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I'm a very low-maintenance, simple person... I have few needs and don't care at all for fine dining, entertainment, exotic vacations, or shopping trips. (Just ask Hubby- I've been carrying the same purse so long it's falling apart.) There are only a few things in life other than basic necessities that I really desire to make me happy: good coffee, southern cooking, being with friends and family (which is even better when enjoyed with the first two things.) and.... color.
Lots of beautiful color around me makes me happy.

Hubby and I made a trip to Home Depot in Knoxville last week, and found some wonderful things in the garden department....
Look how wonderful the yellow and white look in my little red wagon! *Squeal*

We also found hanging baskets with these gorgeous purple and yellow blooms...

Best of all, our little honeybees love them too!

I love the color of black fuzzy ears and legs against green grass and red fence posts....
My baby....

These are the pillow shams that match our bed quilt- I love the dark blues and reds in them.

I'm planning on making a clothespin apron out of this colorful fabric-isn't it the cutest you've ever seen?!
I hope you can see the chickens in it... I especially love the big white one in the middle- it reminds me of Hamburger!

I'll be making my blog rounds slowly this week- I'm making pickles from our bounty of cucumbers so I'll be visiting when I can.
I'll let you know how they turn out later this week, plus some exciting news- baby Silkies are on the way! (I hope!)
Happy Monday, everybody!


  1. The flowers look just beautiful! Can't wait to see some baby silkies!!

  2. Hi Paula! I'm hoping to make some pickles this year too but we've had so much rain..i'm not sure if we will end up getting any cucumbers :(

    Love all the photo's :)

    Mark want's me to make a clothespin apron too..our basket died :).

    ps..don't make it round to my house until a bit later..i'm doing a new post in a little while..i'm slow with the posting these last couple of weeks :).

  3. Pretty colors indeed - your little red wagon is charming with those flowers! Nature has the prettiest colors - I was outside yesterday admiring the intense summer blue sky and the blue gray clouds which were supposed to bring rain but didn't!
    Love the fabric for clothespin apron - a hoot and a half - I can sort of see the resemblance to Hamburger

  4. Paula,
    I am a simple, low maintenance type of girl too. The only shopping I like doing is for fabric.(grin) Great pictures as always. I love that little red wagon. Of course I love those pillow shams. Did you make them? Keep us up to date on the pending baby Silkies. That fabric will be great for a clothepin apron. I need to make one for myself. I just keep putting it off. Well, I am off to make a new post on my blog. Hope you stop by later. Have a good day! Winona

  5. I love those big sunflowers. I'm a color girl too!

  6. Paula~ I'm exactly the same way, plain and simple is the way to go! I LOVE your lil' wagon, it's adorable and your flowers are beautiful...Your sheep, too:)

  7. Congrats on the new baby Silkies!!
    The wagon is just darling- and I LOVE the sunflowers.
    Have a Wonderful Week-

  8. I am also a very low maintenance type of person also. I love lots of color in my world also.
    Love the little red wagon.
    I have a little red wheelbarrow in my flower garden.
    We are getting lots of cucumbers now also. I am waiting for the tomatoes so I can have a good BLT.
    God bless.

  9. Hi, you will be busy this week. I'm doing tomatoes and peaches this week.
    I'm green with envy over your super, super cool wagon with complimenting flowers.
    Baby Silkies......begging for a picture!!

  10. Awesome fabric......your yard looks very inviting.

  11. Oh, what gorgeous flowers, Paula! So bright and cheerful! Low maintenance is my middle name! :)

  12. I consider myself low maintenance too. Maine Man may disagree. ;)
    I like to here more about that clothes pin apron. Will that be a future post?

