So, it's going to be one of THOSE days.

Just a quick post today to show you a couple of fall pumpkins I worked on yesterday.... before my sewing machine was suddenly possessed with an evil force. I was trying to fix a hole in a pair of hubby's jeans, and the machine jammed. Not only was it jamming again this morning, but now I can't get the bobbin thread to come up. I've tried all the simple remedies- changing needles, changing thread, checking to see if the bobbin and machine are threaded properly.... *Sigh*
I am going right now to start taking my machine apart (it needs a good cleaning anyway) and for those of you who have sewing machine wisdom, please feel free to comment... any help or advice from my wonderful blogging friends would be appreciated.

And yes, tossing it out into the yard has already been considered.

Tantrum-thrower in Tennessee


  1. you probably need to take apart the bobbin area..probably have some thread or fabric bunched up inside..its happened to me the pumpkins!

  2. I am so glad you stopped by. I am sorry to hear that your sewing machine is acting up. I agree, I had the same thing happen and I cleaned out the bobbin area and it purred like a kitten. Zoom Zoom Zoom.
    I love the pumpkins. I found a pretty wool plaid at the thrift store yesterday. I was thinking about making a pumpkin out of it. I have today and tomorrow left of my vacation. I don't want it to end. Hope all goes well with the machine. If all else fails, try talking to it. Just make sure no one else is around. lol Have a great day. Lisa

  3. Oh Friend, how I am in empathy with you! When one of my electric sewing machines goes wacky on me, I turn to the treadle or hand cranks. Those are workhorses and, with just a little Sandra power, are ready to sew. Those pumpkins are GO!

  4. Adorable fabric pumpkins!!!
    Sorry, I haven't any advice for the machine.
    This is the reason that I don't sew too much: I haven't figured out how to magically make my machine run without glitches :)
    I feel for you, and hopefully all the kinks will be worked out soon and you can get back to sewing fun.
    Have a good day.

  5. Oh Paula, i am afraid i will not be any help. Me and Machines do not mix very well. I have a beautiful sewing machine my daughter helped me pick out 2 years ago and i have used it sparingly...Mostly because it seems every time i touch it, it jams or whatever....Good luck to you my dear friend....(love those pumpkins!)

  6. I am sorry about the bobbin Paula. That is so frustrating. You sure did make some precious pumpkins though! I would be tempted to throw it in the yard too but then I remember how in school, my pitches would always land right in front of me - probably right on my foot! Best wishes with the repairs.

  7. I hate that frustrating! But those are the cutest pumpkins I have seen yet in blog-land...just darling! Come say hi :D

  8. I know nothing about a sewing machine so hope you get yours fixed. LOVE your fabric pumpkins....too CUTE!

  9. Sorry I have no ideas on the sewing machine. I don't use mind that much any more.
    I love the pumpkins, they are adorable.
    Have a great day and good luck.

  10. Those pumpkins are so cute. Are they easy to make? Denim is a terrible fabric to sew. I hope you can fix or get your machine fixed soon. Poor thing.

  11. Paula, cute, cute pumpkins. Hope you get your sewing machine to working again. I almost panic when I have any sewing machine issues. LOL I use mine almost daily. It does sound like a bobbin problem. I clean and oil my machine every 2 bobbins. Then I lay it down on its back and clean the bottom area about once a month. My machine is mechanical, not computerized. I think I would be intimidated by a computerized machine. LOL Hope you get it to going soon, my dear. Winona

  12. Really cute punkuns!
    I would definitely clean out the bobbin compartment. So much lint collects in there.....
    One thing I know for sure is DO NOT CHANGE THE SETTINGS. That really messes things up.
    Enjoy these beautiful fall day!
    :) ★Linda★

  13. What cute pumpkins. I like the idea of throwing the machine out in the yard. lol.
    Mine broke and I never did a thing about it, eventually it was on it's way to the dump, sorry to say.
    I'm not much of a seamstress...too much stress. lol.
    Hope you get it figured out.

  14. Are you putting the bobbin in correctly? Sometimes the slightest quirk can set a machine off (just ilke the computer :o(...make sure the bobbin doesn't have a piece of thread or small wad inside of it.. Ginny

  15. My machine acts up every now and then too. I think they feel neglected and need the extra attention. I am betting after you take it apart and clean it and put it back together it will behave better, lol.

    We would love to have you for dinner, I mean have you over for dinner if you were lost in our neighborhood, hehehaahaha.

  16. ...machine??? You mean there's a Machine that will do that??Hahahaaa
    Haven't sewed in Years!!
    Happy weekend sweetie!!

  17. I hate those bobbins. They are the cause for many, many headaches. Mine is on the blink right now as well.

    Seeing your farm was interesting. You might be able to hellp us. This is our first year beginning to farm. Right now we just have chickens.

    take care-

  18. I have an old Monkey Wards machine which belonged to my mom for some 35-40 years so I'm no help at all - I work on something one step up from a treadle machine! Your punkins are adorable - you are a clever gal!!

  19. mines in the shop right now :(

  20. Love the pumpkins..sorry to hear about your sewing machine. Hope you solve this problem soon.

    Irma :)

  21. Cute pumpkins ! Sounds like a bobbin problem to me ,hope your machine's timing didn't get off. I can pretty much fix anything but the timing on my machines. Good Luck and blessings to you.

  22. Paula, love your blog so I decided to be a follower! Be back to visit again real soon. Your photos are great too.

  23. Those are absolutely darling! I ♥ them!
    Oh, hey! I actually did a post on my blog...shock of shocks, LOL! I showed off my antique tatting shuttle collection. Come have a looksee! :)
    ~TattingChic ♥

  24. Hey Paula,
    I love the pumpkins! So cute.
    I hope the cleaning worked on the bobbin. I had the same thing happen a while back and when I took the bobbin casing out it was full of lint behind it. It went back to working right after the lint was brushed out(with that itty bitty brush)
    And..the pear sauce turned out great! I put up 4 pints and put what was left in the fridge. Me and FarmMan had pear sauce and buttered biscuits a few nights ago and they were soooo good.
    Thanks for the recipe.
    Have a great weekend.

  25. Oh, the tossing out is not an acceptable plan? Maybe you could just threaten the sewing machine...I think sometimes they are diabolical and have minds of their own.

    The pumpkins are so cute.

  26. Paula, I love your pumpkins. Where did you get your pattern? It's good that you are taking the machine apart. That would be my first thing to do and *then* throw it in the yard. Hopefully it just needs a good cleaning. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.

  27. The little pumpkins are so sweet! I'm reading this a bit late---hope you got your machine running agan!

  28. Paula,
    These are beautiful pumpkins. I'm so sorry you're having trouble with the sewing machine. I sure hope it gets fixed soon without too much expense.

    Glad you visited my blog.

  29. Ok, Tootsie, just hold on to that there sewin' machine. You'll get it cleaned out.

    Actually, I take mine to the Singer sewing center here in our town when mine starts needing to be cleaned and oiled. Get your instruction book out and see what it says - YOU can do it!

    Cute pumpkins!

  30. Ha! Ha!, Paula. I wouldn't have the first clue. I'm totally impressed by anyone that can sew....I don't have even the slightest talent in that area. I'm in awe of you ladies that can! It's okay to throw a temper tantrum every now and're a southern girl! :)

    Love your pumpkins!


  31. Hey Paula, How is the machine doing? Did anyone get hurt? It was nice to see you stopped by. It must feel great to get 30 comments on a post. I have never experienced that...yet... lol. Hope that you are having a good week. Lisa


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