my sheep romp and jump. We only have two but they are hilarious. I love the chicken feet in the snow--they wouldn’t make good thieves would they? :) LOL

  30. Lol! Those pictures are funny.

    Joy :)

  31. Hey Paula, Love the pictures of the sheep. They must be amazing to sit and watch. We finally got warm enough today to start melting away this snow and ice. Can't wait to read your next farm adventure. Take Care :)

  32. Paula I love reading about all the fun happenings on Fraker farm!!


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