Unhappy campers and a giveaway

There have been some digruntled rumblings coming from the chicken coop... it seems the Silkies are unhappy with the sheep hogging all the blog posts lately. I must confess, it has been a while since I posted a picture with a fuzzy bottom in it, so I guess I'd better get with the program and make things right.

Beau from the front.....

Aaaaand, Beau from the rear.

Sadie and Clementine flaunt their fluffy side.

A white fuzzy bottom! *Squeeeal*

Belle, you have such a lovely profile....

Now that I've given equal time to the Silkies, I just have to throw this picture in- here are Lucy's twins... growing fast and in need of some names.

Hmmm... how about we have a contest? A "name the twins" contest!

Leave me a comment on this post with your best sheepie boy and girl names, and the winner will get this adorable lamb bookmark and little handmade tote bag with your initial monogrammed on it by me.

I will pick a winner this weekend and announce the winner on Monday, so hurry up and get your thinking caps on! (By the way- this contest is open to everyone, even if you've never commented before- just be sure and leave an email address for me to contact you!)


  1. Love your silkies ... Paulie and Stella ... they so cute, you so lucky to have twins.

  2. I was wondering when you'd be posting more fuzzy bottoms! I ordered more silkies and the chicks are doing well...so I will have a lot of fuzzy bottoms around here too _ wait, I already do, and some woolly ones too.

  3. How about Henry and Anne Boelyn. or Boris and Natasha. Or for the younger crowd Bella and Edward(or be daring Bella and Jacob) Tony and Cleo? Fire and Ice? Sugar and Spice...ahhh I like that. Alex

  4. oh i love the chicken pictures! As for names, how about simba and kiora?

  5. I love those powder puff bottoms Paula, so cute! and the babies are growing so fast, sending them a big "virtual hug"!!!! Enjoy your day!

  6. Ooooo Paula they are allll so adorable!! How about Lucy and Ricky. Luuuucy, baaaaa... sounds the same, tehe. The bag and book mark are adorable!!!

  7. Ohhhhh, I love lambs, but as much as I love lambs, hose fuzzy bottoms just do something to you!

    Names. Stella and Fella or Bella and Fella. And then, taken from the language of flowrs . . .

    Maggie (short for Magnolia) which means sweetness, beauty and perseverance

    Quincy (variaton of Quince) which means 'cheers my soul'

    Have a great day! Becky

  8. The chicken pictures always make me smile, Paula! Now, let's see...names for your sheep, huh? How about Polly and Pepper? Pepper was, actually, my grandpa's name and I've always loved it!

  9. When I see sheep, I always think of Ireland. So I thought a couple of Irish names would be great. Keagan and Shannon? Maybe Finn and Abigail? Just thinking. Love the fuzzies. Who does Belle's hair?

  10. OOh who fun! Your silkies are so cute!!! And your twins!
    How about Beau and Peep.

  11. Love the Silkies! I just loved your chicken pictures so this year I bought a chicken calendar for the kitchen. This month is Belgian D'Anvers Silver-Quill. Handsme looking chickens! I never knew chickens could be so cute! How about Houston and Hanna for the twin names?

  12. The Silkies are so cute. I think I want some of my own now!

    The twins are adorable.
    Names...Pam and Billy?
    Little Ricky and Mrs. Trumbull?

    I love that tote bag, Paula.

    Have a great day.

  13. Fun chickens! I have 6 Australorps and they aren't near as cute!

    I think I will have to go with Eloise and Beau. They don't necessarily go together as a "pair" from a TV show or story... but I think they are cute names for the individual lambies! :)

  14. I really liked the fluffy bottoms
    I would love to have that little handbag.
    Now for names the first thing that came to my mind was Mork & Mindy.

  15. I love the pics! Now I really miss my silkies!!!
    I got your names...2 choices:
    Romeo and Juliet
    Valentino and Rose

    Hope I win!Have a blessed day! ;0)

  16. Oh, there are so many names posted that are great....I thought Lucy and Ricky too but there mom is Lucy right? Beau and Peep...so cute. How will you decide???
    I have a that picture of Rowdy teething on the fence as my background so I think of you all daily.
    Your Silkies are so cute.

