Been a baaaad blogger..... Part 2

Yes, that would be me... a sorry, no-good-blogging sack.

It's been one crazy, busy summer, but it's finally starting to slow down.

Between hay-



And construction-

It's been a full-time job replenishing waterers and keeping everybody cool in the summer heat.

Not to mention the occasional egg hunt. (Thanks, Ruthie.)

We did manage to squeeze in a few tractor and sheep shows along the way.

Instead of writing one "War and Peace" length post, I've decided to bring everybody up to date with the goings-on around here by posting several smaller posts over the next few days.... starting with the unveiling of our new sheep barn. *Squeal*

Stay tuned......


  1. Well, if you look even half as remorseful as the adorable pup in the picture, we forgive you. Not that you truly need forgiveness for letting real life get in the way of your blogging! ;-)

    I love the pictures of your goings-on on the farm, but the honey picture stopped me in my tracks. I had to wipe the drool from my lips. I can almost taste it. Yum!

  2. You are forgiven.....REAL life just gets in the way of blogging some times. But, I DO love seeing the sights from around the farm!!! Oh, girl look at your honey.....YUM!!!!!!!

  3. ah - Paula of course we miss you but - summertime is busy time! eager to see all the changes and how those silkies are doing

  4. It is good to have a busy summer. Means lots got accomplished. (grin) Looking forward to all your updates. Winona

  5. You naughty little doggie...but I see how busy you are, it is so much work I know, and it is so vital. Have the rest of a good summer :D

  6. I love catch up blogging when things just get too busy. I can't wait to see the barn. Squeal....
    By the way, that puppy has stollen my heart.

  7. I am so sorry to hear that you are having to work so hard. *sigh* I miss you. **sigh** All too soon, Old Man Winter will be blowing his nasty wind around. Then I will be dreaming of sitting around your stove, sipping hazelnut cappuccino. ***sigh***
    ★ Linda ★

  8. WOW! That is one HUGE FAN you've got going on there!!!

  9. Amen Sister to a busy summer, and really, taking care of what you've been given stewardship over is far more important than blogging, but I missed you.

    Honey already? A new sheep barn? I am a tad jealous~ and eager to see it too!

  10. I can relate to your busy summer. It's that time of the year for canning, gardening...for me too. Thanks for the update with wonderful pictures.



  11. Honey,,,did you say honey? We'd like a post on that please!!
    That first picture gave me flashbacks! I learned to drive by pulling that long flatbed trailer around the hayfield while Dad and Mom stacked the hay. THEN...Mom drove and I threw the hay to Dad. Oh yea, I'm a country girl.

  12. Wow!! You Have been busy!!
    Someday, would you do a post on How To Can???
    I'm a goose...lost!Hahaaaa

  13. With that sad little face how can we not forgive you??
    I enjoyed seeing all the ways you are busy. Great photos.
    Have a great Wednesday

  14. Yes, it looks like you have been very busy! This has been a real summer----reminds me of the heat when I was a kid. Can't wait to see more updates. Keep cool.

  15. From one Fraker to another just stopped by to say Hi

  16. Popping in to see what you've been up to Paula... I see you've been just wasting time, sitting on the couch and eating bonbons. lol
    Whrewww I'm tuckered out just looking at all your beautiful photos. Can't wait to see the new barn! And hey, I am now starvin for a biscuit slathered in some of that golden HONEY!
    Hope all your jars sealed dear one!
    My love to the critters!

  17. I love the egg picture. Just cracks me up. You make them a lovely hen house and they just can't stay home. I thought for a second you were being a bad blogger because you bought a new puppy! I have been a bad blogger too but since I am only knitting on two projects it's hard to come up with content. Just happens some times. I guess now I have to do some catchin' up! I can't wait to see what's been going on!

  18. I've been a terrible blogger all summer, too~just too busy to keep up with everything.

    I loved seeing all the pics of your 'busyness'! I laughed at the egg picture. I got home from Wal Mart today and spotted a nice brown egg under my daughter's car. Silly hens.

  19. Hi Paula,

    Wow, a new barn, by the looks it is going to be a big barn. We have been putting hay up here as well. Summers do go by fast, and sure do keep us going from sun up to sun down.

    I love my summers, and enjoy spending as much time as possible outdoors (looonnnggg) winters)so I'm a blog slacker during these warm months.

    I will be posting in the next few days as I have alot to share.

    Talk to you soon,

  20. Well... that's what summers are for!
    Busy, but fun!!
    Beautiful honey!!
    Look forward to hearing more about your adventures this summer...

  21. It's your blog, blog when you want. Looks like you've been very, very busy!

  22. We just attended my cousin's daughter's wedding, and my cousin's own brother couldn't come because he's so busy farming right now, so I completely understand your life is busy!
    What a cute puppy photo!

  23. I've been a bad blogger too! Summer has been busy here too!

  24. Boy, you guys have been busy as always. Nice to get an update and see a peek at the goings on. I'm taking a short break to help my brother move from GA to CA! I'll still be visiting, so I'll be watching for any updates from you Paula.

  25. I'm with just gets crazy and things must be done! Take your time....we will wait..and be glad for you when the days slow down a bit.
    The honey looks like gold! What an undertaking and what a harvest!

  26. I have been a bad blogger too, but I don't have a good excuse.
    I love seeing the pictures from your farm and all the activities going on. I think you are pretty nice to your animals to have a fan going for them.
    The honey looks so good. Is all that from your bees?

  27. I know how it is! The jars of honey look just wonderful! Blessings,Kathleen


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