Sarge on sick leave

After a couple of days of looking sick and depressed, Sarge has been put in Intensive Care. (i.e., the laundry room.) We feared she was egg-bound the first of last week, but she seemed to perk up after a day or two. However, yesterday she started acting lethargic again and standing around with her tail feathers drooping. So this morning she received a good dose of medicine in the form of a liquid antibiotic and some electrolyte, and now is convalescing in private. Hopefully this will help her feel better soon... Sarge is my favorite green-egger and I would be very sad if anything happened to her.

On a happier note- my Dad surprised me yesterday with the news that he has ordered some honey bees for me! YAY! My dad kept bees for years but lost his hive about two years ago. I mentioned once to him that if he would teach me everything he knew about them then I would love to try bee keeping, so he not only ordered us bees, but also built two brand new hives! Since my dad is a carpenter, I have no doubt these hives are built very well and should last us a very long time. I'm so excited! He also gave me this wonderful book....

I've only had enough time to skip through it so far, but it has some awesome information in it- everything from how to maintain your hive to making beeswax candles!

Well, I'm off to check on Sarge again before I go outside and dig around in my raised beds.

Happy Monday, everybody!


  1. I sure hope Sarge perks up soon. How exciting about the bees. I hope you will share this learning experience with us. The book looks very interesting. Hope you enjoy your day in the yard.

  2. awww..poor Sarge!!! I do hope she's better soon...poor thing! I'll keep her in my thoughts:).'s something I've always wanted to Dad also was a beekeeper! Look like a wonderful book. Best of luck with your new adventure!


  3. Sorry to hear about Sarge being down - a spring tonic might be what's needed -fabulous about the bees - I'd LOVE to keep bees and I'm positive I'd be doing it alone 'cause DH hates any stinging insects. He is vehemently anti-bee/wasp/hornet and doesn't accept differences in good stingers versus bad ones :::sigh:::: So I'll enjoy your beekeeping adventures (BTW did you see that movie - the Secret Lives of Bees - which wasn't much about bees and a whole lot about people?)

  4. Sending Sarge get well wishes! You know, I watched "The Secret Life of Bees" over the weekend and I loved the part that showed them collecting the honey from the hives. It was so interesting! I wish you the best as you begin this new and exciting journey!

  5. I hope Sarge is back on form soon. And bee keeping! Your adventurous! But good for you. Bees are such important insects and are struggling to survive, so the more beekeepers, the better.

    Ali @ A Cosy Life

  6. I certainly do hope that Sarge is better very soon.
    What a great adventure, bee keeping! I look forward to hearing all about it!
    Hoping you have a wonderful week,

  7. Beekeeping has been wonderful for my family and I. We have been beekeeping for 3 years now. This last winter being the worst. My bee inspector said that he has gotten calls from almost every beekeeper in the county... the bees are freezing. As most of mine did, despite my best efforts. But there will be ups and downs. I have to wonder if the breeders are accidently breeding in some sort of flaw in the immune systems. Oh, sorry to go on... I love talking bees.. good luck, have fun, and remember....if you see your Dad running, you should too!

  8. PS.. Hope Sarge gets better soon! And I have the same book. It is really good. Another one I will suggest is ,Keeping bees and selling honey by Walter T. Kelley.
    Good Luck!

  9. Oh, Poor Sarge! I hope she gets feeling better soon. Hopefully her medicine will help and she will be bright and perky again.

    Hope you stop on by for my 1st Blogoversary/100th post celebration! I'm even having a giveaway! Do come on over! Everyone is invited!!! :)

  10. Congratulations on the new bees! I hope Sarge feels better! My Easter Eggers are some of my favorites. I love those blue/green eggs too!

  11. Sarge doesn't know how many well wishers she has!! But we here in the holler are hopin and prayin she'll be up and cluckin tail feathers high very soon.
    Man,,,that's so cool about the bees. Please keep us posted (get it) Have a wonderful week.

  12. Hi Paula:
    Poor Sarge, I hope she's better soon. I got 10 chicks last week and have them in my mud room under a heat lamp. They are so darn cute. I hope they stay healthy, because I wouldn't know what to do for them if they aren't. Might have to ask you some questions.
    Hope the bee experience turns out good.

  13. Poor Sarge......She better get plenty of rest and liquids.
    Bees?! You lucky girl! That is awesome....
    It is snowing here for the second time. I must be a jinx!!

  14. I hope Sarge will be better soon! My dad is a beekeeper also :)

  15. Oh poor Sarge! I hope she gets better.

    Beekeeping is a wonderful thing, our neighbor raises bees and my grandson is got a bit of a start last year.

  16. So sorry to hear about your sick hen. I hope she is on the road to men very quickly.

    I hope you enjoy your new upcoming hobby. No bees for me. I do not like anything that can sting me! More like terrified of anything that can sting!

  17. Oh, I hope Sarge starts feeling better soon. Good luck on the bee keeping it sounds like fun! Blessings,Kathleen

  18. I hope Sarge is going to be o.k. too. I love my chickens and I know how it is when one of the girls is not feeling well. Keep us posted! The bees sound fun too!! Can't wait to see your operation!

  19. I hope Sarge is back to feeling well ASAP!! That's exciting news about the wonderful for your father to teach you!!

  20. Awww, poor Sarge. I hope she feels better soon. I have been considering beekeeping too. I think I'm more at the "curiosity" stage for now. We'll see.

