Feeding time and double trouble

It's time to feed the bees.... want to come along with me?

Several of you asked where the hives were located from the house or from the other animals, so maybe this picture will give you a perspective-

This is looking from the barn toward the hives- they're the two little white dots next to the fence.

Once I get to the hives, I open the outside cover which reveals the top inner board.

See the 3 holes on top? The bees get ventilation from those, but can't access it from inside the hive because of the feeder box.

Once I remove the top board, I pour the feed (honey/water mixture) into the feeder box.

I lift up the feeder box just to check and make sure everything is alright.... even though it's early enough in the morning that the bees aren't very active outside the hive, they are already scurrying around inside. I love being around them when they're calm like this.

A few of the bees have already found the feed.

I do this for both hives, replacing the board and cover after I'm done.

Here is a view from the hives looking toward the barn and house- this may give you a better idea of how far away they are.

Once I'm finished with the bees, I make my morning rounds and notice deer tracks in the garden. This is NOT good.

And when I get to the chicken coop, I see this.
(Click to enlarge it- their expressions are hysterical.)

Double trouble?
Two broody banty hens in the same nest box can only mean one thing.... stay as far away as you can!


  1. Hi Paula, I find this fascinating about your bees. All my life, I've seen the little white boxes in people's yards, but really did not know much about bee keeping. Your home and property are so beautiful with the trees beginning to green up in the distance. That is a priceless photo of the hens!!! Hope you have a great weekend.

  2. Your bee keeping adventures fascinate me - how often do you have to clean/sterilize the feeding tray? So you feed them until there is enough blooming to give them nutrition or to supplement them all the time? Kind of like priming a pump - honey to make more honey. The chickens are a hoot! Our chicks may get to be out in their run today - I need to take camera out there and capture first day ON the ground.

  3. LOL...Your hens do have a peculiar look about them! Thanks for taking us on a trip to the hives, this is fascinating to me and glad to see they are away from your house:)You get quite a workout just walking up there to feed them, AND..you're alot braver than me!!! Have a great weekend:)

  4. Absolutely fascinating, Paula! Thank you for explaining things to those of us who know ZERO about bee keeping. Your hens do look pretty funny...keep an eye on those two!

  5. Morning Paula! Everything looks so nice and green. I love those hives....and your hens are so funny!

  6. I LOVE seeing your farm and learning all the lessons. Being a "city" girl I have never been around anything like you have. We live on an acre now and I feel like I am in the country! Your posts always put a smile on my face.♥

  7. I'm gathering, from the few chicken-raising bloggers I'm familiar with, that life with chickens is never boring. You may just manage to convince me to give it a try someday!

    Thanks for letting us pretend we're beekeepers today!! Awesome pix and narrative.

  8. Thanks for the bee hive tour. Yes, I think it's wise to let those two sort things out by themselves. These are great pictures - taken while tending bees. What a multitasker :)
    What will you do to keep the deer out of your garden?

  9. I've never been around bees, so everything you write about will be new to me! That's neat how you feed them and how calm they were.

    Last year we didn't have a problem with deer in our garden (they preferred the crop fields around us) but we did have a couple of rabbits!

    I love the two broodys!

  10. Hi Paula:
    I love it when you post about life around the farm. I enjoy seeing your beautiful property.
    Very interesting about the bees and how you feed them. I think I'll watch from the sidelines. lol.
    Cute pic of the hens.

  11. I am excited to see your bee happenings. I want bees, but i thought they maybe too much work.....now i'll find out! Love your blog ;)

  12. Just catching up on your blog after having been too busy for a while to catch up on blogs. Loved the two posts on the bees. We have been thinking about getting bees in the future. We have quite a few fruit trees and I'd like to place them in that vicinity so that they can pollinate away. Loved the banties too! The one on the left has the funniest expression.

  13. Hi Paula, Thanks so much for commenting on my blog. I love your blog.......it's right up my alley. I especially loved seeing the bees and what is in store for me with mine.

  14. Paula, you have me so interested in raising bees now! I hope you continue to photojournal this!

    The two hens kind of remind me of when my daughter and I would both be having our 'monthly', if you get my drift. Hubby wanted to stay clear of us, too. ;-Þ

  15. Excellent! I hope you bees continue to thrive. How long before you might expect some honey? Deer eh? My dad used to be plagued with rabbits and gophers in his garden.