  17. HI there! I am over here from Darlene's site because I saw your profile picture and I just had to check it out. I have this Murray MckMuray chicken catalog that I pour over dreaming about the types of chickens I'd like to raise (and a goat, I will totally own a goat some day)so I giggled with delight when I read your post today. Thanks for sharing and allowing me to dream about others chicken's until my day arrives :)

  18. I LOVE seeing the Silkies again....so CUTE! Also, look how BIG the twins are getting!!! I also have to give some names, so my names are Wooly and Willa...♥

  19. I wuv dem lil fuzzy bottoms. Yummmmy
    I can see how the green eyed monster could rear its ugly head. Hopefully, this is all smoothed over now.
    Did you see they just had twins over at Cedar Pond, too? They are cute, too.
    Now, I have given this some thought. Should it be couple names like 'Brad & Angie' or 'Romeo & Juliet'? Or TV twins like 'Phil & Lil' of Rugrat fame? Or maybe even a nostalgic pair of twins like 'Buffy and Jody'? So many choices......I kind of like Abigail & Abner--Abby & Abe. What do you think? After all, they are twins, not lovers.....

  20. Athena and Zeus but what I really want to know is...what's all that green stuff under their feet?
    Looks, kindly vaguely, familiar.
    Sort of, kind of.
    Hmmmmm, mebbe not.

  21. What sweet little fuzzies!

    How about Bonnie and Clyde for the twins?

  22. Darling lambs.....as I am an old movie fan..how about Nick and Nora from the Thin Man series? love those fuzzy bottoms!

  23. How adorable all the pictures are and what a sweet little tote. I guess I have to go with Ozzie & Harriet!

  24. cdziuba@aol.com

    Baaabs and Woolfgang

  25. Loved your pictures Paula!
    How bout... Samson and Delila!

  26. Loved seeing the fuzzies! For the babes~my first thought was Lily and Lazarus. Not sure why-it just popped into my head. Whatever you name them~they are darling!

  27. Great pictures!! Can't wait until I can get some fuzzy bottom chickens!!I like Hansel and Gretel

  28. They're all so beautiful! For names, I'm thinking Kiera and Kyle.

  29. Ohhhh, I love those cute, cute chickens! Names...how about "Sugar" and "Shack"...Come say hi :D

  30. How about Ethel and Fred?
    You know? From "I love Lucy."

    I miss the silkie rooster we had. The Brahmas, Orpingtons and other chickens were fine, but we didn't know he couldn't handle the bad weather. We should have kept him lock up and not let him out with the hens where he got wet. Next time we will know better.

  31. What about "Pete" and "Repeat"? :)
    Or even "Art" & "Garfunkel"?
    "Lamb"& "Chops"? ;)

  32. Winkin and Blinkin or Jack and Jill? They are adorable!

  33. How about Ozzy and Harriet?? They are adorable! Love the chickens as well! blessings,Kathleen

  34. How bout Myrna (Loy) and Cary (Grant) or Errol (Flynn) and Olivia (DeHavilland)?
    Scarlett and Rhett? Ashley and Melanie? Hmmm, do I watch too many old movies?????

    And look at those precious chickens! Wonder who told them they weren't getting the "face time" the lambs are????


  35. Paula,
    Beautiful fuzzys! And such sweet woolys. I'm glad all is well on your farm. Thank you for visiting. I'm glad you are enjoying the feed sack.

  36. I'm thinking.....Sunny and Sammy....baaahhh! They are cute...and so are the fuzzy bottoms!

  37. Hi Paula,
    Happy Valentine's Day (early)!
    Lovin all the fuzziness :)
    How about Jethro and Ellie Mae for the twins?
    Take care,

  38. They are so cute!!
    I think you should name them "Donny & Marie" I've always loved sheep!!
    I always wanted to decorate my babies room with a lamb theme--I thought that would be perfect for a boy or a girl!

  39. OK I'm still thinking of wooly little lambs.....Saw some out on our drive yesterday.
    Billy & Betty
    Fred & Willma
    Pebbles & BamBam
    Libby & Lucky
    Audie & Alice
    My brain is awhir with ideas!

  40. I love the silkie stories..I also have chicks and they are so much fun to watch.
    Now for the names of the twins.. How about Beau & Dilley? (aka Bo Diddley) vera


  41. I also thought of Daisy and Duke for the twins names...Vera


  42. Paula, my heart just melts when I see those fuzzy bottoms! They are the cutiest darn things!
    I had two black dogs once, a girl and boy, and I named them Amos and Andie.
    Hugs to you and hubby and all the "kids" on Valentines Day!

  43. SO!! That's where my Powder Puffs ran off to!!!Hahahaa....
    They're Precious Paula! I've Never seen anything like them!!
    Happy Valentine's Day!!

  44. They are soo cute! I like the names: Lucy and Ethel!

  45. Hah! I had a little dog, Boo Boo, who was half Pomeranian, and half something else...maltese, maybe? Anyway, from the backend, she looked exactly like Beau! ;-Þ

    BooBoo went to doggie Heaven last year, and I miss her alot, but I see her pictures flash across my computer screen on a regular basis, so she seems closer. :-)


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