Rerun: Christmas time's a comin'

Just a little "rerun" from a year ago today.... my camera's compact flash card bit the dust and I haven't had the chance to get a new one, so I thought I would re-post some pictures from Christmas 2009.

We had quite a bit of snow when I took these pictures, and although it has been snowing here on and off for the past three days, we haven't had enough to measure. (Yet...)

Just seeing these again helped me get into the Christmas Spirit a little more - hope you enjoy them the second time around too!









  1. Love the photos! Don't you just hate it when technology bites the dust; I know I do. Hope you get a new photo card soon!

  2. I enjoyed seeing the photos.
    The one of the puppy is really cute.
    We have not any snow here yet but it is so cold and windy. I'll take it as I really hate the snow even more.

  3. It's snowing up there? Ewwwww...I hope you keep it for a while! We don't want any down here...I remember last year! Hope you get a new card seeing pictures of the farm and animals!

  4. We don't care, we love these photos! I'm sure it'll be lookin' about the same this year, right? Ok, then!

    Your place is so beautiful and the snow makes it perfectly Christmas-y! We never have snow at Christmas - well, maybe just once that I can remember in all my 50+ years. Enjoy! Love your red tractor in the snow....

  5. Sorry about your camera~ but very pretty pictures, Paula! We've not had any snow, yet. I have to say we had more than our share last year, so I'm not wanting any until Christmas!

  6. Hope you get your camera back in action soon. The pictures are all very festive; they show a great country Christmas. The doggie is so cute and I really like those red tractors, too.

  7. It was SO pretty Paula! LOVE the redbird!!
    Sweet night to you!

  8. I enjoyed them again...especially the red beauty on the fence! Come say hi :D

  9. Hi Paula.. It is the first time for some of us to see the pics, I am sure... We don't have any snow either. We did but it is all gone which is fine with me...
    I love your pics especially the sheep and chickens..
    Have a lovely week...

  10. I love seeing your pictures, whether they are a repost or not.
    The snow looks sooooo cold.

  11. Such beautiful pictures.
    Certainly does get one in the Christmas spirit!
    We haven't had much snow lately either, but I know it's on it's way:)
    Have the best week!!

  12. I miss snow!!!!! It's cold enough here in Florida --- down in the 20's last night, but NO SNOW!!!!! It was good to see the pictures,though!!!!!

  13. I love your photos! We have had only a small amount of snow since our first snow in September. It's been unusually warm.

  14. Hi Paula!
    Thank you so very much for your encouragement and love-it means so much! You are a treasure....

    The photos are wonderful. I love the group of silkies-they look like youngsters. Very cute!
    I also love the little hats on your banner chickens!
    Love, Debra

  15. Well, that's enough to get me into the Christmas spirit for sure. I love how the Cardinal is all plumped up to stay warm. I think I look like that all year! lol!

  16. Just beautiful photos enjoyed them
    Love your Red Cardinal, we have those in the Southwest all year
    around,they are awesome looking...

    Winter Blessings..

  17. Hey Paula, Love the rerun of pictures. It's been cold here also the past two mornings it was way down in the teens going out to the bus stop. We haven't even been able to get into the mid thirties during the day. Too cold for me! I had to go buy the little munchkin a pair of thermal underwear to go under his pants his legs were so cold. Feels like it's going to be a long winter. Take Care :)

  18. Oh, Paula.. the beautiful pictures! How well I remember a year ago here in Kansas... and the terrible weather of Christmas Eve/Christmas Day. I hope we pass on that this year so that we can gather with family after church.

  19. I think you should rerun some of these photos again in the summer too...when we're all suffering from the heat. They're beautiful :-)
    P.S. I'm having a giveaway on my blog :-)

  20. Hi! I found your blog through Ginger's blog. We also have chickens and raise sheep! Your farm looks beautiful - even if the pictures are from last year!!. Hurry and get you camera thing fixed!!

  21. BEAUTIFUL! What I'd give to have snow like that!

  22. I love these photos. They are worth re-posting. The silkies look so cute in the snow, hey, silkies look cute most of the time!Mine are still trying to brood eggs~when aren't they?


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