    Ali @ A Cosy Life

  16. Love watching your bee stories! You really love your hens, don't you! I think it's wonderful that you get to live on a farm. Hard work, but what a respectable thing to do!

  17. I adore seeing your farm and now your bees, they are so fascinating!
    Thanks for sharing so much of your farm life with us. We envy you!

    Smiles, cyndi

  18. are there any fruit trees around for the bees?

  19. What an amazing post - this was fascinating to read and the pictures are lovely. thank you for that. Off to take a look at your blog.

  20. Hi Paula,
    I love it when you share pictures of your little corner of the world....it is so beautiful!
    Smart girl to feed the bees when they are calm!
    Hope you are having a wonderful weekend,

  21. I hope you keep detailing the bees-I've always wanted bees-but was afraid I couldn't manage them. So far you've made me feel maybe I could!

    The hens definitely look grouchy!

  22. The lady on the left has an 'out of this world' look in her eyes. I bet the nest really belongs to the other hen, who looks extremely grumpy.
    Your bees are wonderful. I think it's great you don't seem to fear them. I would want to be that way, but I'd have to work at it.~Debra

  23. I never imagined chickens would make me smile so much!They do appear to be pretty P.Oed. Are you sure you weren't intruding?
    I join the rest of your readers in being fascinated by the bees. I, too, have seen the boxes but never been close to one. I will enjoy your saga, wishing and hoping that they multiply and pollinate everything for miles.

  24. It's cool to see how you feed the bees! I am really hoping no deer have been in my garden. Maybe they won't damage yours either. Those hens look mad, but very pretty!

  25. Hey, You have had me fascinated by your chickens and sheep and now bees. I can tell you this is one thing I will come and read about but you won't hear me saying to my honey... I want bees. lol

    Take Care :)

  26. How exciting about the bees! My dad is a beekeeper, and I don't know what I would do without honey!

  27. Yep...I'm pretty certain that those hens can take care of anything!!
    I am really enjoying learning about beekeeping. Thanks for taking us along!

  28. I just blogged about my childhood memories and forgot about our bee hives! I loved cleaning the chicken coop and gathering the eggs-I have been following your blog for a while now......I love your little farm.

  29. Miss Paula.....how fun getting to take care of your bees!!!! What delicious things do you have planned for the honey????
    How about I bake the bread and you make the honey butter....I will be right over!!!!
    I hope the Broody Banty hens will let me pass!!!

  30. How exciting about your bees! I'm looking forward to hearing all about them.

  31. Thank you Paula, for taking us on your "bee journey". What do you do in the winter for them. Do you have to cover them to keep them from freezing? Just love the two hens in the nest! I have been in a hen house like that before! {: blessings, Kathleen

  32. How cool to look inside the hives and see what's going on. And you've definitely got double trouble with those broodies! What are they sittin' on this time? Good luck! I expect to see some hilarious videos soon.

  33. Ohhhh Paula I sooo loved my visit again today. Thank you so much for sharing your bee adventure with us. It truly is fascinating.

    When you wrote about double trouble I was expecting to find that something knocked over the bee boxes or something, especially after seeing deer tracks. Do you have any critters that could bother them? Can coons tip them over? I hope not.
    Hey, I see you have a roosterranch like I do. Four roosters are in one photo.
    Be careful around those broodybants! I clicked and one definitely has an evil eye. Be alert. lolololol I have one rooster whos' become a problem child. If he chases me again ....
    well you probly don't wanna know. heehee
    Holykisses BEEautiful friend,

  34. I like the hive top feeders! Sure beats the old broodman which is what we started with.

  35. Wow-I don't think I could do that...I get a little nervous around bees! We have someone that puts their bees on our land--but FAR away from any land near our house! :) Stop in and visit soon.

  36. Thank you for telling us about your bees and how they live. I've read stories about them and understand the work that is involved. Your farm is so well put together...I see your garden that's almost ready to plant?
    You are living the dream!!

  37. I am just so facinated with this bee keeping thing!!!! Not sure I'd be brave enough to do it, though. I'm with the others ---- hope you continue to show us the whole process as it progresses!!!!
    And those dixie chicks!!!! What a hoot!!!!


  38. How wonderful fresh golden honey only a few steps away from the kitchen door.
    As for those darling little banty hens they certainly make for a picture postcard photo op. You will let us know what their guarding?

  39. Your place is so lovely! I didn't know that you had to feed the bees. I just thought you had the hives and they fed on their own. Shows how much I know. I'd starve them to death.


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