Thanks from the bottom of my... uh, bottom.

Well, those awful people from Kraft Food and Family magazine have done it again- another issue with the most wonderful dessert recipes you could imagine. My jeans are fitting more snugly than ever now thanks to this....

You are looking at the best pound cake I've made in a long time- and I'm certainly not bragging on my culinary abilities, either- this cake is very easy to make and it's so unbelievably moist, it's scary. It's called Gram's Best Brown Sugar cake and Hubby was so impressed, he wiped it out in 3 days.

Well, he had a little help.

Okay, he had LOTS of help.

Now I'm going to have to get re-acquainted with my treadmill.
Ugh. Thanks a lot, Kraft.

Moving from the kitchen to the sewing room, here are a couple of things I've been working on...
This is from a pattern I bought from my friend Dani's ETSY shop-

This little guy is a "sock bunny"- his body, head, and arms are all made from a sock- isn't he cute? He's still waiting on his whiskers- I plan on putting those on for him sometime today. This was my first one so he's far from perfect, but I'm planning on a making a couple more soon for some special little ones in the family.

Next- my "chickie" apron! *squeal*

I love machine applique and blanket stitching.... and this was my first time trying out the Bias Binding presser foot I bought last Christmas to use with my sewing machine. It worked great!

I'm still working on the clothespin apron- it just needs to be hemmed and the ties attached and it will be finished, but it may have to wait until next week... it's time to mow the grass again, and the Tennessee Valley Fair starts tomorrow night- I can't wait!

Have a great weekend, everybody!


  1. I LOVE that apron!! I've not done a whole lot with applique. I may have to do this though. I too got a good recipe out of the Kraft magazine this time that I posted about last week!! This cake looks good too.

  2. Oh i LOVE that sock bunny! I love to make sock dolls and they are so popular now! And that apron is just beautiful! You are so talented!

  3. OH....great cake recipe...I'll give that one a try for sure :)

    Love the apron and that sock bunny is adorable!!!

    Have a fantastic day.

  4. I love the chicky apron! Great job on it! The little sock bunny is so cute, too. And the cake~I tried not to look at it, to scroll right past it. But then I clicked on the recipe~now I'll have to make it! Hope you're having some wonderful fall weather. We're having lots of rain this morning.

  5. My oh my I love it all!!! Love cake, love the apron and the bunnies!

    I want to go to the fair with you! We would have a ball I am sure!!!!

  6. Morning Paula,

    OOOoooo that pound cake looks delicious! Don't ya just love that magazine??? I get it and the recipes are always easy and GOOD!

    LOVE your little sock bunny and that apron. Great job on both!

    I bet you will have a blast at the fair! Eat a funnel cake for me.

  7. I love those sock dolls.
    I think I just gained 5 lbs just starring at that yummy cake.
    That apron is so cute.
    Thanks for sharing.
    We are socked in with fog again this morning.
    God bless

  8. Oh that sock bunny--what a sweetie!! The apron is very pretty. You are very talented.
    That cake looks like a winner---unfortunately, I've been eating much too well this summer, and if I'm going to have any clothes to wear this fall, I've got to stay out of the kitchen and stay on that treadmill!!!
    Maybe, if I'm diligent, I can bake one in a couple of weeks...hmmmmm.

  9. So yummy! That cake needs me and a cup of coffee :O)
    So Cute!
    Must make an apron like that.
    Fancy Sewing!!!

  10. oh..Paula, the sock bunny turned out so cute! I am so glad you are enjoying the patterns.........

  11. Oh I love that apron, Paula! Great job...wish I could do something like that...sewing is definitely not my "thing"! But I love aprons!

    That pound cake does look heavenly! I'm going to print it out and try it out...maybe this weekend! Thanks for the recipe!

    Have a wonderful day!

  12. Me again, Paula! Just wondering how you got that counter that counts your visitors to your blog daily? I clicked on the little link under it but couldn't figure it out, but then again I'm technically challenged, ya know! My counter messed up and jumped from like 97,000 down to 11,000. I have no idea what happened unless when it hit over 100,000, it didn't roll over to the 1. Anyway, I like the idea of a daily counter!

    Thanks a bunch!

  13. The cake looks great, I may have to try that recipe out! I love, love, love the chicken apron! So cute! I like the little bunny too. Hope y'all have a great time at the fair!

  14. The picture of your cake makes me so hungry for a slice with a mellow cup of coffee!
    I love the appliqued apron. That's something I never learned to do. Whenever I am walking through the stores and I see anything with chicks, I think of you! The sock bunny is cute too. What a cuddly gift for little ones! I hope you have perfect weather for the fair. It's cloudy and much cooler here today and would be perfect for walking around fairgrounds weather! Enjoy.

  15. Getting more into wearing aprons these days..made a cute chicken print one, but didn't wait and put a pocket on before I wore it and now I have to dig around and find the pocket. I do prefer having one. Is your apron reversible? I really like it. :o)
    I've been looking at a losing-weight article at lunch, so the cake is just torture! But lookin' very good!!

