Chickie Chalet

Big Bird finds a cool spot in the carport to escape this past weekend's 90-plus temperatures.

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I had to laugh at the title I picked for this post once I typed it down.... it sounds like a bad name for a 1950's movie starlet.
Without further delay, here is the latest project Hubby and I can mark off our never-ending to do list.....
the new hen house for our egg-laying girls!

Hubby worked so hard and now our young Rhode Island Reds are very happy and contented.

Since the house sits out in the sun with no shade trees around it, we left the underside of the house open so the girls could get under the house where it's nice and cool to escape the heat this summer.

And they've already figured it out as you can see....

Although this is a "Women Only" facility, that doesn't stop Whitey from dropping by for an occasional flirt, just in case he might find someone interested in a *ahem* fling....

All we need to finish the project is to build the nest boxes for the girls to lay their eggs in. They're still about a month away from egg production, so we have a little time left for that.

"Y'all come back!"

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My little garden spot is doing great- tomatoes, cucumbers, strawberries, and peppers have really taken off the last couple of weeks with the warmer temperatures we've been having.

My little apple tree is looking good, too- this is it's third year. 

Hubby will be cutting hay this week- his first time with the equipment he bought last year, so this will be an exciting week around the Fraker Farm. Pictures soon, I promise!
Happy Monday, everybody!


  1. WOW the Chickie Chalet is WONDERFUL!! What a cute hen house!!

    Your garden looks and sounds like it is doing great. Hopefully, you will have lots of veggies soon!

    Your hubby will be like a kid with a new toy using his new equipment. Hope you have a wonderful week.♥

  2. Such a great post! LOVE their Chalet...
    Hope your day is wonderful~

  3. very nice chalet for the cluckers - glad they get relief from rooster's attention! Garden does look good - nice post about more productive (and attractive) activity on Fraker's Farm!

  4. Love the Chalet for the girls ~ it's cute as can be and they will love the coolness underneath this Summer. You make me hungry talking about your vegetables and apples! Hope all goes smoothly with the hay cutting. Ya'll have a great week Paula.

  5. Your Chickie Chalet is mah-vahlous, Dahling!!! Tell your hubs he did a fabulous job! That is probably the nicest hen house I've ever seen! What a nice garden.
    ~TattingChic ♥

  6. It is adorable! A job well done and I'm sure the girls will greatly appreciate it!

  7. Beautiful henhouse!!! Awesome job! You so make me want to have chickens and bees, Paula!

  8. Paula, your Chickie Chalet is gorgeous. Looks good enough for me to live in. LOL Your hubby did a great job on it. Your garden is looking good. I still don't have anything planted. It has rained so much here and been cold until this weekend. Hopefully, we can get something planted by the first of June. Have a good day. Winona

  9. I loved the post below too..plowing the day away! Beautiful. I so love your new hen house...cutest one I've ever seen! Do you have preditors there? We fight that a lot, every little hole has to be blocked off! And I can't believe you have 90*...we haven't even really has Spring yet! Getting snow today and it's cold! We don't even dare to plant gardens here til June! Come say hi :D

  10. I love your 'chickie chalet'! We are going to build something similar for our egg girls.

    Your garden is really looking nice! I hope it being so hot already doesn't mean our summer is going to be extra HOT!

  11. Everything looks so neat and triving. Your chicken house is adorable. Love the red door; my house doors are red:) It's in the 90's here in the Midwest today, when we were using the heat last week!

  12. That is the cutest little chickie place ever. The garden and your apple trees look great

  13. Now that is luxury ala king.....lucky cluckers!
    Your design? It fits in well with the rest of your out-buildings.
    How are you doing, Sweetie? Are you gonna make apple butter? Apple crisp? Apple dumplings? I love apple season--probably because it's fall! It is 96' here today with horrendous humidity. Good for tomatoes but old ladies(and I use the term loosely)--not so much.......Can't wait to see picks of mowing hay and baling. Who helps with the baling? Hmmmmmmm.......Linda ★

  14. That's so cute! The chickie's must be really happy! The garden looks great, too!

  15. Wow, your Chickie Chalet is almost the same size of my very first apt. when I was in college. Sure looks nicer and is in a much better neighborhood for sure! I am sure wonderful eggs will be laid there. You always have the interesting stuff!

