Weekend Fun

Hubby took a day off Friday to get some much needed rest after working lots of overtime from last week's storms. On Saturday morning, we loaded up the Farmall, went by and picked up Dad, and headed off to a tractor show. The show was hosted by the Tennessee Chapter of the International Harvester Collectors so there were lots of tractors to see- and most of them were red! (Yay!)
The show organizers planned a tractor ride through the town of Crossville, TN, and were supposed to be leaving the fairgrounds at 9:00 a.m.- we arrived at the fairgrounds at 8:56 a.m.! Hubby quickly unloaded his tractor and off he went, barely making it! I had to park the truck and trailer so this is the only picture I have of the tractor parade line-up before they left for the 5 mile trip through town....
Hubby is the first one on the right-

Hubby had a ball! He said they rode one by one down Main Street, while they announced your name, where you were from, and what type of tractor you were driving. He felt like a celebrity! He said there were hundreds of people lining the sidewalk and waving as each tractor drove by. When the tractors made it back to the fairgrounds, he was smiling from ear to ear!

I was so happy Dad went with us.... I was able to spend the whole day with him and have Father's Day on Saturday. It was very hot and I know he was tired by the time we took him home, but he had a great time- he's still talking about all the tractors we saw!

Here he is, "kicking the tires"....

And here is Dad and Hubby admiring the white paint job on this one....

A few more highlights from the day....
Can you believe how big this tractor is?

Here is one for all of you "Green" lovers... I think the wheels on this one are neat!

This is more my department....

What do you think about the color on this one?

This was the most amazing tractor there- a 1937 Farmall F-20! The man that owns it talked to Hubby for a long time... he bought it from the original owner and it took him 2 years to restore it! It was perfect in every way, from the paint to the new tires!

A funny story about this tractor- the man told Hubby that when the original owner bought it in 1937, he was used to farming with mules... the first day he drove his new tractor to the barn he forgot how to stop it and in his panic was hollering "WHOA!!"
Needless to say, the tractor didn't stop and the man and his tractor went right through the back of the barn! *giggle* He wasn't hurt, but the tractor had a big long scratch on the hood and the man that owns it now said it was still there when he bought it!

Same story this week as last- storms came through again yesterday, knocking out power and washing away some of our garden... hopefully the next few days will be dry- at least that's what the weather man says! (Maybe he'll get it right this time! LOL)
Hope you enjoyed the tractor pictures!


  1. Wow - cool tractors! I love the turquoise one - my husband would have a cow if he heard me say that! He's a "green" man all the way. Sounds like you had a wonderful day with your DAD. If you're like me, my daddy STILL hangs the moon!

  2. That looks like a great time! Wish I could have been there.


  3. I thoroughly enjoyed them! Beautiful! Looks like y'all had a wonderful day. So much fun!!

  4. The parade sounds really cool! What a nice way to honor our farmers who work so hard!

  5. The tractors are so neat. My favorites were the pretty blue one and the really old one. How much fun!! And the cherry on top was having Dad with you.
    Girl,,,you send some of that rain to middle TN...we're dry bones!

  6. Oh, what fun that parade looks like. That's a great photo of your hubby and his tractor. Nalley and I loved to take my dad to events like this. Daddy would talk for days about all that he saw and he would talk to everyone there! So glad you all enjoyed the trip and I love the BIG tractor. Do you ever hear the song "She thinks my tractor is sexy?" That tickles me whenever I hear it on the car radio! I hope your rain is over with for a while. Thanks for your visits to my blog and enjoy your afternoon Paula.

  7. I loved seeing the tractors. In highschool we lived on a dairy farm and I loved it when the farmer would plow his field for his corn crop. Sometimes he would let me ride along for fun. I have been to some small town parades and tractor pulls over the years and I just love them. It's great that you still have your Dad and to be able to spend time with him.

  8. Love all of the tractors!!! They are all so beautiful. What a funny story, I love that the scratch was still there. I bet he was so mad at himself when it happened. Funny

  9. That old Farmall was a beauty!
    I wish we had your excess rain!
    I got my little dog Sadie from Golden Paws Kennel in Crossville.

