Thursday ramblings

Belle was fascinated by the camera on my new cell phone....
and gave it a courtesy peck following this picture.

Just a hodgepodge of a post today.... nothing really new or exciting happening around the farm these days, except for the busyness that comes with the upcoming holidays. I have alot on my to-do list for the next few days...

First off, I'm planning out my grocery list for tomorrow so I can go ahead and get my Thanksgiving items, then I won't have the traffic and crowds to deal with next week.
I have some pumpkins left over from my Fall decorations that I need to cut open and get the goods out of them. I love toasting pumpkin seeds.. do you?
Lastly from the kitchen- thanks to one of my best friends' hubby, I now have a freezer full of ground venison to make jerky with. I am going to experiment with different spices this time to see how many varieties I can come up with.... Hubby loves deer jerky and is very excited about being my taste-tester.

Up at the chicken coops, I need to do some cleaning and put out some fresh warm bedding for everyone this weekend. Here's a funny: I have 7 very broody Silkie hens right now and last night I found 3 in one nest box fighting over who was going to sit on 2 measly little eggs. They really need to take up knitting or something....
Meanwhile, in the sheep barn, we are having a hoof trimming this Saturday for the sheepies before the ground gets too wet and soggy. Hopefully they will be sweet little angels during this procedure and no one (like me) will get any broken noses. (Prayers, please?)

Well, I'm off to finish my grocery list and to clean up my sewing room... oh, and add sewing up some Christmas gifts to the to-do list...
Will I ever get finished?

Happy Thursday, everybody!


  1. I agree with you. I am going after my groceries and things I need for Thanksgiving tonight so that I don't have to put up with the groups on Black Friday.
    My dils and friends are going shopping early on Friday. Me I am going to sleep in and spend the day in my chair with a good book.
    I love photos of your chickies.
    Have a blessed weekend.

  2. Bella is the perfect "blog model", no doubt!:) Yes...I'm planning on heading out tomorrow or Saturday and get my shopping down for Thanksgiving...we'll be hosting this year! I'm so looking forward to having Brittany come home so we can all be together! :)

  3. I'm sure the sheep will be soft and fuzzy angels for you. Praying for protection for your nose! lol Enjoy your preparations for the holidays.

  4. Oh, I'll pray that all goes well at the pedicures on Saturday!
    Doesn't the list just seem to grow and grow! It's so hard to prioritize and do only the really, really important stuff so you have enough energy left to enjoy friends and family.
    Those silkies are great. nice pic.

  5. Hi Paula!
    Sounds like life is keeping you busy as a bee :)
    I love the picture of Belle and I am really wanting some silkies. I'm wondering if they would do ok in our Utah winters.
    I found a great magazine, all about chickens (let me tell you my joy was contrasted by my 21 yr. old sons head shaking about my spending money on a magazine all about chickens) and there are some really great chickens highlighted.
    We have stuck to the hardy varieties thus far.
    Best of luck with the hoof trimming, hope that all goes well and everyone is injury free! :)
    Hope you get all of your projects done and have a wonderful Thanksgiving !!

  6. Thanks for dropping by...always love your kind comments.....we are awaiting checks before we can go to the grocers....hopefully they will come have a huge turkey to thaw....probably have to start it on Monday, its huge....I have a big list oldest girlfriend will be here but both of them only have about 2 hours between work shifts..she says she hasn't had thanksgiving for years..since she was 8..sad but true

  7. It is Such a busy time of year! Hope you get all of your errands ran!!
    Happy night sweetie!

  8. Hi Paula, That is so funny about the silkies needing a hobby!!!
    Yes, I love toasted pumpkin seeds and John loves jerky. I know your husband will enjoy tasting the different varieties you come up with. Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  9. If you are anything like me, you will get finished on Christmas eve around 2am. lol. No I will think positive thoughts for you. I will try to remember to pray for you and your nose on sat. lol. It is good to hear from you. I hope you have a good weekend and get alot accomplished.

  10. Got my shopping done! I really do NOT like the crowds either. No Black Friday shopping for us. We will have Mallory, Chloe and Tristen Thanksgiving night and Black Friday.
    I think I agree with James about the venison jerky. It is so good....
    You better keep an eye on those broodies. Will it be warm enough for little babies? Fluffy bottoms be enough?
    Have a wonderful holiday, Sweetie. I keep you in my prayers....

  11. Hi Paula,

    Bella has the most wonderful hat, with the Northcountry chill, I sure could use one like hers... Love it!

    Oh yes, cleaning the chicken coop, I have been pocrastinating on that job, but need to get it done before the winter weather arrives.

    I pretty much have all my fixins for the feast, and expecting a crowd, should be fun!

    Happy Thanksgiving just in case I don't get back over before then.


  12. HAha, my silkies are getting broody also,you'd think they'd know not to hatch chicks in the cold weather.
    Sounds like your list is as long as mine for the next few days. Good luck,hope you get everything done and enjoy a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  13. You're way ahead of me...I've got to get that list made or I'll not be able to find all that I need for Thanksgiving! Hope everything turns out ok during the trimmings! Have a good Thanksgiving (if I don't 'see' you before then!)

  14. Hi Paula.. I loved your posting and that dear little chicken. A lot of our friends are going across the border to do some Black Friday shopping but I guess we aren't.. Be praying for God's protection over your nose this weekend.. Happy Thanksgiving... Ours was in October but Christmas is coming.

  15. Hey Paula,
    Belle is a real cutie pie. I am think of getting some Silkies in the spring.

    I am making out my grocery list this morning and getting ready to head out to town(which is 25 miles away) for grocery shopping.
    and..I need to clean out my sewing room and get started sewing on the grandkids Christmas "cats".
    Have a great weekend.

  16. Your life is so different from mine! So, the farm girl in me is just going to live vicariously through you. :)

  17. Belle is so pretty!
    I need to get my list going and shop ahead.
    Patty H.

  18. One of my twins just came up behind me as I was reading your post and asked about the gorilla in the photo! He realized what it was when he got closer though :-)
    Good luck with the sheep this weekend.

  19. Your list sounds like my to-do list. Those silkies, you're right, they do need to take up a hobby . ( besides stealing eggs from each other)

    I think an awful lot of us have the idea to do our Thanksgiving shopping tomorrow, this will be fun!

  20. I cant wait to visit your blog later, From what I read of this post I know I will enjoy it. I came by way of Lea's blog.

    Blessings to you and God keep you safe.

  21. What an interesting "to do" list, regarding the critters, that is. You take such good care of them all. Now about grocery shopping---I just want to get it done. I sometimes feel like I would mow down my own grandmother with a cart if she got in my way and slowed me down (not REALLY), LOL! I do love the smells of Thanksgiving---pies, dressing, turkey. Hope you have a blessed holiday.

  22. That is too funny about the silkies. I often find two of my ladies waiting in line for the same box even though there are four other unoccupied boxes. I guess once they get their mind set on one particular box there is no changing it.

    Have a fabaulous Thanksgiving!

    Irma :)

  23. Thankfully, someone has invited us to their home for Thanksgiving luncheon; all I have to do is make pies for the table.
    Thank you friends and thank you God!

  24. Got all my Thanksgiving goodies done and now today will start bakine four pies. I am tired already thinking about it. I hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving! I am sure the hens will love the new bedding and yes they really have got to get a hobby!

  25. It's a job going to the store and getting groceries for the holidays. I love the photos of your chickens.
    I hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving.


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