  16. cute bunny!! and love the apron.
    Our NC mountain state fair starts tomorrow and goes thru next SUnday. Tony Rice will be there then. Hoping we can go.

  17. Paula~
    Do you ever stop? You are always on the go with this and that and I really admire you for that! Your apron is super CUTE! And that pound cake...I dare not even go there! :)

  18. In only 3 days? It wouldn't have lasted that long around here!

    The sock bunny is too cute and I love the chick apron.
    I need to sew some more aprons to wear around here, too.

    Enjoy that fair! have a great weekend.

  19. Love that apron, and I WILL be making the cake!

    Thanks. Hop over.

  20. Hi Paula,
    The pound cake sounds yummy!!!
    The sock bunny and the apron are both sooooo cute!!
    Have fun at the fair!

  21. Mmm the cake looks delish! I may have to give it a try. I have the magazine! The Pumpking Swirl Cheesecake squares look yummy too! I love the chicken apron!

  22. It's like how our grandparents waited for the Sears catalog or how Steve Martin waited for the new phone book in the movie-'The Jerk'.
    Waiting for the new Kraft magazine, I mean...... I really do look forward to getting this magazine full of recipes. I want to be one of the cooks that try out these new recipes. Wait---I am one of these cooks!!!
    Love you apron 'man'nequin and your apron. It is very chic. You do things with the sewing machine that I can only aspire to do....
    Have a wonderful time at the fair, dear friend. :)

  23. Paula,
    You are such a talented person. Your cake sounds so delicious. Wish I had the recipe. I would love to find a good pound cake recipe. I love your sock bunny. It's so cute! The chicken apron is really pretty. The clothespin apron is very nice, too. I hope you have a lot of fun at the TN Valley Fair!

  24. I recognize the sock bunny pattern! I had that and made bunnies in home ec class in the eighties.


  25. Oh boy have you been busy, with FUN stuff! The cake sounds yummy and I get the Kraft food magazine too so will have to look it up and make some for a potluck. If I take such goodies to potlucks I and my hubby are not so likely to eat them all by ourselves.

    I love the apron...I need to make one for my self, and put a BIG pocket on it to gather my chicken eggs in.

    Sock bunnies! I like them better than sock monkeys!

  26. Is that Kraft mag not thee best?
    Can't beeeelieve it's FREEEEEEEEE too! Yipppy skippy!
    Your cake looked YUMMO.... so ya helped the big man out a little eatin it did ya? CANT SAY AS I BLAME YA!!! And don't feel bad.... I can hardly get this caboose in my jeans either. lol
    Your apron is GORGEOUS! I AM SOOO impressed! Cute little sockies you made too! Go girl!

  27. That's a fabulous apron and those groceries sure look good!

  28. Cute cute sock bunny! The apron is adorable too, can't wait to see your clothespin apron.

  29. Oh boy...I am on a strict diet and just looking at the cake made me drool!!! The sock doll bunny is adorable, and I love the apron! Such talent!

  30. My, you are a busy bee!! Everything looks so cute! The cake sounds delicious! Have a good week! blessings,Kathleen

  31. You have so many comments I wasn't sure if mine would get noticed!! Anyway, that cake looks absolutly delightful. I think I'd have to mix a little water and powdered sugar for a drizzle icing, though. That's what I did with a lemon cake I made. I also put in a bit of lemon extract, too. It was killer!!

  32. Cute apron! I'm going to have to try the cake if it's that yummy : )

  33. You make everything look and sound so beautiful and special. The cake, the apron, the sock bunnies.
    Patricia :o)

  34. BoY!! Have you been Busy Girl!! These are FUN!hughugs

  35. The cake sounds good...and I'll try it soon! The apron is perfect for you!! Have fun sewing and eating!

  36. Hi Paula
    I love that apron and that cute sock bunny. And the cake....yum! I am on a diet and that looks so good!
    Have a great weekend!
    Hugs, Ann

  37. I love your sock bunnies and that cake look delicious! My pants are getting tighter too! ;))

  38. Pound cake, crafts, and sewing - it doesn't get much better than that!! Your apron id adorable!! Love the bunny!

  39. That does look real good. I made something similar except with lemon pudding (it said jello...oops) and it was simply devine.

  40. Oh my goodness!
    I love, love, love your chickie apron! Is there anything you can't do?!?!?

    That pound cake looks delicious!
    It took y'all 3 days to finish it? Lightweights! ;*) Dude! No wonder my pants fit tighter than yours!
    It must be nice to have self-control....


  41. Paula, thank you so much for the sweet comment you left on my blog. It enabled me to find my way here and since I'm so comfortable and happy here I think I'll stay. You aren't hurtin for followers, but surely one more won't hurt. Cake looks good; I love cake. The chicks are just precious, and I love anything sheep. My header is usually a sheep. Ok, I'll be checking on you and hope you'll visit me again.
    Toodles, Debbie

  42. I love your darling blog...we have things in heart loves animals and the country life too. I live in rock country, in a tiny country it! Come see-


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