A day full of surprises

It's very unusual for East Tennessee to have low humidity and crystal clear skies near the end of May, but that's exactly what we're having right now... in fact, we've had three days of the most gorgeous blue skies I can remember in a long time. It's such a wonderful and welcome surprise after all the rain we've had lately.

Surprise #2 came from the hen house this morning....

A mini-egg!

One of my green-eggers must have had an off day yesterday.... look at the size of it compared to one of my Rhode Island Red eggs.....

While I was mowing today, I got surprise #3- Can you see the baby rabbit in this picture?

Well, I didn't when I mowed over it's nest but fortunately I saw it before I made another pass with the blades going.
I carefully picked it up- trying to handle it as little as possible- and put it back down into it's cozy nest.

Surprise #4 came in the mail... wonderful Christine from a cute little blog called the Tin Can Cottage sent me a "Blog Gal" for no reason other than just leaving her comments! Isn't she precious- I just love her little gingham dress and cherry apron.... she is now in my sewing room watching out the window for me. Thank you Christine for the sweet thought!

And surprise #5-
Just when I think I've seen it all........


I'm not sure, but the one to left and closest to the camera looks like she might be being held against her will..... what do you think?


  1. OMG..so cool. And funny. I was just saying to Hubby how blue our sky was looking here in SE Ohio. :) And that is the smallest egg I've ever seen. It is SOOO blue-green. Very beautiful! At first I thought you were goning to say that it was a robin egg. Love the doll...very nice. It is an uncommon thing nowadays for people to do something nice just to do something nice! Enjoy the rest of your Surprise Day. :0)

  2. What a neat little egg...I've never seen one quite like it! Awww...that bunny warms my heart! I think I'd have to take him under my wing! Love what your friend Christine sent you...how very thoughtful! That last picture is so funny...definitely being held against her will...no doubt about it! LOL!

  3. LOL..being held against her will!!!:) Gosh I wish we lived close to each other..I would be stopping over for a glass of tea all the time!!!

    Your day sounds wonderful and just packed full of surprises...what a sweet...sweet...sweet...bunny!!! I bet it was hard for you not too keep him or her..did i mention how sweet it was:)

    Also loved the wee egg..:)

    Have a wonderful day

  4. Hi, I love coming to visit your lovely farm life blog, I enjoyed the little bunnies, how did you ever see them on time;), thank goodness you were watching, what a little cutie, I have never seen a baby bunny before, thanx for taking a pic, and will chickens kidnap each other?:D and your so very welcome for your little blog girlfriend, I really had alot of fun making them:D

  5. Paula, I just love reading your blog. It's always so interesting. You are definitely having some beautiful weather and a beautiful day. Once, my husband found a baby bunny while out shredding the back pasture where we used to live and he eventually took the bunny back down to the pasture only to find out the same one (it had a knic out of it's fur from the mower) came back up to the window at the house. He stayed around as a pet until it finally returned to the woods.

  6. So are they still sharing that one egg or did they collect more?

    You should sell chicks from those hens as being 'guaranteed broody'!!

  7. Beautiful photo-nothing better than green grass and blue skies! We are having strange weather here! What will you do with the mini-egg?

  8. What a lovely blue sky! I would say you had a great day. Love the bunny photo and what a thoughtful gift from Christine. Hope you enjoy the evening. It probably will be a beautiful, clear sky tonight too!

  9. Hi
    I'm still laughing at the hen held against her will ,chickens can be so funny sometimes.
    I am so glad you were able to put the little bunny back in it's nest.
    These are the precious moments I miss about living in the country and life on a farm.
    Your blue skies are simply breathtaking.
    Blessings to Christine over at the Tin Can Cottage such a sweet lady.
    Thank you for all the amazing photos.

  10. OK there is something just wrong with your hens - seems to me most hens want to have their OWN spot and these three pile in on one?? Nifty tiny green egg - still months away from my first brown eggs but it will be a big day for us! Glad you've had some nice weather - well deserved after your soaking in recent weeks.

  11. Wonderful surprises! Baby bunnies are everywhere this time of year aren't they? I'm glad you saw it and moved it to safety. I can't believe you've got 3 hens on that nest now! What is it with that particular breed??? LOL

  12. What a wonderful bunch of surprises....the baby bunny is soooo cute!

  13. Those chickens are so funny! That was a tiny egg. Sometimes I get some that are a little small too. Cute baby bunny, glad he's safe! The blog gal you got is so precious!

  14. Wow! That egg is really cool!

    That baby bunny is adorable! Thank you for taking a picture of it in your hand because I had no idea how tiny it was...how cute!!! I also had NO idea that bunnies made nests...now, I read Watership Down and how come they made no mention of nests??? LOL! Maybe I forgot that part, LOL!

    Those chickens are hilarious!

  15. Your blog gal is cute, the bunneh is too but your hens are mad. LOL! Please, please, please send a bit of that gorgeous weather our way here in damp old England.


  16. we've had those blue skies here in WNC also. Just gorgeous.
    I so enjoy your photos! Those hens are funny!! A bit of jealousy going on there, huh?
    Hope you have a blessed day

  17. Paula,
    I LOVE your little blog doll-it's adorable!! A beautiful post, as always!

    I don't know why you have so much chicken-drama going on there! But I think it's time for a title like a soap opera!! How about-"The Young and the Nest-less"? Ohhhh groan!...

