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Chickie Chalet

Big Bird finds a cool spot in the carport to escape this past weekend's 90-plus temperatures.

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I had to laugh at the title I picked for this post once I typed it down.... it sounds like a bad name for a 1950's movie starlet. Anyhoo... Without further delay, here is the latest project Hubby and I can mark off our never-ending to do list..... the new hen house for our egg-laying girls!

Hubby worked so hard and now our young Rhode Island Reds are very happy and contented.
Since the house sits out in the sun with no shade trees around it, we left the underside of the house open so the girls could get under the house where it's nice and cool to escape the heat this summer.

And they've already figured it out as you can see....

Although this is a "Women Only" facility, that doesn't stop Whitey from dropping by for an occasional flirt, just in case he might find someone interested in a *ahem* fling....

All we need to finish the project is to build th…

Plowin' the day away

My sweetie, playing in the dirt.

The annual spring Plow on the Mountain in Crossville, TN this past Saturday looked like it might turn into "Bathtime on the Mountain" according to the weather forecasts, but the heavy rains that were coming down in West and Middle Tennessee held off until around lunch and everything went on as scheduled. Once the plowing was finished, Hubby and I loaded up the Farmall and the plow and headed home in a drizzle of rain and by the time we stopped for lunch the drizzle had turned into a downpour- but Hubby had a wonderful time and was happy to see some of his antique tractor buddies again.  Here are some pictures from the day....