Farm Happenings: Shoes, Sheep, and Hay

My Sweetie, in front of his dream machine at a recent tractor show.
(And no, it's not his tractor..... yet, he says.)

It's been wet, hot, humid, and busy around the farm lately.... veggies are growing fast (thanks to some sheep poop fertilizer) and the weather has been very summer-like which is also making the grass grow like crazy. My main chore around here lately is fly control in the barns and chicken coops... it's been a full-time job just trying to keep everything sprayed daily and I've already gone through 5 different fly traps in the last couple of weeks. The flies seem to be worse than usual this year... maybe because of the damp ground and humidity.

It was a sad day last week when my favorite barn shoes, my Muck boots, finally gave out and left me with wet feet one soggy morning... I knew this day would come, but had been trying to make them last as long as I could. These were my mud and poop resistant, toe protectors against sheep hoof tramplings, and all around great chore shoe, so I was really lost for a few days. I even wore an old pair of hiking boots until they wore a lovely blister on my heel, then they too went the way of the buffalo. (In the garbage can with the muck boots.)
On a trip to Tractor Supply this past weekend, I've found some summer replacements until I can save up enough money to buy some more Mucksters for winter.

What do ya think?

They are waterproof and really comfortable and cool, even though they're lined inside... and best of all, they're covered in cute little Ladybugs! *squeal*
This picture was taken before their inaugural trip to the barn... needless to say they are not this clean anymore. But a good spraying with the water hose and they'll be good as new!

Update on Miss Lucy: she is doing very well and is ready to be put back in the big lot with the rest of the woolies! *Yay!*
She has put on some weight, gained most of her strength back, and it seems we have finally cleared her hoof problems up. Thanks for all your concern and well wishes over the past few months.

By the way, here are her twins, Pepper and Polly, who are now 4 months old... can you believe it? (That's Polly with the grass hanging out of her mouth.)

Hubby started playing with his new equipment cutting the first field of hay last week and barely got it up before the rains came Friday.... he still has more that needed to be cut already but the weather has just not cooperated. I didn't get to take as many pictures as I would have liked to, but I will next time for sure. Here he is using the square baler....

All the equipment worked great and Hubby did an excellent job for a first-timer! It's lots of hard work putting up hay but it will be so great to not have to worry about buying any or running out this winter. Even better, Hubby has already sold most of this cutting, so the extra money was an added bonus!

I'm off to visit with all my bloggy friends now- Happy Friday, everybody!


  1. Thanks for the update! I always look forward to news from your farm!!

  2. The sheepies look so sweet! And your new mud shoes are so stinking cute. I saw those at TSC and thought they were cute but they look even better on, hehe.

  3. You guys have been super busy!! Love that your garden is growing like crazy. We got a killing frost at the end of May, and so we had to re-plant some stuff. It's a lucky thing that we have a couple of friends that own and operate a green house. We were blessed to receive some extra tomatoes and peppers from them :)
    It sounds like your husband is doing a great job of getting the hay harvested!! What a blessing that is!!
    Have a great day :)

  4. I love your new chore shoes...they are perfect! I always enjoy my 'visits' to your farm and am so glad I came...I don't comment often enough but your pictures are always so much the sheep are too cute for words!

  5. I am LOVIN' those new garden clogs;) sounds like busy days on your farm and love the sheep, so cute:)

  6. Sorry about your shoes! The new replacement ones are cute, though!

    What do you spray for the flies?

  7. Cute shoes and sweet sheep, but I'm coveting the hay baler!

  8. Love, love the Tractor Supply Store. Went into my very first one back in Feb of this year. I found my very first Hobby Farmer magazine. Guess what I got for Mother's Day?? Yup a subscription. I was tickled pink! Glad your sheep is better and her twins are getting so big! They grow up so fast don't they? The shoes are totally cute. I would love a pair of wellies but I can't seem to find a pair that will fit that I want to afford. The search continues...

  9. Woohoo Paula, love those shoes. Just because you are out in the barn, no reason you can't be stylish. (grin) Yes, putting up hay is hard, hot work. It always seems like one of the hottest days of the year when you have to get it out of the field and into the barn. Good luck with your hay crop. Glad Miss Lucy is doing better. Have a wonderful weekend. Winona

  10. I really like your new shoes---SO CUTE!!
    I love that picture of the twins; actually, I saved it for my background!

  11. I love your new little half muck boots! :) They are so cute! :)

    Oh my goodness....Fitty, our sheep, got loose today...and is *still* loose. We chased her till we couldn't anymore...we are all exhausted, as is she. We had people helping us and we tried to go slow and gentle and fast and crazy....nothing worked. It has been a zaney afternoon....she is *still* in the yard grazing.

