Been a baaaad blogger.....

I really haven't been with the blogging thing lately.... I guess any excuse is better than none, so here a few- I really got fed-up with Blogger for a while... trouble uploading pictures, (still having issues with that) and all your wonderful comments suddenly stopped coming to my inbox... I checked and no spam blocker or junk mail filter was on, then suddenly, they started coming through a different email account I had.... not really sure what's up with that, but...
Also, I've been a little preoccupied at the barn lately... Miss Lucy, who gave birth to the twins Pepper and Polly in January, has been a very sick little sheepie. I first noticed her not acting right about two weeks ago, and since then I've tried all my best remedies (and a few I'm not really sure about) but mostly I've been waiting on her hand and foot hoping and praying she gets better. She seems to be slowly improving but not out of the woods by any stretch. She is the sweetest thing ever and I would hate to lose her, or worse yet, have to have her put down...

My six Rhode Island Red chickies are now 6 weeks old and have been moved to the great outdoors where they are growing like weeds. They've feathered up beautifully and are starting to develop little "personalities"- I have a bully, a diva, two shy ones, a maverick, and a loner. Needless to say, things sure have been quiet in the house without the contented little peeping coming from the laundry room...

I think you can just about imagine what happened on my last trip to the feed store.

Oh brother, do I need an intervention.....

This time around, I have four Americauna chicks (green egg layers) to replace the ones I lost in the racoon attacks back in the fall. Once all these chickies are full grown, they will join the RIR peeps and Sarge and Big Bird in a brand new "Girls Only" hen house built by Hubby and specially designed for egg production. (*Squeeeeal*!!)
Sarge and Big Bird are the only survivors from my original flock and are now getting up in years, but are still as spunky and spicy as ever, even after Hamburger's demise.

No Sarge, I didn't mean to say you were getting old.....

Sure do have to watch what you say around here... you never know who might be listening!

Now I'm off to do some much needed catching up with all my wonderful blog friends.
(Who I hope haven't forgotten me!)


  1. and who did you say you are? Oh that's right - our Paula the farm girl with more chicks than - well I had best not finish that one because by the time you read this you'll have found someone else desperately needed in the hen house! Silly girl - we all get busy with "real life" at times - you are well worth waiting for - although I did hope you were going to say the adorable puppy is also a new addition! But then your wonderful critter crowd already has a good population. Take care and when you are ready to be read - your readers are here!

  2. I hope Lucy is better soon :)

  3. More chickens!!! You lucky duck you... I mean chicken, hehe. I want some easter layers soooo bad. I can't wait to see their colorful eggs hint, hint. I hope that Lucy gets better soon. I know her mommy is doing a good job taking care of her. Have a wonderful Easter!!

  4. I have missed you and am sorry to hear that Miss Lucy is still sick. Take care Paula and we'll be waiting for any updates.
    Wishing you a blessed Easter.

  5. Well, girl, you're forgiven! You gotta do what cha gotta do. Please take care of sweet Lucy and all you new babies **squeal**
    If I don't get to your blog before the end of the week. Happy and Blessed Easter to you and yours.

  6. Well, talk about disappointment! This is the very first time EVER that you have disappointed me! I thought for sure Smoky had anew playmate!And maybe we were going to get to help name the newest member of your family. Man, am I bummed.....*sigh*
    On the other hand, I am delited to see the chicks. They are so darned cute. How is we always mange to go to the farm store when they have chicks, ducks and bunnies? And we have no where to keep such critters. OH, our little dogs would go crazy for new playmates. I just know they would not last very long.
    Poor Lucy....Still not doing well? Are the twins ok or do you have to supplement them with bottles? I bet that would break your heart. LOL I remember so well feeding lambs with big old RC Cola bottles with black nipples at Grandma and Grandpa's farm. I must have been about 8 or so. Little woolies are so strong, but sweet. You'd think they were starving the way they attack that bottle.
    Well, if we don't hear again before(and that is perfectly fine, cuz we all have our outside blogging lives, you know), have a wonderful Easter. Mike and I have no special plans but maybe the weather will be nice and we can work on the garden---get onions out, radishes, kohlrabi, potatoes.....just a thought!

  7. We could NEVER forget you!! I hope Lucy is alright and I hate it that she has been so sick.

    The chickies are soooo cute! Sarge is so handsome!! Hope you are enjoying some beautiful Spring weather. It was gorgeous here today and is supposed to hit the low 80's for the next three days....woohooooooo♥

  8. It's spring - I think EVERYONE is busy:) I hope Lucy is better, and new chicks are sooooo cute! Take care and hope you are getting some wonderful spring weather

  9. Hi there...such a cute little sad doggie face! LOL Sounds like you have been busy and spring has sprung there...have fun with all those darling babies you lucky girl! :D

  10. So nice to hear from you and your critters. Spring can be a busy time on the homestead and the computer gets neglected around here too! My little girls will be jealous that you gave in to temptation and brought home more chicks... they've been begging to add to our "Easter Egger" population with some fancies.

  11. Hi Paula,
    I have been a bad blogger too...don't worry I think we all go through stages of that! I hope Miss Lucy will be all better soon. I am sure you are giving her the best TLC!! Have you named teh Rhode Island Reds yet? The new chicks are soooo cute!! The girls only house sounds cool!
    Take care and Happy Spring!!!

