Fuzzy-Bottomed Bliss

My baby Silkies are now 3 weeks old and are in a very awkward teenage stage- half fluff and half not-so-full-plumage.

(But they still have fuzzy bottoms! *tiny squeal*)

The total chick count was 20... it's still too early for me to tell who's a hen and who's a rooster- fingers crossed for an even number of each, but you just never know. The last ones to hatch were from the eggs Sadie laid on top of poor Clementine, so they are only 1 week old and are spending their days in my sewing room happily peeping away in their box until their feathers fill out enough for me to put them outside with their siblings.

The weather for the last few days has been nice with cooler temperatures- I've been spending a lot of time outside doing the "messy work" that has to be done like cleaning out the sheep pens and chicken coops... I try to keep fresh straw and pine shavings in the nest boxes for Sarge and the girls to keep mites in check, and if I don't keep the manure out of the sheep pens, the flies are just awful. I'll be back at it today- Baby, Molly and Dolly's house is next.

Speaking of Baby- we sheared and washed her- isn't she pretty? Look how white she is next to Molly and Dolly!

Fall is in the air, and tomorrow is Tennessee's first football game of the year...(Go Vols!) I just love this time of year, don't you?

Have a great weekend, everybody!


  1. Oh, Paula, those silkies are adorable. I love all those feathers! We've only ended up with 4 chicks~something went wrong somewhere, I guess. Two are two weeks, two are three weeks.

    Miss Baby looks beautiful! I'm sure the others are jealous, LOL! Glad to see you posting. The weather has been just gorgeous, making it hard to spend too much time on the computer!

  2. What precious furry bottomed babies:) Love the sheeps too, I always thought I could be perfectly happy living in a barn bedded down with animals, LOL!!!! ( maybe I was a cow in a previous life :0

  3. Oh those silkie babies are so CUTE!! Look at all their feathers!!

    I always love seeing your sheep too. They are soooo pretty. I bet it is a lot of work keeping all the cages/pens of all of them clean.

    We have also had the GORGEOUS, cooler weather here (shock!!!!!) and just want to be outside as much as possible. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.♥

  4. ohhhI love the name of this little chicks, perhaps there is a "bouncy - bottom - bliss" for adults ;oD

    Nice crisp september here in GA, loving it. (youre one lucky lady)

  5. Hi Paula, Oh yes, I LOVE this time of year also. Your sweeties are all so cute! We are especially enjoying the cooler temps. Go VOLS. Football weekends are great, aren't they???

  6. Love those little Silkies--they are adorable. The sheep are beautiful.
    Have a great weekend-

  7. Those tiny fuzzy bottoms are just adorable! I love this time of year too!!

  8. You know I live my farm dreams vicariously through you, right? The 'peeps' are just perfect. I love all the stages. Do you sell these darlings? Cuz it would break my heart to have to give them up! Fall/autumn is my very favorite time of year. I don't mind winter and spring would be nicer w/o all the mud. Summer is great but can get TOO hot for me. Fall is the perfect season for me. Hope you have a wonderful, wonderful weekend. :)

  9. Bought me a couple of pairs of silkies. Two roosters and two hens. One is still a young pullet not yet laying, and one a cockrel, crowing, but not mating. But I got a layer with a mating rooster. Hopefully soon I'll get a few chickies. ;P

  10. Nice chickies! And I like your sheep haircut. I did one of my kids this week, but it doesn't look as nice as yours! He's got a couple of swirls to works around!! Have a good weekend.

  11. Those silkies are sweet along with your sheep. Are the sheep pets or for eats? This is by far my favorite time of the year!

  12. Yes, yes, YES!!!! I do love this time of year. I am practically giddy this time of the year when the weather is crisp in the morning and evening..and possibilities for harvest and next year seem endless, hopefully and happily endless.

    I love the fluffy babies. I can never seem to get enough of them, and seeing yours just makes me happy, but probably not as happy as they make you. Here's to 'Bliss In The Autumn' , watching baby chicks, harvest, fires in the fireplace, football.....

