In a pickle

After a taking a little unexpected blog break to get caught up on some summertime chores, I'm trying to get back into the swing of things but cucumbers have been haunting my sleep... they seem to be popping up overnight! I only have three little cucumber plants, but the sheep manure fertilizer has turned them into blooming beasts, literally. This week I'm making bread and butters, next week dill, the week after that, who knows.

I like onion in my bread and butters- what do you put in yours?

The jars and lids are in hot water and waiting to be packed.

15 minutes in a nice hot bath!

*We interrupt this pickle-packin' post to bring you 
some fuzzy-bottomed bliss....*

I love me some fuzzy "Belle" bottoms...

Clementine has such lovely poofy bloomers...

Zsa Zsa, in her little white socks, strikes a pose...

Cute little woolie butts...


Woolie Butts?

Sorry, Daisy- but it just isn't the same....

Happy Tuesday, everybody- I'm off to catch up with all my blog friends and see what's new with you!


  1. Hey, the pickles must've taken you away. Personally, I think Daisy fit right in with the fluffy bottoms. Did you see the look she gave you?
    Pickle away, friend!!!

  2. Ahh Paula, great post. I don't make pickles any more, but I always put onions in every kind I made. You can never have too many onions. LOL Love the little fuzzy bottoms, and Daisy is cute too. Have a great day. Winona

  3. growing up my mom would make "instant pickles" by slicing up cukes, onions, adding a little bit of sugar, salt and pepper then covering with a mixture of vinegar and water - chill for a bit and then chow down! I don't make pickles anymore - too much else to do and DH is happy with a store bought brand we have available. GREAT chicken hineys!

  4. The fuzzy butt shots were just too funny. Are those chickens good laying chicken? Once they lay their eggs, can you show us what colors you get? I miss my grandmother's bread and butter pickles. I am trying to teach myself how to can so hopefully I can do all my tomatoes when they go nuts. We have 8 plants and you know they will all come ripe at the very same time like your pickling cucumbers. It will be fun learning.

  5. I just love the fuzzy chookie butts :0)

  6. I've got pickles out the kazoo, too, Pam. I always put onions, garlic, celery, fresh dill, sugar and jalapenos in my pickles. My mamaw's recipe and it's our favorite!
    I'll bet yours are wonderful! - I love bread 'n' butters! I think I've already put up 3 dozen quart jars. I'll have to do some pickling of jalapenos, too, or they're going to go to waste!

    Cute butts!

  7. I love your fuzzy and wooly butts! LOL I am so burned out with canning, I hope I never have to do it again! I bottled everything you can name for too many years, it was great with our kids grew up but i am not willing to do any more of it for two people! I do love my freezer jam though! :D

  8. Ha! You do have some cute bottoms on your farm!

  9. Your pickles are so pretty. I think home-canned goodies look so nice in jars! Love the fuzzy butts.

  10. Oh man, I think we'll be lucky to get anything out of our garden this year. Of course, we wouldn't normally be expecting anything but lettuce and onions for another month or more anyway, but it's SO wet here that nothing is really doing that well. I was hoping to be able to use my completely kid-free weeks in fall to get all sorts of canning done this year (my youngest will be in Gr 1 this year), but the way it looks right now, I'll have nothing to harvest OR preserve!! :(

  11. I LOVE fuzzy bottoms!!! I even love wooley bottoms!! I can't wait to make pickles. We have a ton of plants but only 1 cucumber has been picked. We all loved it up! Nice to hear from you.

  12. Yum! Yes, onions in mine. I make squash pickles the same way, just use squash instead of cukes.

    Love the fuzzy bottoms!! Poor Daisy!
    Patty H.

  13. I GOT SO DISTRACTED BY THE FUZZY BOTTOMS I ALMOST FORGOT THE PICKLES!!! I make refrigerator bread & butter pickles. We like the zesty ones so I add a piece of hot pepper and mustard seed. I planted dill this year so I am hoping to make dills, if all this rain doesn't drown out the cukes! Green beans are going crazy and we have lots of green tomatoes. Hope they don't get blossom rot. It's always something, isn't it? Gardens are never 100%. Glad I did lots last year, just in case. Wanted to do a dozen or so quarts of mixed veggie soup, too. Sure comes in handy in the winter!
    Give Daisy a pat for me. I think she looks perfect with the other fuzzy bottoms---: )

  14. They are all adorable thanks for sharing your pickles and pets, hugs Barbara

  15. I've never made my own pickles but my long time childhood friend's grandma always made the best. She would send a jar to college with my friend and they would disappear quickly!
    Love your cuties' photos. Hope you are having a good night.

  16. I have just recently been turned onto your blog. I have to tell you I have been waiting (unpatiently) for your newest blog. My children show chickens at the county fair, we also have fuzzy bottoms and some frizzles! I hope you were able to get back to normal after the storm. Our gardens here in WA, are not doing so well, a very wet spring and we are only getting some 65 degree weather. Have a great Fourth of July! Holly

  17. Hey Paula,

    Your pickles look so good!!! I have never tried canning ANYTHING. It seems so intimidating and scary to me.

    I LOVE seeing those fuzzy bottoms and I think Daisy fits right in!!! Too CUTE!

    Hope you are enjoying your summer.♥

  18. Oh yummers, pickle time!

    I just love your silky bottoms, and yes, Daisy your wooly backside too.

    Glad to hear you're back in business after the wind storm.

    Hey Paula, stop over and see our new baby.

    See you in a bit!

  19. I love ALL your butts! And your pickles look darn good too! :)

  20. ha ha! Love the fuzzy AND woolly bottoms~

    You have cucumbers already? Our garden is just beginning to show signs of growth. Pickles are the best way to use the cucumbers, aren't they? Bread & butter pickles are scrumptious.

  21. Okay Miz Paula!!Hahaaa... It's been SO flipping Long since I canned Anything and your pickles look Wonderful! And what pretty...chickens???Lolol...They're gorgeous!
    Happy weekend to you sweetie!

  22. Glad to hear you were able to pickle your pickles. We did not have a good crop of pickles this year.

    Hope you have a great 4th of July!

    Irma :)

  23. Your fuzzy bottoms made me smile! I know what you mean about taking a break from your blog. I had just tried starting mine up again and already it's been a few weeks since my last post! Glad to see you back. :)

  24. Paula, your pickles look so good. I like onions in mine too. My mom used to can pickles and I wish I had watched her do it and learned how. It seems so scary to me, lol. I am afraid I would do something wrong and give food poisoning to whoever eats it.
    Love your little ones are growing so fast. My rooster has gotten mean though, don't know if he is protecting them or not, but he attacked me the other day.

  25. Oh, those pickles remind me of my mom---she made all kinds of pickles, including mustard pickles. I love the bread and butter and dill the best. My sister still makes pickles, carrying on the tradition. Thanks so much for the the fluffy bottom shots---laughter does a body good, like medicine. Stay cool!

  26. Wow! You have been one busy gal! I love canning and love seeing your pictures! I just might have to miss canning this year....a long story. But, seeing your pictures sure puts a smile on my face! Thanks a bunch!!

  27. hi just stopped by to read over your stories and happen to see that you were canning pickles ....i also did 50 jars myself just yesterday .....1/2 dill and the other 1/2 sweet ..... however my project was not interrupted by fuzzy bottoms it was interrupted however by an 88 year old neighborwho does magic tricks !! you have a great day and do stop my blog when you need a dose of TRUTH ......until then enjoy the day p.s. i always wanted to live in the south


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