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I'm a T-shirt kinda person.... about the only time I wear something other than a t-shirt is when I get dressed up for church on Sunday. (Or weddings and funerals.) I have a closet full of crisp new tees and ratty old faithfuls, some with various pictures on them like roosters, beach scenes, or flowers; others have nothing on them, just basic colored ones, some have stains and are mostly worn for mowing or cleaning out the barn. I love each and every one of them because they all have a story to tell, maybe because of where I bought it, or because it was one I was wearing when something memorable happened.

On a recent trip to Tractor Supply I came across this.....

It was so cute I couldn't resist..... I don't know if you can read it or not, but it says, "Home is where you park your tractor." And it has a big ol' red Farmall tractor like Hubby's in the middle.
*tiny squeal*
I thought it would be put in line behind some of my broke-in, soft, comfy tees- but it's headed straight for the front of the closet.

Because now it's my favorite.

This was the conversation that took place the first time I put it on.

Hubby: "Is that new? It's... pink!"

Me: "Yeah, I don't think I've ever owned anything pink before...."
(the sound of me shuffling my feet and blushing...)

Hubby: "You look good in pink!"

Me: ***GUSH***  

I think I'll wear it to church on Sunday.......


  1. How perfect! I love it.

  2. How perfectly fitting for you! Very cute!

  3. Hey Paula,
    I think I will have to get me one next time I am at Tractor supply.
    That is cute.

    Have a great day.

  4. Okay now I want one. I'm a t-shirt gal as well. My favorite is an old gray that says ARMY on it from my son's basic training. I just realized that was about 12-13 yrs ago. No wonder I like it, it's just getting broke in!!
    **By the way, you sent me to bed laughing from your comment on Bunny Rescue** I could picture it happening.

  5. Love t-shirts!!
    They say wearing t-shirts goes against all fashion sense.....but I never was one to be a slave to fashion :)
    Here's to the t-shirt revolution !!!:)
    Have a great day, and hope it's a fun one !!

  6. Hey! We just talked about the Sabbath. Wear that shirt 6 days a week but not to church. lol

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. Add your name to my followers. I would like to get a few more followers.

  7. LOL, wonderful new church attire;)It is very cute indeed! Hope you are enjoying the day on your wonderful farm Paula!!!

  8. Well, if you aren't a gal after my do and love what I have done and love...hobby farming was one of the best parts of our life besides growing up on one. Love all your 'attachments/pets' and can't read enough.
    It's my first time here and if ya don't mind, I'll love returning to your farm.
    Anyone who wears funky tees and bibs, takes a hit from a sheared sheep, and loves to tell about it, is the best, in my book.

  9. You GO Girl!!Hahahaa....Loving that new T!!!!
    And Pink is Perfect!!

  10. wow - that kind of compliment and I'd be wearing pink every day!

  11. Gotta love it when your man notices you like that! I love that shirt, pink is my favorite color! Tractor Supply rocks!

  12. I just love the Tractor Supply Store. It's fairly new to me, as my sister introduced me to it last winter. The tee shirt is great! Isn't it funny how you have your favorites and wear them until they literally fall apart at the seams? And it's a very nice pink, too. Oh, 100% cotton is a must for me, too.

  13. I'm with you....jeans and T's. That's really a cute shirt.

  14. I also wear t-shirts and have been known to wear them to church on various occasions. Very cute tee you picked out.

  15. You are too CUTE!! I love your new tee. I'm with you and LIVE in them.

  16. James is a smooth talker, fer sure....Having the FarmAll on it probably caught his attention right away. Right after noticing how good you look in pink. Mike says I look good in pink. It isn't my favorite color but I wear it for him. *blush*
    We are sure lucky gals...
    ★Linda ★

  17. Paula, what a cute t-shirt. I like pink. If your hubby likes it, that is a good color for you. Have a great day and thanks for all the nice comments on my blog. Winona

  18. That is adorable, my dh would love it, hugs Barbara

  19. I love comfortable t-shirts and all mine have stories also that make them special. I heard Jeff Foxworthy say once that you are a redneck if you can tell your life's story by going through your t-shirts. I guess I'm definitely a red-neck. Oh and proud of it. We used to have a tractor just like the one on that shirt,think I'll head on over to Tractor supply.
    Blessings to you.

  20. I am not a fan of pink but that's such a cute T-shirt who could resist? I love T-shirts and when I quit my job it's going to be T-shirts and jeans for me all the time. I hate wearing dresses!

  21. That is so cute..the T shirt and the conversation! I love T shirts too..nothing is as comfortable! :D

  22. Cute "T"!, but there's nothing cuter than true love! Always a blessing to hear other's stories of love still in bloom. :)

  23. As we say here in So Cal...that is Freaking adorable dude! ;)

    Okay, so I put my own twist in there....because most of 'em prolly wouldn't put the 'adorable' in there, LOL! It is so cute....hey, what's wrong with PINK???? ;)
    ~TattingChic ♥

  24. Yes indeed, church T-shirt for sure. You can always top off a pair of nice pants with a T.shirt and coordinating sweater.

    Funny, my husband likes me in pink and I am not a "pink" gal either. But I get compliments from him when I wear it...

  25. I LOVE your new tshirt Paula!
    You'll be lookin spiffy on Sunday!
    You might start a new trend!

  26. What a cute story. That is a perfect t-shirt for you. I'm a t-shirt girl too :-)

  27. Hahaha, you are too cute! I love TSC, that is my favorite store!!!

  28. I love Tractor Supply's line of Bit & Bridle clothing, even if I only get something when I find it on clearance!


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