Warm day, please?

Mr. Bluebird finds the birdbath is more like a miniature ice-skating rink....

 Well, 2010 is already a week old and this is my first post of the year.... I'm not doing so well in the blog department lately! I had several new pictures I wanted to share, but this past week the weather has made sure that all I get done is break ice out of everybody's waterers. It hasn't been above freezing here in 7 days now, and for those of you who are used to this kind of weather, you have my upmost respect. (And deep sympathy.) Snow fell last night, and the temperature is not going to be above freezing for 2 more days, according to the weather people. Looks like I (and my water buckets) will still have to make the rounds every couple of hours to make sure all the chickies and sheepies have something to drink.
*Sigh*.... I wonder sometimes if my animals know how much I love them......
Meanwhile, it's a toasty 74 in the house right now, but we are going through firewood like crazy- we've kept a fire in the stove for a solid week now. It gets messy carrying wood inside, but it's such a blessing knowing our heat pump hasn't been on in over a week. Sure will help on the electric bill!

My friend Amy from A View From my Backyard is now the adoptive momma of a pair of my baby Silkies! I hated to see them go, *sniff sniff* but I know they're going to a good home. I can't wait to see what she names them.

And Rowdy is growing like a weed.... but looks like he's going to be a momma's boy for a while, doesn't it?

 Short post today- but now I'm off to visit with you!


  1. 74 in my house too....

    ....but -45F outside with the windchill. Yuck, and the girls have hair appointments in town after school, so I can't even hibernate until church on Sunday morning!!! By then it's supposed to be MELTING! Craziness, I tell ya.

  2. Wow! Staying below freezing and no electric! We use heating oil, but we filled up in September, and that will last most, if not all, of the winter. Stay warm, and look out for those ani-mules!

  3. Sorry to hear about the cold down there. I guess it's common here but you guys don't see that much of it, do you? The weather experience in the whole country right now surely is a testimony against global warming. I suspect we'll all have a beautiful Spring in comparison:)
    Your sheep are beautiful. Those little chickens are very pretty. I hope you have a good weekend and it warms up soon.

  4. didn't want to say too much as its warm here...it does get chilly at night in the 20-30 range but warms up to 70+ during the day......we actually have the French doors open to enjoy the sunshine.....wish I could send you some.....

  5. We are in that arctic grip also here in Southern Oklahoma and certainly not used to this many days of it! Our high today is supposed to be 23 but our windchill is making it feel like minus 1!....toooooo cold. My nose felt like it was going to fall off when I had to walk outside for just a couple of moments. Stay warm and keep your critters comfortable.♥

  6. I'm with you, girl! We've got snow on the ground and it ain't going nowhere either! At least Monday before we are above freezing, and this is the SOUTH! N. GA weather, where have you gone? Oh well, I'll try to remember my icy feet and hands in August when it's 98 degrees and 98% humidity! Take care, Becky

  7. I'm in sw Va and living the same life! I'm so sick of carrying water buckets out to the birds every two hours and hauling wood in on the trip back. Sure hope this weather breaks soon! Hang in there!

  8. What great pictures on your post Paula! Seems like almost everyone is struggling with cold temps. We've had several days of below freezing temps but I am fortunate that I don't have to get out in it. Take care and think Spring!

  9. Momma and baby are SOooooo cute! Cold and lots of snow here too, I'm ready for spring! The seed catalogs have been coming and I'm drooling all over them:)

  10. Wow, it's even colder at your house! My son has been breaking ice a lot these past few weeks too! But, at least we have been above freezing by a few degrees.

    That is so amazing that you haven't had to run your heater! I'll bet sitting in front of the fire is so nice!


  12. I think we have more snow this year so far than all of winter last year. Lovely photos and thank you for visiting me.

  13. Aren't they CUTE?? The Silkies! I would love to be able to live out on a farm again!
    Stay warm sweetie!!hughugs

  14. We're burning wood like crazy, too! I'll be glad when it warms up a little.

    Those chicks are so sweet!

  15. Oh Paula, I know just how you feel~
    We are used to winter temps and weather that can change in the blink of an eye. But, this winter the temps seem to be below normal, I too, have been busy with keeping the horses, chickens and bunnies water thawed and filled.
    I wish for more normal temps, or better yet, an early spring.

    Stay warm Dear,

  16. We have had the same stinking weather!! I am ready for it to warm up. Hay..water..food..hay..water..food!! Have a great day!

  17. Always love visiting with you and your chickies! We've had the wood stove going non stop as well ~ I'm gathering lots of nice wood ash for my raised beds. I can hardly wait to get out there and play in the dirt!

    Blessings, Lea

  18. haha Those baby chickies are adorable. Bet your friend loves em!
    You keep warm.... give Rowdy a big ole kiss from me.