  12. You HAVE been busy!!! Hope your sheep is back to her old spunky self right quick!

  13. Hi Paula,
    Sounds like you have been busy on the Fraker Farm!
    I've missed ya and all the fuzzy bottoms.
    Hope Lucy gets better soon :(

    Hugs, Ann

  14. I'm glad all is well with you Paula. Love the sweet photos of your chicks, and that puppy photo at the beginning of the post is adorable too.

  15. hee hee. Chickens get offended so easily!

    I'm hoping we have a hen go broody this spring. Letting a hen raise chicks is so much easier than raising them yourself! And it stresses me out when you put them in with the flock and they pick on the new ones. I guess I'm a lazy chicken owner...

  16. You're too special to have been forgotten! I hope Lucy keeps getting better! I know what you mean about needing an intervention! I would for sure buy some Easter egg chicks if they had them at my store!

  17. No Paula - we'll still be here when you get UN-busy! I loved your broody hen video - too cute. She didn't offer to take your finger off tho - goooooood little chicken!

  18. Too cute! Maybe you do need an intervention :)
    But it's TOO hard not to cave in to the cuteness!
    Looking forward to more Fraker Farm news :)
    Have a great day!

  19. Hey there,

    Is the puppy in the first pic for real, or a copy from something else? He/She is adorable! I love Beagles! I've always loved Beagles. They are so loving. Difficult to train, but well worth the while.

    Hope all is well in the Fraker Farm.

    Penny Sue

  20. No need to does get in the way sometimes..and I wholeheartedly believe...that's a good thing!

    Love your new little sweeties and I'll keep sweet Miss Lucy in my prayers.I'm so sorry she's been feeling under the weather.

    Hugs, Doreen

  21. Paula~
    I know what you mean about busy!I too have been super busy! I can not wait to see this hen house! I am already jealous and want one! I am also very happy for you. Hope to se you all soon. I also have some very nice ewe lambs for sell if you know anyone looking!

  22. Your little chics are so cute!

    I've been a bad blogger with my visits! It seems I do well to get a post up these days! So..I understand!

    Have a great Easter, Paula!


  23. Oh, Paula, I understand that bad blogger feeling of guilt. Been there, done...wait, I am there...still.

    I do hope your little sheepie recovers fully, and soon, so you can enjoy the advent of spring.

    I adore the picture of the sad-faced pup. ;-)

    I guess it's a good thing I don't live where I can have chicks, 'cause I'd be in trouble everytime I go to the farm supply store, which I haunt every year at this time, just so I can go ga ga over the baby chicks.

  24. Hope Miss Lucy is getting better. Sick animals are the downside of farm life for sure. The chicks are so cute and so hard to resist. I don't go to the feed store. So I'm safe.

  25. I get a kick reading your blog -- yes, I am new to your blog and enjoying the good read.. I am a farmer's daughter but never gotten into having a farm thou it's a dream of mine but I did not know some chicken can lay green colored eggs -- how fun is that. Best of luck!

  26. This time of year there is so much to do..that takes us the barn....and around the farm!
    We got 15 little chicks last night!! They are safely tucked inside the barn with heat lamp, food and water. I've been out to check on them four times! Aren't they the cutest little things? We only got two white leg horns..all the others lay the amazing brown, blue and green eggs! We will get more in about a week.
    I hope little Lucy regains her strength!!
    Take time to do what you love...all things eventually fit in! Happy Easter!!

  27. I see why you cannot resist these cuties! Sarge looks very prim and proper---and handsome.
    I do hope your sheep recovers and is back to normal soon. I love hearing about the goin's on at the farm!

  28. Just stopping by to wish you a very Happy Easter. Hope you can stop by my farm for a visit soon!

  29. Hope all turns out well with your sheep. Love the chicks! Have a wonderful Easter. blessings,Kathleen

  30. Ohhh those babies!! I want to cuddle them....and Sarge is a very handsome fellow!!
    Just wanted to wish you a Blessed Easter!!
    Love, Debra

  31. I had you on my mind tonight. Just wanted to say you are in my heart and my prayers. Happy Easter to you. Love, Mildred

  32. Hi Paula, I have been in Kansas City for the past 2 months taking care of two of our grandchildren, Noah and Izabella. I have fallen terribly behind on my blog reading and not made a post for 2 months on my blog. I hope to remedy that this coming week. I sure hope Miss Lucy is feeling better. Your little chicks are so cute. Kevin had to steer me away from the baby chick cages at the feed store the other day. We have other priorities this summer, so no new babies for me. LOL You take such wonderful pictures. I just love reading your blog. Now I hope to be able to keep up with everyone. Take care, my dear. Winona

  33. Who said you could have too many chickens? I think they are soooo cute. The only thing I can't stand is all the eggs. We were getting about two dozen eggs a day when we first started our high production layers. Let me tell you, eggs for breakfast luch and dinner, gets old FAST!

  34. Did you give Miss Lucy selenium? What are her symptoms?
    Cute puppy, I know how busy you are keeping up with the puppy; that's a full time job!

  35. I just love the photo of the puppy, the chickens, and your farm. I sure hope the sheep get to feeling better. I know it's a busy time now on the farm. Good to hear from you again. I enjoy your blog very much.

  36. Hi Paula,
    I agree with you on blogger. I downloaded MSN live writer and it is so much better. My pictures were going everywhere. Sometimes people just need to leave things alone when they work ok. I love the chicks. I have to get going on our orders. I love reading your blog. It makes me smile. I need that. I seriously need that. Prayers go out to Lucy. It is so hard to have sick animals.



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