Drying out

 Smokey yawns after waking from a little nap in the sunshine.

After an unbelievable amount of rain over the past couple of days, I awoke this morning to light snow falling. This was the precipitation total from 5:00 p.m. Monday until today:

 In case you can't read our little rain gauge, it's sitting on 4 inches.
(Yes, FOUR.)
The chicken coops are a muddy mess and at one point there was a small river running along side the sheep lot. The barn also flooded, but thankfully the hay is still dry- Hubby stacked it all up on wood pallets just in case... *Whew* so glad he did. The sun is out at the moment; hopefully it will dry things up a little even though it's colder than gee-whiz now.

Even Edie, whose wool has gotten so thick she normally shuns the warmth of the sun, has been outside almost all day soaking up the blue skies.

Even with the rain yesterday it was still a productive day... two more batches of deer jerky are finished and I'm drying apples today.
I also worked on the Christmas decorations and although they aren't all up I'm nearly finished with the indoor decor.

Hubby and I have enjoyed hanging this huge wreath on our barn for the past few years....

But while we were discussing getting the wreath down from the loft this past weekend, we realized we had a problem- when we ran electricity to the barn last spring, Hubby hung this light right over the spot where the wreath hangs.

I think we've decided to re-locate the light to a tall pole next to the barn (we need to anyway because this light is very bright) then once we do that, the wreath can go up once again.
Problem solved. *Yay!*

Now if we can only do something about the rain doing such crazy things to Smokey's hair....
(not to mention what it does to mine...)

Happy Wednesday, everybody!


  1. GA has had lots of rain too and it's been bad hair days for me too! Smokey and Edie are cute as can be. Glad you figured out a solution to the wreath/light. That wreath is beautiful on the barn. Have a good evening!

  2. That Smokey is so cute! I love the wreath on the barn idea...have a great month and enjoy every moment..it only comes once a year! Come say hi :D

  3. Awww, Smokey, I know what you mean!
    The weatherman said he saw a few flakes falling last night at 10, so Chance and I went out to see...yep it was snowing! I'm sure we'll get our share again this year! Stay warm...and keep Smokey out of the rain!

  4. That Smokey is as cute as they come. I know what you mean about rain and hair not playing well together.
    We are also dealing with mud. It's a rule in the winter time. I just spread straw all over so now the dogs track in straw instead of mud--least of two evils!

  5. Hi Paula,

    Is Smokey dry yet? What a ham, he always looks so happy when you take his picture and share it with us bloggers.

    I could join Edie in the sun..... If we had any. Our weather has been rainy for several days also, and quickly turned to snow early this afternoon. I was out earlier digging a ditch to drain the water away from our barn. It looks like a lake out there.


  6. We got tons of rain, too, yesterday. Even a tornado touched down about 3-4 miles from our house...and I didn't even know it! I think Smokey should win "Best Blog Model of the Year" award!

  7. We had rains, cold and now snow again. It's a bit slick out there to walk. Your PetLoves are adorable. I love Suffolk sheep, my folks had them for years and lambing season was my favorite with all the lil darlin's jumping and chasing in line up and down the haystack. Miss that.
    Stay warm and dry and love, Love, LOVE that wreath and your barn.

  8. Well, we had real thunderstorms and lightning with pouring rain but it wasn't all that much. This was Monday. Then yesterday-Tuesday-we woke up to blowing snow and bitter cold. Now they predict 35' tomorrow. Crazy, huh? I'm ready to have spring weather already. Funny, I used to b8888 about the heat and welcomed the cooler but now I am wearing 2 pairs of socks and a sweater and can't stay warm!
    Think when I get home from here ( Sara's ), I will go to bed and stay there until April!

  9. It sounds like your feeling better now. We're lucky if we get that much rain in a year :-) Your wreath on the barn is making me think I ought to put one out on our shed. Yours looks beautiful. I hope you get the light thing worked out so you can put it up again this year.

  10. Boy, the sun sure dose look good and pray it sticks around for a bit till we dry out too.

    Look at the size of that wreath! Awesome... He sure is handy, can we rent him for hanging our decorations?