  13. I always love seeing all your pictures around the farm. BEAUTIFUL colors indeed!!!!

  14. Is that Daisy or Edie? She is beautiful!
    Your pristinely maintained yard puts ours to shame. We are so low maintainence here that th eweeds feel right at home! LOL
    I think the chicken fabric is adorable. It reminds me of Foghorn Leghorn and his Miss Prissy---or maybe those dancing hens on HeeHaw. Anyway, it made me smile.
    Sunflowers are the proof that summer is really here and yours are great.
    PS-what kind of pickles? Do you do them in crocks? What is the process? All I've done are the refridgerator pickles. Not very authentic but tasty. :)

  15. Just love all of your colorful photos and I agree....color is such a wonderful pick me up! Hope your pickles and silkies come out great!! Blessings,Kathleen

  16. low maintenance here the fabric and hope you will share a photo when you get the apron done....

  17. I LOVE that chicken material. I went to the quilt shop last spring to find something chicken and all she had was white with black chickenwire print, but it was great!! I made cloth napkins for my group and at quick glance it was- how nice cloth napkins, but on 2nd look it registered that it was chicken wire!!
    Things have been pretty wet here, too. Hoping for an extra dose of sunshine to get things warm and dry a bit...

  18. Me neither, Paula! I'm a low maintenace type of gal! It seems like I get a new purse at Christmas time and carry it all year until it either falls apart or I get a new one to use the next Christmas! Just being home and with my family is the best!

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your red wagon and what you have in it! It's perfect! And those quilts are so pretty!

    I'm the same way about color in my house too! I have to have color on my walls. I just can't hardly stand white walls. Color on my walls make me smile!

    By the way, I just love your blog, Paula! It's always been one of my favorites!

    Have a great day!

  19. I how neat your beds look. We keep trying but just never seem to get there. I am excited about the chicks coming! I am a low maintance person too. I really hate dressing up to go anywhere. I do love good home cooking that comes from the heart. I will be exited to see your pickles. Someone told me recently that she made pickles in the microwave for about 9 minutes. They are B&B pickles. I thought they were really good.

  20. Hey Paula,
    I loved seeing all your colors too! Beautiful.
    Your yard looks so well maintained.(and green)
    Someone has been working hard, I see.

    You must have had more rain up that way than down here. My garden just didn't hardly make at all this year. between the heat and the dry dry summer, I haven't done much canning and freezing.
    Maybe next year will be better.

    Can't wait to see the new Silkies!
    Good luck on them.
    Have a great day.

  21. Lordy! What Beautiful colors they are!! I love the Texas Star pattern sweetie!! Happy night to you!hughugs

  22. Hi Paula, This is my second visit, I keep getting interrupted!!! What beautiful pictures. I love your quilt pattern. I'm excited about your silkies too. That fabric is the cutest ever - I absolutely love it! Don't work too hard. Hope you have good luck with the pickles.

  23. Hi Paula,
    I love color too!! Mkes me happy...along with my critters!!
    I can't wait to see the new babies :)
    But, we gotta get you a new purse girl LOL!!
    :) Tracey

  24. Ooh! what a fun update. I just love the colors and I hope you show us your clothespin apron when you make it up.

  25. Oh boy, more fluffy silkie bottoms coming up!

    Yes, you're gardens are very colorful and pretty! I like the red wagon full of bright flowers.

  26. I'm slow this week too! Your husband must love how easy you are to please, lol! I love all the colors too! Especially the ones in the wagon and the sheep.

  27. Just want you to know, I keep my son posted about your see, he and I have this THING for , ummmm how do I put this... for goose bums...This sounds terrible I know! But they are SOOOO fluffy and white, and you can squeeze them!! Well, I told him how you love chicken bums, and we laughed so hard.(I realise this is off topic-forgive me!)
    Your home is so beautiful. I love color too. My eyes just love taking it in!
    Love, Debra

  28. Seems we love some of the same things : ) Nice post!

  29. Beauty everywhere you turn. No wonder you want for so little. : )

  30. Hi Paula,
    I just love the photos of your flowers and your pillow shams. I hope your pickles come out great.

  31. Sunflowers can't be beat for their big colorful faces!! The red wagon is just the thing to show them off!! I enjoyed reading about how you like things simple and simple things. It's a nice way to live!!
    I am a big pickle canner myself but ours are not ready. Do share your recipe!! We are in berry season and the freezer is filling up!

