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Bee Bonding

Here is a video of me spending a few moments of quality time with one of my sweet little honey bees-

(Sorry for the shaky camera- I'm not very good at multi-tasking!)
Have a great weekend, everybody!

Weekend Fun

Hubby took a day off Friday to get some much needed rest after working lots of overtime from last week's storms. On Saturday morning, we loaded up the Farmall, went by and picked up Dad, and headed off to a tractor show. The show was hosted by the Tennessee Chapter of the International Harvester Collectors so there were lots of tractors to see- and most of them were red! (Yay!) The show organizers planned a tractor ride through the town of Crossville, TN, and were supposed to be leaving the fairgrounds at 9:00 a.m.- we arrived at the fairgrounds at 8:56 a.m.! Hubby quickly unloaded his tractor and off he went, barely making it! I had to park the truck and trailer so this is the only picture I have of the tractor parade line-up before they left for the 5 mile trip through town.... Hubby is the first one on the right-

Hubby had a ball! He said they rode one by one down Main Street, while they announced your name, where you were from, and what type of tractor you were driving. He felt…

The Circle of Life

Not much happening to speak of right now on the Fraker Farm.... even though the days are longer it just means more and more to do outside. Thunderstorms are an almost everyday occurrence here right now.... the afternoon heat and humidity is making for some volatile weather. As I write this, thunder is rolling in the background- we've already had one bad storm that moved through about 3:00 this afternoon, but the ominous clouds seem to be circling us and headed back for an encore. Hubby works for the local utility company and weather like this usually finds him working late into the night to help restore power. Last night he didn't get home until 2:00 a.m., and tonight I may not see him at all. I'm praying for a peaceful ending to this day, so he can come home and get some rest.
I prefer my life to be routine and uneventful, but occasionally that is interrupted or turned upside down- sometimes farm life is good and bad, highs and lows, happiness and heartbreak....

I stumble u…

Monday morning

It's Monday morning, 6:10 a.m., and everybody is hungry..... want to help with my feeding chores? Well, put on your muck boots and come along!

Smokey is waiting for us- he's already been running rabbits out of the garden.

Once we get up to the barn, the first stop is Daisy and Edie's. This is the view from inside their pen.....

I put out grain and hay and Edie goes to work, sampling both of them. See the hay on the end of her nose? *chuckle*

Daisy's first order of business is to go outside. She'll eat after Edie samples everything. She loves to be the first one outside. She looks like she's thinking, "So much grass, so little time..."

Smokey thinks he smells a rat. Literally.

Next stop- the Big House where Hamburger and the girls are waiting patiently. (NOT!!)

I put out their feed and open the door... once everyone is out, I peek inside. I never get tired of seeing this sight!

Smokey waits for the next stop. Come on, Paula- hurry up!

The banty coop is next- I…

Sewing room tour

Toy Singer sewing machine with hand-turned wheel, given to me by my Grandmother.

I think back sometimes to when I first started this blog and realize I don't always post the way I intended to in the beginning. I thought I would show more of my sewing projects and crafts, but it seems farm life is often the focus of my blog. (And of my life, too.) I'm constantly buying cute patterns and I know I'll never have the time to sew them all, but I'm always thinking maybe a little one in the family would love a stuffed animal or toy to play with like I did when I was small. One of my most treasured possessions to this day is a little stuffed dog my Mom made for me. I never played with dolls very much, just once in a while, but I LOVED stuffed animals of all kinds. Along with making the little dog, she also made some little clothes for it and for some of my other animals as well. I had the best dressed animals in town! I still have a fondness for them and every time I sit down at…

Treasured chickies

These are some of the treasures of my chickie collection, because all of them were given to me by people who think I'm special.... and who I think are pretty special, too....