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Goodbye Lucy

Although your time with us was short, you will be so greatly missed..... Thank you for giving us two beautiful lambs, but most of all, for teaching us a lesson in courage.... you were so determined to live despite the fact that your poor little body was just worn out. Sleep tight, sweet girl.... I will always love you.

Been a baaaad blogger..... Part 2

Yes, that would be me... a sorry, no-good-blogging sack.

It's been one crazy, busy summer, but it's finally starting to slow down.

Between hay-



And construction-

It's been a full-time job replenishing waterers and keeping everybody cool in the summer heat.

Not to mention the occasional egg hunt. (Thanks, Ruthie.)

We did manage to squeeze in a few tractor and sheep shows along the way.

Instead of writing one "War and Peace" length post, I've decided to bring everybody up to date with the goings-on around here by posting several smaller posts over the next few days.... starting with the unveiling of our new sheep barn. *Squeal*
Stay tuned......

An unwelcome visitor

There are many things about farm life that I absolutely love and cherish every day.

However, this does not happen to be one of them.

I appreciate the fact that snakes keep rats away and can tolerate them if I don't have to see them, but when they start eating eggs out of the nest boxes, we have a problem. This one had already devoured one egg and was starting on the second one when I found it.

So.... Mr. Snake? Meet the business end of my garden hoe.

Belle carefully examines her late house guest.

There is one little thing about snakes that really disgusts me... why do they have to keep moving so long after they're dead? BLECH.
Sorry about the short (and slimy) post today- we are getting much needed rain and I'm going to spend the afternoon getting caught up with my indoor chores and do some blogging! Happy Monday, everybody!