  32. Thank you for coming by to visit me and Sophie on the blog! I don't get much blog time either with school and homework every day!! I'll be done in August and hope to be able to visit more often.

    Love your new flowers!!!!

  33. I wish I could say I'm a simple woman, too. Though I'm not extravigant, there are some things I like to have. Wish I could be a little more like you.

    The sun flowers look amazing in the little red wagon. How cute is that! Because we haven't had a lot of rain, my flowers aren't looking too happy so tjey haven't had many visits from bees. However, because it's so dry, our pond is attracting tons of attention from bee, wasps, butterflie and all kinds of little critters!
    Patricia :o)

  34. Oh, Miss Paula! Would you please include your recipe for pickles ... and a "how-to"??? That's not asking too much, huh?!?!?
    Are you making dill, sweet, or bread and butter?

    I think I'm pretty low-maintenance, too. I DON'T like fancy places, dinners, and fancy people make me nervous to the point of vomitting.
    I always feel inadequate in their presence and undeserving of fancy things and places. But that's okay, because my heart doesn't desire them, anyway.

    I do like nice things, though. I'm just not sure if what I call "nice" would meet with others standards.

    Let me tell you about a crazy kind of (but most fun) date that my hubby & I had a couple of months ago.
    We were craving a steak from Outback, but I didn't want to go in and deal with attitude. So we showered, got in our jammies, called our order in and by the time we drove the 40 minutes to get there...they delivered it to our car! We parked in a nearby lot and ate in peace and total comfort! I know it's crazy, but it was fun!

    Anyway... I just love the flowers (our didn't make it) in your precious red wagon. Did y'all make that? Love it!!!

    And that "Hamburger" chicken fabric is too precious!

    Many Blessings,

  35. First I have to say I adore that bright chicken fabric soon to be clothespin apron!
    The cucumbers are a few weeks off here yet but I'm working on a batch of Grendage plum jam such a beautiful yellow colour.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  36. That sunflower is just perfect!!!!! And I love the chicken fabric, too!

    Can't wait to see the baby silkies!!!! Yes????

  37. Love the flowers in the little red wagon and your other flower photos!

    Hamburger is such a stud, LOL!

  38. Loved seeing all your pictures, Paula. Like you, I love color!! I love mixing them all together, too~no matchy matchy stuff for me.

    New little silkies!! Can't wait to see them. We have two new little Banty chicks~a snake got the rest of the eggs:( But, he won't be getting anymore of anything, now:)

  39. Your makin pickles honey? Girl, what kinda pickles ya makin? Please say BREAD N BUTTER PICKLES. Love em. Love pickled okra and pickled beets too.
    Your chicklet fabric is so happy n fun! That white one does indeed look like Hamburger. lol
    We're still gettin skunks in our coop. It's declared OPEN SEASON at our house. Mr. Gamewarden if yer readin this, I'm just ahem JOKING!
    We love skunks, yessireee
    Have a great night Paula!
    Eat soma them pickles fer me k?
    smoochy holykisses,

  40. I love color, too (hence the name of my blog!) :-) We who adore the thousands of gorgeous colors we see every day, can't get enough! I love your sunflower plantings in the red wagon! I loved all the things you posted here. Isn't life a joy!!!

  41. I love that fabric Miss Paula....I am a sucker for cute fabric. I can't wait to see yout clothes pin holder!!!

  42. Paula,
    I love the beautiful colors of the pansies. The little red wagon is so charming. I bought some mums and pumpkins yesterday and decorated my front porch for fall. I just love the bright colors of fall. Have a great weekend.


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