Rowdy's Graduation

Little Rowdy is growing so fast... and now he has graduated into the world of Big Sheep!

Things were a little rough at first, but now under the watchful eye of his momma, Baby, he has made some new friends, and everybody's getting along great.

He even leads an occasional game of follow the leader!

Although it's easy to get lost in the madness of feeding time, he has learned to just get the heck out of the way and he won't get trampled.

Time out for a drink, then back with the rest of the gang for another romp around the manger.

Ummm, Molly?
Please don't chew on the camera strap....

I have been doing a little shopping... my dear friend Mare at Moon & Stars Studio has just opened up an ETSY shop and has some wonderful things for sale... I saw these gorgeous earrings and just had to have them! (And they are even more beautiful in person!)

And to show you what a awesome artist she is, look at the watercolor painting she did of our broody banty hen, The Little Terrorist! It is so beautiful!

I can't believe how much it resembles the real thing.... isn't it amazing?

Mare is so wonderful and talented- she makes jewelry, dolls, and knits, along with her beautiful paintings. Thank you so much, Mare!

Happy Wednesday, everybody!


  1. sweet, he still looks quite babyish to me, what a cutie, I could snuggle right up with him:)

  2. Rowdy is so cute! I'm sure he loves being out with everyone else. The just grow up too fast!

    Love the watercolor and earrings! She is very talented~thanks for the link.

  3. What a cutey Rowdy is!! Growing up so fast. And Molly, that sill girl, tehe. Those earings and painting are great. I love how Etsy showcases peoples creations. That site is fast becoming my favorite place to visit. Thank you for showing us!

  4. Happy Wednesday to you, too, Paula! Such a sweet post! I're friend is VERY talented!

  5. It is a beautiful chicken. It is funny thay your lamb's name is Rowdy, because that is the name of my little dog!

  6. Hi...sweet little Rowdy greeting the big old world but he's got his mama..thats a good thing! Love the errings, very pretty! And the chicken portrait too...very good! You have a good it still winter there? We finally got a 1/2 inch..first this winter! Come say hi :D

  7. Wow Paula, he certainly is growing! Such a cutie! And thank you for your kind words...I am so happy you liked your earrings and painting...

  8. Rowdy looks too little to already be joining all the others. Cute, CUTE with follow the leader and HE is the leader!!!

    Those earrings and the painting are beautiful. She is quite talented!

    Hope you are having a great day on the farm!♥

  9. Rowdy is adorable and he is growing up fast! I love the earrings and the painting is outstanding - what a great likeness. Do you have a special place chosen to display it?

  10. Paula, Rowdy is so cute. I am glad he has graduated to the herd. Love all the pictures. Goodness, you are so right. The picture Mare painted looks just like your banty. Thank you for sharing with us. We have lots of rain here this week, probably coming your way, so get prepared. (grin) Winona

  11. Rowdy is so cute and he is sure growing fast.
    I love your earrings.
    Thanks for sharing with us.

  12. My goodness, she does have a knack for painting--the Little Terrorist is immortalized!
    Love the earrings, Dear.

  13. Awww...Rowdy's running with the big boys now! So cute!

    I love the earrings and the watercolor is great...she's very good!

  14. Oh, little Rowdy is playing with the big kids. awwwwwww!
    That watercolor is beautiful and just like the photo.

  15. Rowdy - he's a cutie! I'll have to visit your friend Mare - she's very talented. I love the earrings, too. I love anything with silver on it. How sweet of her to do a picture of your little Terrorist!

  16. Rowdy - he's a cutie! I'll have to visit your friend Mare - she's very talented. I love the earrings, too. I love anything with silver on it. How sweet of her to do a picture of your little Terrorist!

  17. Wow on the does look like the real thing! I love it!

    And Rowdy...well he's adorable!


  18. Rowdy is growing so fast! And the earrings and watercolor are works of art, you are so fortunate to have them. I love good watercolors of just about anything but to have one of my own animals would be especially precious. I will have to check out her shoppe.

  19. Those pics of Rowdy are adorable! He's growing up so fast! That's so cute that he's making new friends! What cute photos!

    That painting of your hen does capture her likeness! Where are you putting that watercolor? Enjoy your new earrings! I always enjoy visiting your blog! :)

  20. Oh I just love your little lamb! And love the painting of your little terrorist! Marie is certanly talented! Blessings,Kathleen

  21. Love the pictures of Rowdy. I just love the sheepies! And I love those earrings! I will be checking out the Esty shop. I love fish hook earrings. Working where I have to dress like an adult gives me the excuse I need to buy loads of new jewelry. Awesome!

  22. Your baby is growing up so fast, how did that happen. I loved your sweet items. Your friend is a wonderful artist.

  23. Rowdy is so sweet. I just want to reach out and pet him. He looks so soft!

  24. He's getting big! That painting is awesome! Just like the picture!

  25. Oh, Miss Paula!
    Your sheep are so beautiful! Are you tired of hearing that? I hope not, they're beautiful!

    That watercolor really is an incredible likeness. How wonderful to be so talented!

    You had me giggling with your gun story, too! I need me a holster!
    My hubby would bust out laughing, at me, too!! We did get me a .22 the other day - it sure beats the bb gun!!! LOL

    Many Blessings,

    P.S. I love your creative space! You keep it so neat and clean!!!

  26. Oh Rowdy : ) Cute earrings and water color too.

  27. What cute pictures...especially of mama watching Rowdy playing with his new friends. Enjoy your earrings and the painting....they are awesome! I will definitely have to check out her Etsy shop. Thanks for sharing :)

  28. Good Morning Paula,
    Little Rowdy is growing! And a cutie pie to top it off.
    I love the earrings and the painting is beautiful! Great job Mare!

    Have a great weekend.

  29. he is getting so big! And I love those earrings and the painting - it's perfect

  30. You have very nice looking sheep, and a very cute little lamb

  31. Hey Paula, I've missed you and your little farm! It's been crazy around here and my blogging neglected. This seems to be the pattern here in the last year. Not enough hours in the day.

    Rowdy is adorable! Love the earrings and painting. Take Care :)

  32. Rowdy is soooo cute! Love your earrings and the your chicken picture.

    Irma :)

  33. Rowdy rocks! I want to scratch his ears. Molly just wanted a chance to use the camera. How's a girl going to find her talent if she's never allowed to explore?

    LOVE LOVE LOVE that watercolor of the Terrorist. Awesome. Your friend is extremely talented. I'm going to pop over and check out her shop now.

  34. Checking on you sweetie!!hughugs

  35. Had a great load of fun catching up on your blog and seeing all of your gorgeous photos! Love it, every bit of it!


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