Finally Spring!

It's finally here! The last couple of weeks have been busy for me- I've been doing some Spring cleaning as well as some outside projects- the warm days have been so nice....

All winter long I've been cooped up indoors trying new recipes- (this was Pioneer Woman's Cauliflower soup recipe... it was delicious!)


And watching outside my window as the snow fell..... *Sigh*

But no more! Now it's digging in the dirt.....

And taking long walks in the morning with a few of my friends!

And of course this scene is being played out a million times....

And you know I can't resist the urge.......

Smokey loves Spring, too.... but does not like it when I put the camera up to his nose.

A few weeks ago I mentioned that I had won a couple of neat give-aways.... my package arrived from my friend Debbie at A Make-Do Life, and boy, was I surprised when I saw the other goodies she had for me inside.....

She made me a custom laundry bag! With my name on it! *SQUEAL*
And the little sachets smell so heavenly... it made the whole package smell great! Thank you so much, Debbie!

Well, I'm off to do chores... sorry I've neglected you lately, dear bloggy friends.... I promise I'll try and do better- but this time of year it's so hard to stay inside and in front of a computer!! Please know- I still love ya'll!


  1. What a nice post today and such great photos. It's nice to see what you have been up to. What great gifts you won - you should feel very special and yes, we love you too!!! Take care and enjoy digging in the dirt.

  2. What a great 'spring' post! I was thinking about you the other day- I've been using my bag that I won from you A LOT now that I'm taking the dogs on regular walks. It's the perfect size to wear across my body and it's plenty big to hold my camera, phone, and keys!!

  3. Happy Spring! Your hens are lovely.

    Ali @ A Cosy Life

  4. You have been very productive! I loved all the pictures, especially the one of Smokey's nose! ;-Þ

    I haven't been a very good blogger lately either, Paula. When the outdoors beckons, we must respond!

  5. Yes, you can tell by the look on Smokey's face that he doesn't like the camera, LOL!
    Happy Spring! It looks like you and "a few of your friends" have lots of lovely walks planned! :)

  6. Smokey is adorable but I can tell he does mean business about not liking the camera! Can't wait to start on garden projects:)

  7. would love to take a morning walk withyou and your friends.

    Patty h

  8. You are lucky Smoky doesn't have super powers - those eyes could do some damage. "Get that camera out of my face lady!" Does appear spring has sprung at the Fraker Farm - are those sweet potatoes in the picture? Good to have you back!

  9. thanks for stopping by...I wish I could visit you to visit the hens and your Smoky.....congrats on the giveaway, how cool is that?

  10. With so much beauty around you, it's no wonder that you're spending a little more time outside. Totally understandable!

    Smokey does not look happy to have his pix taken. My Cody (doggy) is like that too, and looks away right as I push the button. All I get are pictures of her floppy ears!
    Patricia ;o)

  11. I agree,,,it's to pretty to stay inside.
    Smokey looks like he's giving you the paparazzi stink eye :O)

  12. Looks more like spring where you are. It has been cold here in Maine. So looking forward to warmer days, lovely pics!

  13. It is so good to read your cheerful words. I've missed you! Boy, that Smokey knows how to give a dirty look, doesn't he? My Gipetto can too!

  14. I've missed your posts, Paula. Loved the pictures today. So glad you are having warmer temps. We got snow again last night. Most of it has melted today.
    I am getting 10 chicks on Wed. I am so excited. Hope I do good with them, never raised chickens before.

  15. ooh your spring is farther along than mine! Congratulations on the blossoms!

  16. We've missed you......but I am so glad you have been enjoying the spring weather, it has been lovely here too!!

  17. Yes, nice day for you. I like your walking partners..and the idea of a lavender laundry bag, very good idea!

    It really is hard to get things done indoors when the sunshine calls us outside...I know.

  18. YAY for spring!!!! :) I love your prize Denise made you!!! Personalized items are so special!!! :)

  19. O' I do sympathize. It is so hard to blog with Spring calling your name!

    Cute goodies! Lucky girl!

  20. I tried PW's soup recipe as well. Even my kids liked it!!

  21. Hi Paula, glad to hear that spring has arrived at the Fraker Farm! Your chickens are so cute, I would love to take a walk with them too!

  22. I know just how you are feeling! Spring is here for us, too, and I just cannot sit in the house other than to do the normal chores! I feel compelled to rush outside and find something to dig, rake, plant, water, or just wander around and look at the budding trees, etc. It is a wonderful time of year, isn't it?