    We are in Ga and a few miles north the sure got it bad. I have nothing to complain about, the sum-pump too care of the water that came in the undercrawl of the house. Those folks will have to replace houses.

    Tell me about bad hair days... whew.

  11. Not sure how much rain we had here, I just know it was alot!! Thankfully no damage or flooding around our home but there were in other areas of western NC.
    Love the wreath on the barn.
    Can you share your deer jerky recipe?

  12. Hahahahaa....loving Smokeys hair!!
    Great idea about the wreath as well...I looks great there!
    Stay Dry sweetheart!

  13. Oh now Smokey looks a little insulted that you're showing the bad hair day! :) Still such a cutie though!

    Glad you're going to be able to relocate the wreath on the barn because it looks great there! I love it! It certainly says welcome and you've got to have festivity for the animals, right?

    Have a great day, Paula!


  14. I love the photo of Smokey and his bad hair day.
    I am glad that you got it figured out and you will be able to put that wreath back up on the barn,
    Have a nice day and I hope you get a few more days to dry out.

  15. We also had a lot of flash floods. It was horrible trying to drive in such weather. We had some snow flurries yesterday morning, too. It sure it good to have sunshine today.
    I hope you all and the barn and the animals got dryed out today. Looks like Smokey is enjoying the sunshine.
    I sure like your Christmas wreath. It's really pretty.
    Have a great evening.

  16. Smokey is a doll-face!
    You guys sure got pounded by the rain.... whew.
    I'm happy that the hay is dry and that you can start to dry out a bit now.
    Your barn is darling and I can't wait for you to get the wreath back in it's rightful place. Be safe and careful moving that light.
    Hope you have a great week, and a bit of sunshine too !

  17. Yikes, that is a LOT of rain! I always like the really cold weather and snow when I have a dog as they can go outside and come back in clean as a whistle! That wreath on the barn is awesome. Something about the greenery on wood. So glad your hay was not ruined, too. You sound very busy, as always. Can't wait for more pics of Christmas on the farm!

  18. Hi Paula.. I love reading your posts. Many years ago we had sheep and I still have an ongoing love affair with them..
    We have snow here in Eastern Canada but rain in the forecast. Your dog is so photogenic....lol..
    God Bless..

  19. Smokey's hair resembles mine when I've been in the rain! Glad your getting to dry out a bit:)

  20. (I love you too)And your heart is pure gold.

  21. Wow that is a lot of rain. What if it had been snow? Oh parish the thought. While I do the love snow, too much of a good thing is not wonderful. I don't want the rain but you could send us some snow! The wreath is wonderful. I haven't even done the stuff in the house yet, forget about outside! You are an inspiration.

  22. Rain is such a blessing here in our dry state....but any blessing can turn when there's too much......
    its supposed to rain this weekend here...so much for a dry winter...

    your Smokey is a cutie...ours is a sick boy right now but recovering...

  23. That rain is hard on the hair-do, and also the mud does create some ugly situations. But the rain that troubles us today brings so many spring and summer blessings. Fortunately just as we think we cannot stand another day of rain and mud, spring sunshine brightens our days along with chicks ( squeal!) and LAMBS !!!!!!

    Great Christmas decoration, a big wreath for all to see. Neighbors like you make Christmas all the more special.

  24. We had lots of rain last week. But, everything was so dry that even after raining for a straight 24 hours, there was still no puddles! Crazy!

    Now we've got a good 3 inches of snow on the ground. It doesn't seem like it should be snowing yet!

  25. Aaaahhhh...Smokey- His hair is adorable!
    I think moving the light so that you can hang that beautiful wreath is so worth it!
    I hope that tings are drying out!

  26. No moisture at all here in West Texas. Just white dry dust in the air from the cotton ginning at this time of year. Stay dry and warm! blessings,Kathleen

  27. It's gotten down right cold here in SC. We haven't see any snow yet but did get a little rain over the weekend. We do need more rain it's been really dry here. My sister who lives about an hour away did see snow Saturday. Smokey is adorable no matter what his hair looks like. Take Care :)


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