  21. Oh boy! husband is a bee keeper. You have a lot going for you, chickens and bees. Eggs and honey, you are rich!

    Our oldest son requested, and received from us on his 8th birthday a hive of bees. He is now 32 years old, we have his bees until he has a place to keep them...but we have shown his daughters the magic of bees and hopefully he will be able to pass this bit of sweet knowledge on to his children and grandchildren.How blessed you are to have a father able to help you get started with bees. Hope Sarge is well soon.

  22. Ooooo, fun! (the bees, I mean) I'm interested to see how that will go ~ definitely keep us posted!!

    I hope Sarge feels better soon.

  23. Perhaps Sarge is just rebelling against being given a masculine name? ;-) Seriously, I do hope she recovers soon!

    Your dad sounds awesome! I'd like to some day live where I could try my hand at bee-keeping. My hubby's stepdad raised them and Hubby helped him when he was a kid. We still have his ancient smoker. There is nothing like the taste of fresh honey, yum!

  24. I can't wait to hear about your adventures with your new pets, the bees. Of course they will all have names!
    I'm going to pray for Sarge....
    Love, Debra

  25. Well Paula, my little Violet is acting lethargic today too. I wonder what's going on with these chooks of ours? How's Sarge feeling today? I'm hoping Violet is feeling better by morning.

  26. Poor Sarge. I sure hope she gets to feeling better soon. It sounds like you're taking the best of care of her.

    How very cool that you will soon be a bee keeper. Bees are SO important to our world. The more we have, the happier our flowers (and crops) will be. Can't wait to see and learn about your bees.
    Patricia :o)

  27. Wow, honey bees would be neat to learn about!

    I just noticed from your profile that you're a fellow Tennessean - we're in middle TN.


  28. That looks like a very interesting book! Hope Sarge gets well and out of ICU soon:)

  29. Oh how exciting! I am so glad you are getting bees! There is nothing better than learning from an interested mentor also. Once you get into it a bit, I am certain you'll be hooked! I surely am!

  30. Goodluck with the bees.
    but I'm worried about Sarge.Can they help egg-bound?A few yrs ago my vet couldn't help my bird.Poor baby.Tell her Roo and I send our love.By the way your rooster in your pic looks so much like Roo...Ann

  31. I hope Sarge feels better soon! Poor thing. How fun that you are getting bees! I love the buzz they make when they are happy.:)

  32. Oh, all my best to Sarge~I sure hope she is okay. We love all our little eggers, too!

    I have to say that I am almost a wee bit jealous about the honey bees!! Please tell us everything you learn about them!!

    Have a great week!

  33. Hi Paula! I can't wait to see the bee hives! I would love to have my own hives here and some fresh honey. I currently buy mine from my daughter's shop who gets it from an old bee keeper up North. I hope Sarge feels better real soon....

  34. Hey Farmchicklet!

    Well that poor lil hen... hope she feels better soon. I lost one this week too, to a dog that got in my coop. (Not my dog) It caught one hen before we got it out of there, and he killed it. :( I'm still not over it.

    ABOUT THE BEES... I'm thrilled for you. Ya know.. it's not even about the bees for me; but that you have a DAD who would do all of that for you. I'd give alot to have my dad care about his kids n grands. Your blessed Paula. VERY BLESSED.
    I'll be anxious for you to teach us about bees. I saw The Secret Life of Bees and nearly cried when she said, "I love you I love you I love you" to the bees. ;)

  35. Poor little sarge.Hope she feels better soon.

    Dear greetings

  36. Hi, Paula, its me.....hope Sarge will be ok..I know she is in the best of hands....bees should be interesting and surely needed....keep us informed about this cool that your dad can do this for you....

  37. I hope that Sarge gets well quickly. I bet the bee keeping is going to be a fun new adventure. How neat that your father will be able to teach you about it.

    Have a great weekend Paula!♥

  38. I've always wanted to try bee keeping! Can't wait to see how it goes for you. Hope Sarge recovers soon.

  39. Wow, Miss Paula!

    You've got a hen hospital in your home? With an intensive care unit, no less?!?!? I just love you, I do!

    I'm going to need to know about all of this, so keep posting, missy! Don't forget that I'm clueless about such things -- about aLOT of things. :*(

    Ooooo! And I'm so excited about the bees! I've seriously considered it and my family seriously thinks I'm nuts! I'm working on them by bringing it up off and on, here and there. They're not sold, yet.....
    I'm going to tell them all about your adventures with them and I'll bet that will change their minds!

    I'm so excited for you!!! Oh! And your Daddy is just the sweetest! Wanna share?! ;*)

    Many Blessings,

  40. This comment has been removed by the author.

  41. Sarge is lucky to have a critical care unit so close to home! Hope he feels better soon!
    Hubby would love to have an abiary. Not enough time in the day!!

  42. so how is Sarge doing? have you been bizzy as a bee??

  43. I'm so late in reading this, but hoping that Sarge is doing better by now. You are so good to your chickies!!!!!

    And the bees!!!!! I am so hoping that you take us step by step through this whole thing. I'm scared to death of bees, but facinated by the whole process. Last summer, we had NO bees, wasps, hornets or anything and it showed in the lack of flowers and fruit. Not sure I could find the bravery to do the bee keeping, though!


  44. Sometimes a little TLC helps perk up a chicken! Our little ones often need it more than the big hens. I hope Sarge is better now!
    Keeping Bees will be great to hear more about!

  45. Hi Paula,
    Sorry to hear that Sarge is not feeling to good! Poor little thing, can't tell you what's wrong!
    I am glad to hear the news about the Bees! Can't wait to hear more about it and see what hives your Dad will build for you!

  46. Poor Sarge...I am sure it was hard for such an active lady as she to be out of commission.
    How exciting that you have such a knowledgeable source to learn such an interesting topic as bees.


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