  19. I know you will miss your sweet little babies but you know where they are and that they will be well-cared for. And don't worry your pretty little head about this horrendous cold spell. The sun is gonna shine in our backyard again someday! We haven't had this much snow or cold in a few years ( thinking it was global warming-HA!) but here it is---just like when we were kids to bite us on the hiney! Soon enough, the warmth will return and along with it, the spring and all that it promises. Smile! God is good and He won't let us down! EVER! Love you, Linda :}

  20. I do NOT see how people live with this sort of weather all the time! It's the same weather around here... below freezing for the 8th day in a row (longest cold snap since like 1918!) and I'm tired of it!

    We did finally break down and buy a heated dog water bowl. It's been worth it's weight in gold!!

  21. And I thought it was cold here! Keep warm.

  22. Freezing temps do make us thankful for NON-freezing temps, don't they? Still, your home sounds cozy and your animals look so healthy and loved. Wood-stoves and fireplaces give the best heat if we can keep them fed, and keeping them fed keeps us warm too.

    Darn that whole global warming thing anyway.....look how hot the U.S. and England are right now, why we're all just sweltering in all the global warming!

  23. It was so cold in Utah where I live I had to come to Las Vegas!!! lol. I am spending a week with my kids and the weather is gorgeous, I don't want to go home.
    I hope you warm up soon.

  24. I cannot wait for it to warm up the end of the week - we are supposed to get to the mid 30's. this teens/low twenties is horrible!

  25. Paula,
    It's cold here also in WNC. The snow we had last week still has not thawed due to the cold temps. Seems as though most of the US is having snow and cold weather.
    The photos of your animals are really nice. You have a lovely blog.

  26. We had a week of the below zero stuff here also, but today it is in the 20s and I must say it feels like a heat wave.
    I wish we had a wood burner so that I could save some money.
    Happy to see that you are staying warm.

  27. Those wood burning stoves ARE wonderful, aren't they? We had one a few years ago, with a blower, and it saved us a fortune on heating! It gets t-o-a-s-t-y with those things!!!!

    What a sweet mommy you are to your animals! I'm sure they know that you love them!!!

    Many Blessings,

  28. Well Miss Paula I am glad you are staying toasty warm inside....except when you have to go out and de-ice the waterers! I am sure your animals know how much you love them!!
    Keep warm :)

  29. It was -37 below here (actual temp) last week...So we know what COLD is!! Hope things are warming up for you! :) Stop over for a visit.

  30. How is my favorite farm chick??? Those photos are so cute of the bluebird and silkies and rowdy and mum! I wonder what your friend will name the silkies, too. You'll have to keep us all posted?
    ~TattingChic ♥

  31. Don't know how all the northerners cope with this cold and snow. I just couldn't do it! I'll bet you DO spend alot of time totin' water to your critters. I just have my one stray chicken and I've been goin' out the farm after work to check on her. She's doin' fine, tho, and has given me 5 eggs so far! She's much hardier than I thought. It got down to 16 degrees here on a couple of nights - IN TEXAS! We had some record lows. I hope the worst of it's over!

    Cute little silkies. I guess one of each?

  32. That is amazing that you take in animals. I love animals. Ever since I was born we have had dogs, chickens, goats, sheep, and much much more. This cold winter has made our chickens stop laying and start molting. I don't have any pictures of them on my blog because they are so ugly right now. Keep up the good work.

  33. It sounds like you have your work cut out for you. We don't have freezing weather too often, and it's only the dog's water that freezes, so it's pretty easy to change. So far, we've had an extremely mild Winter, I think we're the only place in the country that has. I keep it warm inside too.

  34. We've been in a deep freeze here to...though it's common for our area :)

    You are such a good mama to your sweet animals..i love reading your post so very much...and seeing the sweet pictures...it does look like Rowdy is a mama's boy..SO SWEET!

    Stay warm and have a wonderful day my friend :)Hugs, D

  35. Hi Paula, hope this finds you staying warm. It has finally warmed up here.....last week..we were down to 10 degrees....for Texas, that is too cold!! I know what you mean about hauling out water to the animals. Your little lamb is so precious! Have a wonderful weekend, blessings,Kathleen

  36. WOw! Wish it was 74 in this ole house! But at least it's not 35-which is the outside temp!
    Love the chickens-just love 'em!! Your sheep baby is adorable too! Love, Debra

  37. Hey Paula,
    We have gone through some firewood here too. But there isn't anything like a fire to warm you up.

    Today felt better outside with highs in the 50's again.

    I know the Silkies will enjoy their new home.
    Rowdy is growing. They grow up too fast, don't they?

    Have a great weekend.

  38. Oh-to answer your question about pileated woodpeckers-we do have them, but they never get very close. They sound just like Woody the Woodpecker! (You might be too young to remember that cartoon-but it was one of my favs!)

  39. I'm way down on your long list of friends who have commented!! That tells you how much blogging I'm doing! I do think your animals know how much you love them!!
    The Bluebird knows where to land!!


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