  12. what a cute pair of 'muck' clogs! you know, ladybugs are a symbol of good luck in China? you got some lucky feet!
    Glad Lucy is doing better. She is still so skinny. Her younguns sure look healthy and happy. You must smile at them every day. Such beauties......
    James looks good in front of that huge tractor. Men and their toys, huh? that new one seems to work pretty darned good. better than throwing square bales, right?
    ★Linda ★

  13. That's odd...I didn't know tractors came in colors other than green and yellow!


  14. Love the ladybug muckers!!! So cute!

  15. Man that picture baling hay brought back memories, I remember dodging the rain trying to get hay up without getting wet and I've got to tell you I was glad to see our hay equipment sold !! Good luck to you all in this endeaver . Blessings to you

  16. Hi Paula,

    Sorry about your loved muck boots but I absolutely LOVE your new ladybug shoes.

    It hasn't been wet here just HOT. I bet you do have a job with the fly control.

    Poor Lucy, but I'm glad she is getting better. She is so thin...hopefully she will put on weight quickly. The twins are getting so big.

    I bet hubby had a great time on the tractor. YAY for some extra money. Hope you have a great weekend.♥

  17. Sounds like everyone is doing fabulous! Your new ladybug shoes are adorable! Hope your able to get the new mucksters for winter. I'm glad Lucy is feeling better!
    ~TattingChic ♥

  18. Hi--isn't this time of year super crazy on the farm? I love spring/summer but it seems I always forget how busy we are....I guess it's cuz i love this kind of business! :) Stop over for a visit. :)

  19. Hi Paula,

    For a minute a had to take a deep breath, as I saw that big beautiful machine behind your hubby. Ya see, my hubby has been drooling over tractors for a few years now. Just yesterday, he filled me in on the deal with TYM tractors. Which, I have to admit it is tempting, however, I'm a Dave Ramsey kinda gal, and although we have a few loans, put a limit on that debt thing. Perhaps, we can have a tractor in the near future, God willing...

    Oh Paula, I so love your sheep, I just want to reach out and hug them. Maybe, if hubby gets a tractor, I can get a few sheep. Yeah, that's a plan!

    We have a granny brooder thing going on here at our farm. Seems Shenae~ nae our oldest of hens (7 years) has decided to steal the eggs and lay on them, I'm keeping fingers crossed that we get some babies, this time. I'm so excited!

    Yes, we too are starting our hay season, but have to work around the wet weather.

    Love your muckers, I'd not want to get them dirty... LOL


  20. Miss Lucy is precious. Pepper and Polly aren't bad either! Wonderful photos! Your man looks like he already sees that tractor as his'n ... just saying.

  21. I'll bet you're so busy right now. The twins are getting big, and I'm glad Miss Lucy is doing well. Those shoes are so cute!

  22. I have been reading your blog for so long now!! and love it! I have just become a follower,and this is my my first comment :0)
    De-Lurking you might say,lol..
    The new the mucksters,are great!
    What you call mud boots,we call gumboots btw.
    I hope you have had a terrific weekend :0)

  23. I've looked at those very cute shoes at Tractor Supply myself! But for now - still wearing some tired old tennies. Would love to have good hayfield - but only really open pasture has terrible soil (wide areas of rocky clay) so I'm cursed with having to buy hay when we are feeding the goats. Always enjoy your updates.

  24. Love the new foot wear!!! The sheep are adorable! Always look forward to your updates.

  25. My sis got the same shoes as a gift and loves them! Gotta love the Tractor Supply!

  26. I'm Loving those Shoes!! Tractor Supply huh? We have one of those here! I'm going to check that out!
    Glad Miss Lucy is doing better!!
    Cutie pie Babies too...
    Happy day sweetie!!

  27. Ahh, your hubby is so cute, and I like that cool tractor that he is standing next to. If he keeps going with his hay, he can own that baby some day. lol.
    I like your shoes. I need something like that when I go out to the chicken coop. I just wear crocks, but I like yours better.
    And the hen house is really neat. Hubby did a good job on it and I'm sure the girls appreciate all his hard work.

  28. Loved all about the shoes, cute and the sheep and the working of the farm...wonderful! Come say hi :D

  29. What an interesting life you have! Miss Lucy is so cute! And the twins are too!
    Thanks for you sweet words and the hug for my Mom. I would like to hear about your experience sometime.

  30. I love your new boots - i need to find something like that - flip flops are not cutting it with the pigs:) We have yet to cut a single blade of hay - it's been way too rainy and wet:(


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