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There is no way....

.... that I can be 40 years old today!

There must be some mistake.... I want a recount!

Sunny skies

We've had a couple of warm, sunny days this week... a wonderful break from the rain and gloom we had all last week. It gave me a chance to get out on the 4wheeler and take a ride with my camera.

Along the fence, I found a small patch of wild Bittersweet...

Then a bigger one....

Then- the biggest of them all!

I thought I was too late to find any this year... I've seen several species of birds eating the berries and I thought they would all be gone by now. I managed to snip a few vines for decoration.

Today was "free-range day" for all the birds...

I let everybody out to explore and help get rid of bugs. I love to sit in my chair underneath a shade tree and watch them scratch, peck, and cluck then run off with some treasure they've found (usually a worm) before anyone else discovers it.
What could be better than a sweet little fuzzy bottom?

How about two fuzzy bottoms?

How about 20! *squeal*
These are the Silkie babies that hatched out a couple of months ago.... almos…

Dark clouds...

I want to say "Thanks" to all of you for your sweet comments on my last post... it's so wonderful to hear such encouraging words from all my bloggy friends. Unfortunately, a dark cloud is still hanging over the Fraker Farm... since my last post, we've lost one of our hives of bees and had two separate night raids on our chicken coop from a predator we later identified as a raccoon. The worst news from that was we lost two more hens... and Hamburger. It certainly has not been a happy past few days, and not hearing him crow makes the mornings seem sad and incomplete. However, life must go on, and one day we will get another rooster for Sarge and the girls, but there will never be another Hamburger.
Happier posts are coming soon, I promise.... until then, I want to share a favorite poem of mine.
The Tapestry of My Life
My Life is but a weaving Between my Lord and me. I cannot choose the colors He works so steadily.
Oft times He weaves in sorrow And I, in foolish pride, Forge…

A Good Life

One of my favorite old Rhode Island Red hens is dying today..... she has been slowly going downhill this week and now she's laboring for each breath and not moving, so I placed her in her favorite sunny spot to spend the last few hours of her life. As I stroked the beautiful red feathers on her back and told her what a good hen she had been, I felt at peace knowing she had lived a good life... she was not dressed and placed on the table; instead she was allowed to live out her life enjoying simple pleasures like finding a bug before anyone else did, occasionally getting a bigger chunk of cornbread than the other girls, and soaking up the sun in front of the barn. In return, she blessed our table with the most beautiful big brown eggs I've ever seen; in fact, they were so large they wouldn't even fit in a normal carton because the lid wouldn't close.

Even though there's a little sadness in my heart, I still feel a little red hen reminded me that livi…