  10. So glad you had a great weekend with your Hubby and Dad--sounds like fun. Loved the 1937 tractor, and the story! :)
    Hope you're having a good week-

  11. Oh my gosh my hubby would think he'd died and gone to tractor heaven!!!!! I like the strange blue one:)

  12. Well, that was really neat looking at all the tractors! I am LOVING that aqua color right now so that tractor looks cool!!! I bet your hubby did feel like a celebrity riding through town. What fun!!

  13. Paula, I loved the story of the man yelling whoa to his tractor. Too funny. Looks like you and hubby had a great time. We haven't had a storm for 2 days now, but the heat and humidity is about to kill us. Have a good day. Winona

  14. Great photos!! I'm partial to the white one!!Hahaa....hughugs

  15. I loved the tractor photos. I have always wanted a tractor or at least to drive one. Never mind that I live in the city. A girl can dream. Glad that you had a good time with your Dad.

  16. I'm so glad you had a good time with your family! And tho my favorite tractor color IS red, i LOVE that turquoise one!

  17. That looks like such a fun time.

    I keep telling hubby I'm going to paint my tractor pink. He just shakes his head.


  18. A mans dream come true...a tractor parade!! I think a tractor was the first thing we bought when moving to the farm!! Our tractor is blue.:) I'd have picked a red one!
    Pretty colors in the little tractors you show! Did you come home with one?
    How is the weather treating your garden?

  19. Looks like y'all had fun! I love the tractor parade and the turquoise one!
    The story was funny too!
    :) Tracey

  20. What a nice thing to do with the men in your life on Father's Day weekend! I love tractor shows, too! It brings back memories, as in "my dad had that one" or "my grandpa drove a ford like that one"....it's all good.

  21. WOW; I'D take a tractor show over a carshow anyole day.

    Hey, did you bring me back the little white cub? No?.... geewhiz. lol Not like I asked for the big one. heehee


  22. Those are some really neat looking tractors. It sounds like your husband had a great time in the parade. I'm glad you were able to spend some time with your dad. Sounds like everyone had fun!

  23. Love the tractors and the story about the old tractor ( so beautifully restored ) and the man who had owned it yelling WHOA to stop it, very funny !

    Have to admit, I am partial to the red tractors...I am still waiting for a red car too...

  24. Neat tractors. That one is HUGE!! Since I was never really around farm equipment close up, when I see big tractors (and combines! And sprayers!) I'm always amazed at how BIG they are!!

  25. coincidence? i don't think so.....we both go to tractor shows on fathers day weekend.....eerie!
    i do love that turquoise blue rider. sweet... your dad does look to be enjoying himself. james must have been having the best day ever. maybe someday....sigh..
    big hugs, linda

  26. Great pictures! I've never seen one the turquoise color. Sounds like a fun day for all of you.

    We've had lots of bad storms here, too. We were away on Saturday and saw miles and miles of storm damage on our drive to a swap sale. Now it's just hot and dry here~we're having to water everyday, but I'm afraid some plants aren't going to make it. It's just a weird summer where the weather is concerned!

  27. I love the turquoise one. Funny...I saw a pink one the other day!

  28. I love all the tractors. It's neat how they are all spit shined. I would need a ladder to get to the bigger ones, but they sure would be fun to ride on. Glad you had a good time and taking your dad along was pretty special, I know.

  29. Oh Paula, my husband would have loved to be a part of the tractor thing. Just loved reading about it all. blessings,Kathleen

  30. My father would love these tractors.
    Hope your garden does ok, mine is not looking so great after all the rain either

  31. I miss the tractor show in Crossville! Maybe one day we'll be back and enjoying it again

  32. Awesome tractors. A man down the street has a collection of John Deere tractors. Sometimes he parks a few in his front yard. My Dad's first tractor was an Alice Chalmers with a hand crank on the front.

  33. Great Tractor photos....I am a farm kid and a lover of all things GREEN but I will keep it at that....HEEHEE!!!
    There is an art form to all things if we stop and look, those old tractors are so interesting and quite a beautiful piece of art.....I would take a tractor over a Picasso any day!!!

  34. I love tractor shows! We have a antique tractor show in Vista, CA every year and I just love it!


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