  13. Paula, these silkies are so cute, even in their teenage feathers. LOL Love the pictures of your sheep too. Great pictures! Winona

  14. Oh Paula, those silkies are so cute! How can you stand it not picking them up all the time and kissing them???

  15. Paula, I love Tennessee football too living in the same state as you. I'm looking forward to that game too. I love your fuzzy bottom babies. They are so cute!

  16. Hi Paula,
    The babies are sooo cute!)
    You have definitely taught me the appreciation of fuzzy bottoms :)
    Fall has not made it here to Florida...still HOT here and rainy!
    You know we can't talk football though..LOL!

  17. The babies are so cute! She does look pretty and white! I really am enjoying this cooler weather. I've had a cool breeze blowing through the house most of the week.

  18. Oh, Miss Paula!

    Those "fuzzy bottoms" are really toooooooo cute!!!
    I can't wait to get ours, but I'm scared, too -- I still don't know enough about them.... I'm plagued with "what if's". Where did you get your first chickens from? Did you order them? From where? We plan to get hens, cuz hubby doesn't want a rooster. Still, is there a company that you recommend ordering from???

    Also, those sheep are just beautiful. I didn't realize that sheep were so pretty - but yours are really, REALLY beautiful.

    I'm so glad that y'all are having such beautiful weather! It's still pretty hot down here, but it feels better than it did in June?July - so I'm happy! Still, I can't wait for those cool breezes and hot apple cider...

    It was so good to visit with you! Blessings,

    P.S. Can you "pet" those little chicks? Looking at them makes me want to "love" on them - can you do that or will it rub their feathers off?

  19. I had to laugh about the Tennessee football. We are (sadly) not Tennessee fans - we're a Big 10 family. (I'm a Hawkeye, my husband's a Spartan - I tease him that he went to Michigan State because he had to because he lost a bet.) Anyway, we did get married in Tenn. and made many trips down in the months leading up to the wedding. Anyway, during this time someone introduced him to Tennessee football because to this day whenever he sees ANYTHING that says Tennessee on it (doesn't matter what it is), he'll yell, "GO VOLS!" and throw a fist in the air. Too cute.

  20. It should be illegal for something to be as cute as those silkies!

    And my goodness...your sheep are gorgeous! They look like movie stars. How in the world do you get them so beautiful?

  21. Paula,
    I wondered why you put shavings in with the hay in your nestboxes. I'd actually noticed it kinda mixed together in your photographs. I didn't know it kept mites down.
    The new chickies are adorable!

    Hope you're havin a great weekend!
    Don't work too hard!!! But enjoy that SUNSHINE!!!

  22. Oh, all your babies are so cute.
    Go Vols!!!
    Please keep the pictures coming of your babies!

  23. Love your baby peeps! There is just something so calming and welcoming when I see a green pasture with grazing sheep! It just says " Farm Sweet Farm"! blessings,Kathleen

  24. Love your baby peeps! There is just something so calming and welcoming when I see a green pasture with grazing sheep! It just says " Farm Sweet Farm"! blessings,Kathleen

  25. Your little baby does look beautiful...she really does have a beautiful coat and wow the difference in the whiteness of her coat! I bet she felt like the prettiest thing out there!

    Love your little fuzzy bottomed babies! They're so cute!

    Have a great day!

  26. I'd say fuzzy. They are fuzzy wuzzies : )

  27. I STILL think your little silkies are cute! They are so fuzzy. And Baby looks so lovely in her white outfit. Lucky you, getting some cooler temps - still hot here in Texas! Take care -

  28. How cute! You can certainly tell they are silkies!

  29. Paula,
    This silkies are so cute. I love all of them. Glad to see this posting. I enjoyed it so much. I hope you're having a good week and not getting flash floods like we are here in WNC. Have a great week on the farm.


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