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In a pickle

After a taking a little unexpected blog break to get caught up on some summertime chores, I'm trying to get back into the swing of things but cucumbers have been haunting my sleep... they seem to be popping up overnight! I only have three little cucumber plants, but the sheep manure fertilizer has turned them into blooming beasts, literally. This week I'm making bread and butters, next week dill, the week after that, who knows.
I like onion in my bread and butters- what do you put in yours?

The jars and lids are in hot water and waiting to be packed.

15 minutes in a nice hot bath!

*We interrupt this pickle-packin' post to bring you  some fuzzy-bottomed bliss....*
I love me some fuzzy "Belle" bottoms...

Clementine has such lovely poofy bloomers...

Zsa Zsa, in her little white socks, strikes a pose...

Cute little woolie butts...
Woolie Butts?
Sorry, Daisy- but it just isn't the same....

Happy Tuesday, everybody- I'm off to catch up with all my blog friends and …

Cleaning up....

A hard storm came through Monday evening and did quite a bit of damage around our area. This is what's left of Hubby's uncle's barn, which is just a few miles up the road from us.
This is the same place that Hubby has been working in hay- his tractor and all of his hay equipment were parked inside, but thankfully none of it was damaged. You can see his tractor sitting out in the open all by itself.
The hay is a different story- the square bales that were supposed to feed our sheep this winter are ruined. On the bright side, there is always the second cutting of hay for the sheep, and most importantly, no one was hurt during the storm.
My little garden took a hit, too- my beautiful tomato plants that were inside wire cages were laying flat on the ground- cage and all. I managed to upright them and stake the cages to hold them up. Maybe I can salvage them- time will tell.
There is lots more to do.... be back in a couple of days.

Ruthie's Little Game

This is Ruthie.

Ruthie and Whitey like coming to the back door for treats.
If no one comes to the back door to greet them in a timely manner, Ruthie and Whitey leave poop as a parting gift.

Ruthie has decided she will make my daily routine a little more interesting. She has started hiding her eggs. Oh, Ruthie has her own little nest box if she gets the urge to lay an egg- never mind the fact that she is getting up in years and her little egg factory only pops one out about once a week.
But she doesn't want to use her little nest box. It's not as much fun.
She started out using other people's boxes...

This did not sit well with the Broody Girl Mafia.

So she has decided to look elsewhere for a nice secluded spot in which to work things out.

Oh, it gets better....

At the end of the day, Ruthie always gives me a smirk... (See? She is smirking at me!!!)

Almost as if she's saying, "Still haven't found that last one I laid, have you?! MWAHAHAHAHA."
Happy Friday, Every…

New Favorite

I'm a T-shirt kinda person.... about the only time I wear something other than a t-shirt is when I get dressed up for church on Sunday. (Or weddings and funerals.) I have a closet full of crisp new tees and ratty old faithfuls, some with various pictures on them like roosters, beach scenes, or flowers; others have nothing on them, just basic colored ones, some have stains and are mostly worn for mowing or cleaning out the barn. I love each and every one of them because they all have a story to tell, maybe because of where I bought it, or because it was one I was wearing when something memorable happened.

On a recent trip to Tractor Supply I came across this.....
It was so cute I couldn't resist..... I don't know if you can read it or not, but it says, "Home is where you park your tractor." And it has a big ol' red Farmall tractor like Hubby's in the middle.
*tiny squeal*
I thought it would be put in line behind some of my broke-in, soft, comfy tees- but i…

Farm Happenings: Shoes, Sheep, and Hay

My Sweetie, in front of his dream machine at a recent tractor show. (And no, it's not his tractor..... yet, he says.)

It's been wet, hot, humid, and busy around the farm lately.... veggies are growing fast (thanks to some sheep poop fertilizer) and the weather has been very summer-like which is also making the grass grow like crazy. My main chore around here lately is fly control in the barns and chicken coops... it's been a full-time job just trying to keep everything sprayed daily and I've already gone through 5 different fly traps in the last couple of weeks. The flies seem to be worse than usual this year... maybe because of the damp ground and humidity.

It was a sad day last week when my favorite barn shoes, my Muck boots, finally gave out and left me with wet feet one soggy morning... I knew this day would come, but had been trying to make them last as long as I could. These were my mud and poop resistant, toe protectors against sheep hoof tramplings, and all aroun…