Some End-of-Summer Smiles

A crystal-clear blue sky at the end of August can only mean one thing-
Fall is on the way!
That's sure to bring a smile after the long hot summer we've had.
Here's a few more smiles.....

Sheep enjoying the shade. 

A barn full of hay for the winter ahead.
(Yes, the second cutting was a success!) 


Remember our Morning Visitor?
She's back, this time with two little ones in tow. 


A fuzzy-bottomed action photo. *Squeeeal*

A good washing of the bed linens and drying them outside make them smell so good...

Finding Ruthie's new... uhhhh... spot.... 

A few days ago, a tree up the road from us fell across power lines knocking out the electricity and taking the phone (and internet) lines with it. The utility crew had the power back on in a few hours, but the phone company? Well, let's just say they were in no big hurry.
After going through some blogging withdrawals, it's gooood to be back online. Big smile and a Happy Thursday, everyone!


  1. I love this time of year Paula! What pretty photos you have shared this morning. Glad your internet is up and running again. I hope that you will have a great weekend.

  2. Beautiful post again, as always! LOVE the shot of the blankets hanging on the line ~ that one just speaks, you know? Actually the very first one, too. I just love the simplicity and serenity that are implied.

  3. What beautiful pics Paula, thanks for sharing them! I would love to give each one of your adorable sheep a big hug, LOL!!!! Enjoy the day:)

  4. Paula - looking wonderfully end of summer around the Fraker Farm - we also have had a doe with twin fawns around here and it has been SUCH fun. Been so hot here our chickens cut back on their egg laying but it is picking back up again.

  5. Your sheep have settled in nicely to their new barn. I think Ruthy is being quite practical in choosing her spot! Yippee for fall...

  6. Great pictures, Paula. Doesn't it feel good to have all that hay in the barn? I love Ruthie's new hiding place. Looks like you are about prepared for fall. Have a good day. Winona

  7. Thanks for sharing all the beautiful pictures with us. I sure love Ruthies new hidding place. At least her eggs will be easy to gather :)
    This is my most favorite time of the year!
    Happy Thursday to you too!

  8. It looks wonderful on the farm. Love seeing all the animals. Ruthie's new spot is GREAT....the eggs will be very easy to gather from Those quilts look beautiful hanging on the line. Awwwww and GREAT pictures of Mama deer and the babies. We got some much needed rain yesterday along with some lower temperatures. We are only supposed to be in the low to mid 90's today. I am so ready for those Fall temperatures. Fall is my favorite time of the year.♥

  9. Glad you are back online. I love the pictures. How does Ruthie get out of that barrel?
    I hope you have a great weekend and enjoy your beautiful farm.

  10. Paula - I love the photos - specially the quilts on the line. I've got a hankerin' for a clothesline myself if I can talk hubby into it. He's afraid he's gonna run into it and decapitate himself! Silly man!

    I love to see where Ruthy lays her eggs! I'm ready for fall, too, Paula, & I imagine you'll get there way before us! Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend!

  11. Oh I tickled pink that you have power again. I have missed your blog. I love the eggs in the barrel. That girl really wants from privacy! I really love the bedding on the clothes line. We are not allowed to have clothes lines here and I miss crisp sheets and those lovely stiff bath towels. lol!

  12. I always love my visits to your blog! How cute that she laid her eggs in that barrel! Yes, Fall has come here too! :D

  13. Paula-
    Wow! you all have been sooo busy! Your place looks so good! All that hard work has really payed off. I hope we can visit soon! I would love for you to hatch some of ruthie's eggs off and share teh chicks! Just a thought!lol!

  14. Glad you are back! Loved seeing your pictures, Paula. I can almost smell your hay!! I like the new egg-laying spot, LOL! They can pick the silliest places, LOL.

    I'm looking forward to fall, so I hope your crystal-clear sky forecast is right!

  15. My goodness, Ruthie is determined to hide those eggs. Everyday must be an adventure in egg gathering! LOL
    Such good fortune with the second cutting of hay. Your sheep will very happy about that.
    We are ready for fall around here. Had another storm today. Leaves are dropping from the ash tree. The perennials are turning brown. Won't be long. On with the cycle of life...
    Sending love your way,

  16. Great post! Love Ruthie's new nest. Your sheep look all cuddly.
    I'm also ready for the cool weather. Thanks for sharing.

    Irma :)

  17. Hi Paula!
    I've missed visting you! I always adore all of the pictures you post! I, too, am ready for fall! Have a wonderful and relaxing weekend!

  18. Yay! Miss Paula, summer is almost over!!! This past awfully hot, dry, depressingly humid summer... good riddance!
    You've got such happy, sweet photos to share to say your good-byes!
    I just love your new sheep barn!
    I'll bet they love it even more!!! Y'all are so sweet to put a fan in there for them! I'm sorry to read about Lucy's passing, I know that's hard.

    How wonderful, for y'all about that honey! 8 gallons?!?! Your daddy is just so cute! Your so blessed! What'd you do with that leftover beeswax (that was what was in the clean-up, picture? Right?) Are you able to melt it or something for candles? I truly have no idea... but this is really fascinating! Thank you for telling us about it!!!

    Many Blessings,

  19. I just love visitng your farm! I stop by often, just don't always take the time to comment - I'm working on that!

    Love all your sweet animals!

  20. Winter IS coming and probably sooner than later...Love the photos especially the furry chickens!Hahaa

  21. Girl, you just need to invest in more barrels! What an egg business you'll have! :D

  22. Hey Paula,

    We have a beautiful cool day today and I'm so ready to decorate for fall! The kids and I have enjoyed being outside! Fall is my very favorite season! :)

    So glad you've got your internet back!

    Your farm is such a happy place! Love my visits here!

    Have a great Labor Day weekend!

  23. I can't believe fall is almost here. Well at least they call it fall, we don't get the season here in Southern California..just a hot time, windy and fires! yipees I said the word!!
    I enjoy fall by looking at blogs like yours with the leaves changing, etc.
    I love to see all your cute little animals.
    Have a wonderful weekend!
    Hugs, Ann

  24. Oh that Ruthie is a sly devil! I love the chickie pics---really love all the pics! Looks like a very productive summer for y'all. Hope you can rest up a bit this fall!

  25. I love all the photos from your sweet farm. That Ruthie sure is creative too :-)

  26. Hi Paula,
    Thanks for your comment and for missing me!! I have been an awful blogger!! I have no excuse!! I will try to do better. Hope you have had a wonderful summer!!

  27. Great photos!

    The eggs in the chickens have been laying eggs in some strange places, too.

    Looks as though you're all ready for fall.....people AND animals!

  28. Those were great photos.
    I love the new place that Ruthie is putting her eggs.
    That photo of the little deer is so cute.

  29. Hey Paula,
    I sure hope Fall is on the way, it is still so hot and dry here. Around 100 today!
    All your pictures are so pretty. Glad your hay cutting went so well.
    Have a great weekend.


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