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Still crazy after all these years....

Today is my 41st birthday.... not really doing anything exciting...
I did get to sleep in until 7:45 a.m. this morning.
*Woo hoo!*

Hubby is taking off Friday and we're going on a little day trip, then the fall Plow Day is Saturday. A fun weekend is ahead- I should have lots of wonderful pictures to share with you next week!

Short post today, but I finally got some indoor projects finished up and now I'm going to try and get caught up with all my bloggy friends.

"Is that Birthday Cake I smell?"



Friday Foodie: A Hit with Hubby

It's a rather chilly morning here in East Tennessee... frost was on the roof and the sun was very slow in coming up this morning. Today will be a busy one for me- it's errand day and after several stops, I'll be heading home with the back of my little 4Runner overflowing with feed for the animals and groceries for us.

Last year I posted a recipe for molasses cookies- Hubby enjoyed them so much he gobbled them up as fast as I could bake them. He put in a request for them again the other day, but after turning the house upside down looking for the recipe I still couldn't find it.... then it hit me- crazy girl, look on your blog!  Once I get the rest of the ingredients today I'll be making a batch (or five) for the weekend.

If you missed this post and want to go back for the recipe (it's worth it to see the glorious color photos of the mess I made) then click *here*.

Happy Friday, everybody!

Happy Fall, Ya'll

Thank you so much for all your advice and encouragement over my sewing machine's sudden decision not to cooperate with me anymore... After taking it completely apart and giving it time to think about the err of it's ways, it has decided once more to be my friend. And thanks to my wonderful Hubby for being Mr. Fixit. 
Happy (Fallish) Wednesday!

So, it's going to be one of THOSE days.

Just a quick post today to show you a couple of fall pumpkins I worked on yesterday.... before my sewing machine was suddenly possessed with an evil force. I was trying to fix a hole in a pair of hubby's jeans, and the machine jammed. Not only was it jamming again this morning, but now I can't get the bobbin thread to come up. I've tried all the simple remedies- changing needles, changing thread, checking to see if the bobbin and machine are threaded properly.... *Sigh*
I am going right now to start taking my machine apart (it needs a good cleaning anyway) and for those of you who have sewing machine wisdom, please feel free to comment... any help or advice from my wonderful blogging friends would be appreciated.

And yes, tossing it out into the yard has already been considered.

Tantrum-thrower in Tennessee

Friday Farm Fotos

Farm Beauty

 Farm Weirdness

This was found in the Silkie coop yesterday.  A plain-old egg.... right?

Here it is next to a normal sized Silkie egg......