Friday Foodie: A Hit with Hubby

It's a rather chilly morning here in East Tennessee... frost was on the roof and the sun was very slow in coming up this morning. Today will be a busy one for me- it's errand day and after several stops, I'll be heading home with the back of my little 4Runner overflowing with feed for the animals and groceries for us.

Last year I posted a recipe for molasses cookies- Hubby enjoyed them so much he gobbled them up as fast as I could bake them. He put in a request for them again the other day, but after turning the house upside down looking for the recipe I still couldn't find it.... then it hit me- crazy girl, look on your blog!  Once I get the rest of the ingredients today I'll be making a batch (or five) for the weekend.

If you missed this post and want to go back for the recipe (it's worth it to see the glorious color photos of the mess I made) then click *here*.

Happy Friday, everybody!


  1. Those look DELICIOUS Paula!!! Blogs sure do come in handy, I've done that too with looking up recipes, much quicker than trying to remember which cookbook it's in;) Enjoy the day!!!

  2. Hey Paula,
    We were hot here all week but the cold air should be here today plus a strong wind, the weather folks say.

    Wish we would get a rain with it. It sure is dry.

    The molasses cookies look delicious. I will have to try those.
    Have a great weekend.

  3. Hi Paula,just found your blog through ga farmwomen! I will be following your blog. So funny about that recipe I do the same thing all the time! Keep up the great work!

  4. Oh My Goodness Girl!! Trying to loose Weight Here!!Hahaaaa
    They look Wonderful!!
    Happy Warm Weekend to you!

  5. Can't wait to try these! Molasses cookies are some of my favorite. When I feel like I can splurge, I'll get one from Starbuck's to go with my tea. Homemade will be soooo much better!

  6. Yummy, yummy!
    I'm going to write that recipe down, and give those cookies a try.
    They look delicious, and I can think of several friends who would love if I make some and share with them.
    Hope you have a great weekend!

  7. I have never had that kind of cookie before. I think I might have to try them. I have geared up for my winter foods. This is my favorite eating season. Happy Friday to you too!

  8. Yum! Molasses cookies are a favorite of mine. I love the way the house smells for hours after baking them too. Enjoy baking.

  9. I love cookies, lol!! I am going to go and check out the recipe right now...

  10. And it is getting dark so early....
    You know those little critters are depending on you and you won't let them down!
    I bet they would all love molasses cookies, too.
    I can see James, eating those cookies while they are warm! And I know firsthand how delicious they are!
    Hope your weekend is sweet...
    Love you,

  11. These are wonderful cookies! Thanks again for sharing the recipe. Blessings,Kathleen

  12. Thanks for the cookie recipe; think I'll make some soon. I love spicey cookies.

  13. The smell of ginger and molasses is coming through! Yummm...enjoy the eating!!
    Your dog is the cutest...ever!

  14. Mmmmm, those cookies look so good... Ya know, my hubby likes molasses so much, he will drink it right from the jar.

    It's really frosty here also, our days have been in the forties and heavy frosts nightly.

    Winter is a knockin...

  15. Molasses cookies are one of our fall favorites as well. Hope you are having a beautiful fall on your farm!
    Happy baking~

  16. I love molasses cookies, they're one of my favorites. You made me smile with your story of how you "found" your recipe. Thanks for the recipe you sent me too :-)

  17. You're so funny! I've done the very same thing, looked a long time for a recipe I've posted then whacked myself on the forehead, duh!

    Feed and groceries, groceries and feed, kind of the same thing really, but you mix up some of the the groceries and bake them into yummy cookies~

  18. YUM those look delicious. Oh, and frost already huh!?! We have been in the low 80's for quite a few weeks now but we are supposed to get some rain and a drop in temps. for tomorrow. I think we are supposed to hit a high of about 68......I say bring it on!!!!♥

  19. As a young child surrounded by drawling Oklahomans, for the longest time, I thought it was called mole-asses. That was back in the time when the word 'butt' was considered profane, so you can imagine my surprise at hearing someone speak of a mole's *ss. ;-Þ

  20. I remember this good recipe from last year and I copied it. Love the post below too..lots of very good things! ;D

  21. I made molasses cookies last Christmas. Chewy goodness, for sure!

  22. Oh, those cookies look really good! I'll be right over... ha ha ha!

  23. Paula,
    Those cookies look so delicious. Sounds like a busy day buying feed for the animals and grocery shopping. I sure hope you have a great weekend. It's getting cool here of the mornings, too. We've had some frost, but not a lot. The leaves sure are pretty now in the Blue Ridge Mountains of WNC.

  24. I made molassis cookies too! I looked at your recipe and they are just a little different I think. I love fall baking!

  25. Hey Miss Paula, Hope you are doing well, haven't heard from you in a while. hope you have a great weekend. P.s. I think I ate the last cookie.

  26. Found your site while searching for genealogy info...Mary Fraker was my 5th great grandmother. Your pictures are absolutely beautiful!


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