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So long, September...

I can't believe it's been so long since I last posted... where has September gone? We had another rainy and humid week last week, but Fall is really in the air now... the next few days are supposed to be dry and much cooler around here. Not really much going on right now... the chicks are growing, the grass still is too, and I've been cleaning out closets and taking some things to Goodwill. The biggest news around here lately- we made a major purchase a couple of weeks ago. Hubby bought some used equipment to cut and bale our own hay. It was quite a bit of money for us to spend up front, but we figured it would be better in the long run to be able to cut our own hay rather than having to keep buying it. Hubby is planning on cutting the field next to the house sometime this week to try everything out, so I'll post some pictures of him and his new toys. (*chuckle*) It won't be long until we will have to get our little honeybees ready for cold weather... Dad is going…

Thanks from the bottom of my... uh, bottom.

Well, those awful people from Kraft Food and Family magazine have done it again- another issue with the most wonderful dessert recipes you could imagine. My jeans are fitting more snugly than ever now thanks to this....

You are looking at the best pound cake I've made in a long time- and I'm certainly not bragging on my culinary abilities, either- this cake is very easy to make and it's so unbelievably moist, it's scary. It's called Gram's Best Brown Sugar cake and Hubby was so impressed, he wiped it out in 3 days.

Well, he had a little help.

Okay, he had LOTS of help.
Now I'm going to have to get re-acquainted with my treadmill. Ugh. Thanks a lot, Kraft.

Moving from the kitchen to the sewing room, here are a couple of things I've been working on... This is from a pattern I bought from my friend Dani's ETSY shop-
This little guy is a "sock bunny"- his body, head, and arms are all made from a sock- isn't he cute? He's still waiti…

Fuzzy-Bottomed Bliss

My baby Silkies are now 3 weeks old and are in a very awkward teenage stage- half fluff and half not-so-full-plumage.

(But they still have fuzzy bottoms! *tiny squeal*)

The total chick count was 20... it's still too early for me to tell who's a hen and who's a rooster- fingers crossed for an even number of each, but you just never know. The last ones to hatch were from the eggs Sadie laid on top of poor Clementine, so they are only 1 week old and are spending their days in my sewing room happily peeping away in their box until their feathers fill out enough for me to put them outside with their siblings.

The weather for the last few days has been nice with cooler temperatures- I've been spending a lot of time outside doing the "messy work" that has to be done like cleaning out the sheep pens and chicken coops... I try to keep fresh straw and pine shavings in the nest boxes for Sarge and the girls to keep mites in check, and if I don't keep the manure out o…