  23. Hey Paula~
    You and I are both glad that spring has finally sprung! I love working out in my garden and just being outside, in general! Of course, it's rainy here today and I'm sitting on my duff in front of the computer! Shame on me! Love all your pics. and congrats on winning more giveaways! I see no end in sight to your luck! :)

  24. Yay spring!! I enjoyed your post!

  25. I confess to being an absent blogger myself! Too much yard and garden work.....but we are whittling it away. with Mike home all this time, it's do what he wants to do and I am happy, happy, happy to have him home. If only we were independently wealthy***sigh*** He is supposed to go back April 6 but not sure what shift. I am hoping for days. I hate the alarm clock but having him gone at night is worse. Things will settle into some sort of routine soon. I have some sewing projects on hold, waiting for AC weather.
    So the little terrorist is at work. She seems to be doing very well. I'm voting to give her all the benefits of doubt. She seems to know her business and we do love the biddies....
    Oh, my goodness what a wonderful gift. Love it!
    Am having a wonderful time here at Sara's. Mya doesn't want me to take a shower. She doesn't want me to be out of her site! LOL She is a living doll and so well-adjusted to this new life. Will post pictures and stories soon.....
    Love ya, Hon, have a great week.
    BTW-we drive about an hour and 15 minutes to Rutledge,Missouri to their fabulous meat market--absolutely the best rope sausage, homemade braunschweiger, and BEEF ever.
    The bulk store is in Cantril, Iowa and they have the best bargains on herbs and spices and gardening supplies. Mike buys his work boots there. They have a huge sewing department, fresh baked goods,cheeses and sandwich meats. We also go to Stringtown Grocery which is just outside Kolona, Iowa--an Amish community. There is a cheese factory there, fudge factory, quilting shop--lots of roadside stands in summer, farmers selling their crops. And just about 10 miles from us is Hill Crest Grocery-an Amish store where Mike goes and picks up fresh red raspberry pie or rhubarb/strawberry. She makes awesome pies--oh, and pumpkin bread and dinner rolls. Homemade jams, so much stuff....I just love to go. I bought a handmade stairstep basket for Sara's birthday there--same quality as a Longaberger but less than half the price.
    I guess I am rattling and should have emailed. Oops! We're off tho Target. My grandsons are addicted to Target! Always something there they NEED!!!!
    Linda :)

  26. Hey, I thought we were in spring until the rain came this morning and it's cooolllldd out there now. I love your pictures!

    I saw those little lavender dryer bags on Debbie's blog a while ago and put them on my crafting to do list. They are so cute! Congrats on winning they are wonderful gifts. Take Care :)

  27. Spring come just when we need it!
    We just go new chicks....and yours are just the prettiest ever!! How do you keep them so clean? Martha does that, too! :)
    It is good to be back...lots to to do around blog land! I'm taking it slow..and slow is good!

  28. What a lovely post. Loved your sewing it a quilt? I too am ready for spring. I did plant my onions...finally. Now we have to wait for the rain to stop so I can continue planting.

    Hugs :)


  29. Those are wonderful pictures. I know you enjoy taking walks with your feathered friends.

    Great giveaway wins....congratulations!

    We have had some really nice weather but are supposed to be getting an arctic blast coming in later today for Fri. and Sat.-YUCK!

  30. Oh, Paula!

    It looks as though you're having a busy spring, too! Aren't we blessed?!? I think you're the busiest, though, with those chickens and all! They are so pretty!

    Smokey does look a little perturbed! He probably feels like I do about having his picture taken! Poor, poor Smokey ;*)

    Love your sewing project! Is it an apron? A quilt? You gotta show us the whole thing!!!! I'm loving what I see!!!
    I'm gonna shut up and let you get back to work, now!

    Many Blessings,

  31. Been thinking about you, and figured you were out playing in the dirt, and looking at your beauty-ful chickens! Your spring is so much earlier than ours! It's so nice to see those flowers.
    Love, Debra

  32. I am not sure what we'll do now that spring is here time for anything!

    But I love it!

  33. I agree, it's hard to stay inside on the computer this time of year! I've not been a very good blogger lately, either--too much to do! Great photos of everything~love the hen and Smokey looks so sweet!

  34. Spring!!! What a glorious time!!!! I love your winnings!!!


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