    Have a great day!!
    Love, Debra

  18. Wow, you had an exciting day! Good job saving the bunny. What did you do about the hostage situation? Isn't it great to have unexpected joys. God truly smiles on us to give us such beauty in this world.

  19. OH how I love to find those tiny eggs!
    And your chicks are just crackin' me up!LOL!

  20. Dainty little egg, darling little bunny and what are those three hens hiding?
    Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend!

  21. I was reading your blog last night and I loved the picture of the baby rabbit. We have a momma who always makes a nest in our yard. We never knew she was there until we were weeding the front flower bed. There were either five or six very small bunnies in all that fur that momma plucked off to line the nest and then tried to cover them up with. That's so sweet you put the baby back. Now when our resident baby maker has her brood, they eat my plants in the garden. I see little teeth marks in my baby squash and zuchinnis every year. Love the stories and pictures about the chickens. I know nothing about chickens except they are so funny!

  22. Hi Paula:
    Your home looks so nice under that blue sky. No clouds at all. I'm so glad you saw the rabbit and was able to save it from the lawn mower. How cute it is!!
    Your little blog gal is precious. That was sweet to get it.
    My chickens are growing and getting more personality. They follow me around now.

  23. Hi from Texas! That little baby rabbit is so cute! I wish babies could stay babies longer - all babies!

    I love that little blue/green egg. It'd be nice to just sit it in the kitchen window and smile at the color everyday.

    Sounds like you had a very nice day just full of surprises! Good surprises - it's terrible when days are full of bad surprises!

  24. Oh yeah, are your hens trying to all three get their bottom ends on one nest of eggs? Too funny!

  25. We, too, are having amazing weather with gorgeous skies. Wish it could last forever!
    You'll have to tell us what is inside your mini-egg--perhaps Cadbury chocolate? :)
    'Blog Gal'- an interesting concept and a wonderful idea to brighten someone's day. She is adorable.
    And as for bunnies being adorable--they are too cute when you realize they can munch off a half row of bean or carrots in a single morning!!!!! Doesn't Smokey try to keep them run off? Our dogs bark like crazy-through the fence-but the bunnies just sit and look at them--no fear, as if they know they are protected by the fence. Darn rabbits!!!Yet I swerve to miss them on the road. ***sigh***
    Thanks for stopping by to look at my curtains. I am quite proud of this simple task....

  26. Looks like the terrorist has become a trio of terrorists!LOL
    And they all have that same look on their faces! Can't deny those are her kids!

  27. Thank you Paula! You have always been so sweet. I have been under the weather a bit and it sure is encouraging to hear your comment. Thank you and have a great day full of wonderful surprises like these!!!

  28. The little egg is adorable. I've gotten a few from my hens, but not the pretty bluish green. I blew one out and saved the egg shell. I thought someday when I try pysanky, I'd use it. I am hoping for some blueish eggs when my newest peeps get old enough to lay. We found a nest of bunnies years ago when we were moving some large posts at Rocking HI (my dad's place). I'm so glad you saw him.

  29. Our skies have been looking more like fall than spring/summer too. Kind of nice. Love the eggs-so pretty.

  30. What a Great Day of Surprises!!!! Miss Paula how could you use such restraint when handling that fluffy baby rabbit.....I would wanted to have kissed it.....is that weird????

  31. Hello. I have always wanted to live on a farm, but at my age now, I really do not think that will ever happen. I am enjoying your blogs and photos.

    Please stop by my place. I have 2 blogs...one is a photoblog.


  32. Oh, I just love baby rabbits! My hens laid a small brown egg like that last year. It still was like a usual egg with the yoke and all. Your chickens make me laugh. So very funny! blessings,Kathleen

  33. Paula, we had a few of those gorgeous blue-sky days (that westerners take for granted) following our heavy rains, too. It was awesome. It's gone for us now, though. For the past few days, our humidity has been high. The higher the humidity gets, the lower my energy level is. Ugh.

    The baby bunny was precious! I'm so glad you didn't mow the little tyke down!

  34. Teeny blue eggs, baby bunnies, blue skies, and clumping chickens...must be spring time at Fraker farm! What a lovely time for you there, isn't it?

  35. I have to tell you, I read your posts and look at your pictures and always end up with such a huge smile on my face!!! The baby rabbit was just so adorable and I am so glad you saved his/her life!!! After reading about your chickens, I look at my "Mr. Cluck" and his ladies in a whole new way!!!


  36. Oh your blog always makes me smile, Paula! I'm so glad you saw the baby rabbit! You know we've had some baby rabbits visitors too!

    How funny about the mini egg! It's kinda cute though, you have to admit!

    I love checking in to see what's happening on the Fraker Farm! Life is never dull there, is it?

    Have a great rest of the week, my friend!


  37. Those eggs are precious! They look like divine Easter candy from a fancy store.

    Spoken like a silly city girl.

  38. Hi Paula,

    That little baby colorful egg is just adorable!!! I am so glad the baby rabbit is safe....it is just too CUTE!!!!

    The last photo is just hilarious!!

  39. I'm so glad you found the bunny in time! So cute... And i LOVE those eggs, especially the little bitty turquoise colored one! What a gorgeous color!

  40. What a cute little egg! Looks like a banty egg. You should blow it out and keep it! How great to have so many nice surprises!

  41. What a lovely blog! And you're in East TN to boot! We moved to WA from those parts a year and a half ago. I'm so coming home in August...if only for a week...


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