  16. Oh Paula...I LOVE your Chickie Chalet! I'll bet if Lola saw that sweet little house she'd be right in there with the girls! :)

  17. The Chalet is gorgeous! I know the girls are loving it!

  18. That is a nice hen house,I hope those chickies appreciate all your hard work and reward you with dozens of eggs. Blessings to you.

  19. I love it! We call our henhouse the chicken chalet ... my 9-year-old daughter named it :) ... and also "le roost lorraine" (favorite first hen)and other silly French-sounding things.

    Yours is darling and I'm sure your girls will be very happy there!

  20. Wow that is some chickie challet, makes my little portable one look intsy, lol very nice, and I know your ladies will be very happy.

  21. Hahaa...I Love Whitney! What a charmer...
    Also love the hen house!

  22. Your hen house is soo stinking cute! And your garden looks so nice and tidy. Do you use hay to keep the weeds out or do you pull? I have used hay the last two years because I can't keep up with the weeds. But yours looks so clean and weed free. Love the pictures!

  23. Adorable chicken house. We'll be cutting hay soon too. Must be summer.

  24. The girls have very cool "digs!" The doors add such a nice touch. I love your simple garden, too. Lookin' forward to pictures of hayining.

  25. I just came from Barbara's blog. My first time here. I love your chicken
    pen. Always wanted one. Maybe one day. I love the pictures.

  26. I love all of your pictures of the farm. We've had lots of strawberries too, but my tomato plants aren't as big as yours yet. Everything is coming up though, so I'm looking forward to our little summer crop!

  27. Love your Chickie Chalet! Received my babies just this week and they are in the little starter coop that I built. We need to begin that bigger coop *now* because I remember how fast they grow!

    I've enjoyed my visit. Found your blog via Barbara (whom I also "met" just today :)). -Tammy

  28. That has got to be one of the snazziest chicken houses I've ever seen. No wonder you called it a chalet! Do your birds know how good they've got it? ;-)

  29. Hey Paula,
    I love the new hen house! It is so pretty. I know the chickens are loving it.

    I guess all that rain made the grass grow fast for the hay cutting.
    I also know your husband can't wait to try out that new hay equipment.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  30. I love the chicken chalet - it is so cool. Your garden looks great - i'm hoping to get mine planted this weekend:)

  31. Good Morning Paula!!
    I'm in love with the 'Chickie Chalet". Adorable!!
    I have to smile at your reference to the 'never ending to-do list'
    That's how I feel !! I just tell folk ...'it's on the list'.
    Your garden is thriving and looking so promising. Love that you are having warm enough weather to get things growing! Someday.... we will warm up too (I hope).
    Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend and I hope you get to do something fun!!

  32. Paula,
    The chickens sure have a nice house. I'm sure they will stay cool and enjoy it. Your garden is looking great.
    Have a wonderful Memorial Day!

  33. LOVE your chickie chalet. I must say you sure do take care of your girls. Yeah, this post IS starting to sound like one of those B movies! ha ha ha
    Patricia :o)

    Ps: It's been pretty hot here, too. The only vegies in my garden that are doing well are the summer squash.

  34. The new hen house or "Chickie Chalet" looks great. You and your hubby did a great job!

  35. does sound like the title of a 1950's movie....:)

    I LOVE this little hen's perfect..I'm going to show it to Mark this evening!!!

    LOL...a women only facility!!!

    Wishing you a great day!
    Hugs, Doreen

  36. Darling hen house - and how thoughtful for you to be certain they have some shade! Our hen house is beneath some shade trees, but the girls can get under their house as well, if the sun is shining in the wrong direction!

  37. I love the new chalet for the girls! Tell your husband I need one of those!
    We just bought another 3 acres next to us and I told my husband, he can't argue with me anymore about having chickens!

  38. Your garden is looking great! I just love the hen house. What I would like to do right now is to build my chickens better shade. It is supposed to get up to 108 tomorrow. I might have fried chicken........without the skillet! blessings,Kathleen


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