Sunny skies

We've had a couple of warm, sunny days this week... a wonderful break from the rain and gloom we had all last week. It gave me a chance to get out on the 4wheeler and take a ride with my camera.

Along the fence, I found a small patch of wild Bittersweet...

Then a bigger one....

Then- the biggest of them all!

I thought I was too late to find any this year... I've seen several species of birds eating the berries and I thought they would all be gone by now. I managed to snip a few vines for decoration.

Today was "free-range day" for all the birds...

I let everybody out to explore and help get rid of bugs. I love to sit in my chair underneath a shade tree and watch them scratch, peck, and cluck then run off with some treasure they've found (usually a worm) before anyone else discovers it.

What could be better than a sweet little fuzzy bottom?

How about two fuzzy bottoms?

How about 20! *squeal*

These are the Silkie babies that hatched out a couple of months ago.... almost grown now.

Dear sweet Hubby? We're going to have to build a bigger coop soon...

Guarding all these chickens just wears Smokey out.

If the eyes are the window to the soul.....

Have a great weekend, everybody!


  1. OHhhh..send over those silky bottoms to eat the lady bug army that has arrived here in Vermont.

    I just love bitter sweet...i haven't seen any here this year...I think the rain did it in this year.

    Have a wonderful evening,

  2. beautiful scenes and glad to "hear" you back rejoicing in those fluffy bottoms!

  3. What gorgeous chickens! I love decorating with the bittersweet; we saw quite a lot of it for sale on Spoon River Drive in Illinois. Smokey is soooooooo sweet! He has that same look in his eye that my Beau gets when I pet his head. He just melts into my hand! Thanks for the shots. We had the same couple nice days you did, and it's raining cats and dogs here today.

  4. Ohhh, nothing like those fuzzy bottoms!! So sweet! We enjoyed our sunny days but are back into the stinkin rain, blaaaaaa. I love to see the SUN!!!! Can you eat those bittersweets? They sure are pretty to look at.

  5. My skies are turning gray...we're fixin' to get some rain (yeah, I'm a hick...fixin'...ha!) Love those bottoms! Smokey's a sweetie.

  6. LOOK at all those adorable silkies!!! I love bittersweet in looks so pretty on the vines. Smokey is such a beauty and looks so sweet.♥ Glad better days are happening on the farm.

  7. Awww, I love those fuzzy bottoms! I try to let mine out a little each evening when I get home! Smokey is a sweety! I need to look into getting some bittersweet seed so I can get some started!

  8. Love the bittersweet and the fuzzy bottoms, and those windows to the soul are beautiful:)

  9. Love the photos of the birds. Never saw any like those before. Love the dog too.

  10. I love the "bottoms up" photos of the silkies! The scenery around your farm is just beautiful; the bittersweet is great for bringing the outdoors in. Glad you had a chance to explore a little.

  11. The Bittersweet is so pretty. Sounds like you had a perfect day! Loved seeing the pictures of the chickies and Smokey!

  12. Hiya Paula
    Long time between visits.

    Sorry to hear about you losing some of your chooks, thats sad. But I see you are still growing a larger family. My girls are currently busy nesting (it is spring here) but I keep taking the egggs away, I need to get my numbers down. I don`t have any silkies left, fox got them last year bar 1 and then the surviving one drowned (don`t ask!). I do miss my silkies, they were so sweet.
    I lost another border collie the other week, she just went to sleep, we were all devasted. We have gone from 3 dogs to 1 dog in a couple of months, would never have thought that would have happened.
    take care

  13. Paula,

    When you bless us with a glimpse of those Silkies, just for a few moments, I wish that I had a few.

    Love to you as we slowly saunter into the weekend.


  14. Paula, wonderful pictures. I really love the last one of Smokey! He is such a cutey. Looks like you had a wonderful day, but get ready. It has rained here for 2 days. I am sure it will be coming your way. I think they said we have had just over 2 inches. This month has been gloomy and cold. I hope you can get a little more sunshine in before this storms heads your way. Winona

  15. What a lovely day. I love the fluffy bottoms.

  16. Paula, I just love to come visit at your farm! I am in love with those silky bottoms! I wish I could be sitting with you watching them peck around the yard!
    Hugs, Ann

  17. Glad to see that the sun is once again shining on the Fraker farm! Your chickies and doggy all look at peace and happy!

  18. As usual, love those fuzzy bottoms...I have frizzled bottoms, oops, I don't, my chickens do!Anyway, all those fuzzy bottoms do need another, bigger home , don't they?

    The bittersweet berries are picturesque , what birds in your area eat them?

  19. Love those fuzzy bottoms!! Glad you had some sun!!

  20. How cute are they?! I've already told MrC that this spring I'm ordering more chickens. We've lost quite a few and need to replenish our flock, so I've been daydreaming about what breeds I'm going to add!!

  21. You do have a lot of cute chicks, even their bloomers are cute... LOL

    We are fixin for rain here tonight and all day tomorrow, yucky, and it is getting colder by the day.

    Do you ever wonder, "if a dog could talk," what they'd be saying. Looks like, Smokey, is telling you he loves your kindness.

    Enjoy your sun filled skies, may they last a day of two...


  22. Hoping for a couple of silkies in a couple of weeks. Fingers crossed.

  23. Paula,
    I love those fluffy chickens. The photos of the berries are beautiful. I like you dog very much, too. Have a great weekend.

  24. Thank you for sharing such cute pic's! I LOVE your fuzzy bottoms..wish I had some! Your dog is so cite too..I love dogs! Such pretty scenery,,isn't this time of year so wonderful?! Come say hi :D

  25. Hi Paula...
    I agree completely with you...fuzzy bottoms take the cake! Smokey is adorable, too. Aww...those eyes! Yes, it's good to have a break from all the rain we've been having. Sure hope it's over for awhile!

  26. Ah, love the pictures. The chicks are so darn cute, as is Smokey.
    I think the bittersweet is what I see in the craft stores, dried. Never knew what it was before.
    We've had a couple of nice days here too, but it's supposed to get cold next week. My chickens have never seen snow, will be interesting this winter how they will deal with it. They love to be out wandering the yard, might not be able to with snow.

  27. Love all the pictures Paula!
    Smokey is sooo cute!!!

  28. What wonderful pictures. Everything looks so pretty around your surroundings, even the fuzzy bottoms. Do you make wreaths with the bittersweet? There is nothing like puppy dog eyes! blessings,Kathleen

  29. OMG! They are soooooo sweet.... How do you keep from hugging those fuzzy little bottoms? I bet they love-love love free range day!

  30. Oh yes, I enjoyed those warm sunny days here also!

    Those silkie's bottoms are cute as bug's ears! Bless their little hearts, umm bottoms. LOL..

    You have a great weekend, too, Paula.

  31. Smokey is sooooooooooooo sweet! I think I love him, too!

    I'm so glad that you're feeling better, Miss Paula!

    That bittersweet is so pretty, we don't have any growing around here - except in the craft store, where I got mine ;*) That's so cool that you got yours for free!


  32. I love the fuzzy butts. They are just so cute. I have never been around chickens so this is an education for me. They are just so cute! I think it's funny they are excited about getting the perfect bug. I have seen bittersweet wreaths around here are they are really colorful. I have a metal front door so we can't hang anything but love seeing others who do.

  33. I loved going along on your ride!

  34. Silkies and their protector on an outing is sweet to see!
    I would like to have a free range day but it will take a fence and some time. We are just too near the edge of danger.
    That bittersweet is pretty and it grows so wild. Were you able to pick some to use for the holidays?

  35. Hi Paula!
    I'm back!!!

    Those fuzzy bottoms get to me!!
    Love, Debra

  36. You sure take great pictures! You have the most beautiful farm.


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