I don't play the lottery, but......

I'm beginning to think I should give it a try.

I've never won anything in my life- I've always been notoriously unlucky when it came to contests.

Well, all that changed back in October, when I won these gorgeous handmade potholders from Merry at Puddingstone Farms....

Then in December, I won these wonderful goodies from sweet April from Straight from the Heart.....

And now, I have won two (yes TWO) give-a-ways in ONE week!

I won one of these gorgeous old feed sacks from wonderful Debbie at a Make Do Life.....

And I just found out this morning I'm the lucky gal that won this fantastic prize from sweet Darlene over at Darlene's Days!!! Yay!

It feels so good to be on a winning streak.... maybe I need to play some Bingo this weekend! LOL

By the way, I did make my very first loaf of whole wheat bread this week- it was awful. It didn't rise and turned out very flat and hard. *Sigh*..... I'm pretty sure I know what I did wrong.
(I would have taken pictures for your viewing pleasure, but I decided to spare myself that humiliation.)
More adventures in bread baking next week, so stay tuned!


  1. Congrats on all your winnings! Myself, I have never won anything but I do like to try to bake bread, cook something new, etc. And most of the time I don't read the directions fully and it doesn't turn out right. Keep on trying and perhaps the next time the bread will be better.

    Feed it to the birds! They probably need the extra food right now as cold as it is.

  2. Good Morning and congrats on all the great giveaways you have won. What wonderful prizes! I know you are disappointed about the bread but next time maybe you will have good luck and can share some photos. Bread making is something I have not tried. I had an elderly neighbor once who would greet me with a warm loaf when I would get home from work each day. What a treat that was. Hope you have a great weekend.

  3. Alright, this is beginning to sound a little fishy! Just what is your secret, huh? I can't tell you how many giveaways I've entered and the only thing I've won so far is a Christmas ornament...a very pretty one, I must say! Rub some of your good luck off on me, will ya?

    Congrats on winning...again, and again...and AGAIN! Keep it going, girl! Have a great day!♥

  4. OMGOsh!!! What fabulous giveaway gifts you won! Congratulations! Isn't it fun winning a giveaway! Blogging is just delicious, isn't it? I'm glad you won all those fabulous goodies and I wish you more good luck to come in the future! :)

  5. WOW!!!! Congrats!!! Some great stuff you have won! :)

  6. Hey Paula,
    I was waiting unitl I get my winnings to show them off, but I just have to tell it before I burst.
    I won 2 times last week too!
    Some pioneer biscuit mix from Southern Plate and a $25 gift card to Red lobster! Whew, I can breathe now.
    Want to play doubles on that bingo card?
    I love those feed bags, well all your winnings, but I really love those feed bags.
    Have a great day.

  7. congrats on all your winnings. I've won a few things but not many.
    The picture of the snow is so pretty!!

  8. You've found FAVOR chickadee!
    My favorite is the feedsack! I wonder which one you won? VERY WONDERFUL! WHatchya gonna do with it? I made a bag doll and used one for thee apron on her dress.
    So you're bread was UNLEAVENED huh? heehaoaooaoo Don't feel too bad... everyone's done that before. Sometimes my biscuits are like hockey pucks. ;)

  9. Congrats Paula! Such cool goodies.

    Did you proof your yeast? I recently had the same issue with my bread but I let it raise too long.

  10. You are TOTALLY on a winning streak! Wow! Great prizes, too.

    Sorry to hear about your bread-making experience. I'm afraid to try buns for the same reason. I use a breadmaker for my bread, which works wonderfully, but buns, of course, require actual manual labour! I don't trust my hands enough and I can't bear the thought of having to throw out a dozen buns, so I just don't try. Pathetic, I know.

  11. Wow! wish I could stand by you, maybe some of your luck will be catching......good going....
    I've tried to make whole wheat bread too and it always always comes out hard and flat....try mixing some regular bread flour in with the whole wheat..maybe half and half...I've had good luck going that route...and you still get some healthy stuff

  12. You are positively swimming in winning!

    Congrats on all your fun goodies.

  13. Wow! Congratulations on all your great winnings! Looks like you have the knack! Those potholders are particularly lovely!

    I am looking forward to the future bread pictures. I think it is a bit of an art.

  14. Glad you're still out there. I was just checking your blog earlier this morning.
    Well, you've won some great stuff! Keep trying with the bread..I don't know what the problem was but I do know that weather plays a huge part of making bread.
    Take care,

  15. how fun to win all those nifty prizes! You know that Pioneer Woman website - she always puts a little baking powder in her yeast doughs to give 'em extra oomph - of course my problem with whole wheat has always been too much flour mixed in - makes for good chicken feed! Keep on trying - if I can bake bread - ANYBODY can bake bread

  16. I was always like you, never won nuttin'! Then last year I had a winning streak, and won 4 or 5 blog contests. It was cool while it was happening. My streak does seem to have been over for some time now, though, so enjoy yours while it lasts. ;-Þ

    Sorry about the bread. What do you think went wrong? Was your yeast old?

  17. You are on a lucky streak! Congratulations!

    For me, anyway, whole wheat bread is the hardest to get it to turn out right. I'm okay just adding a little whole wheat, but when I use ALL whole wheat, it's a bust:( I'm looking forward to more of your adventures in baking--bread is one of my favorite things to bake!

  18. Oh my goodness, I am so very happy for you!!!!! Bingo or lotto---both sound good! Hope you enjoy all of the things you won. I love the potholders and footies.....As cold as it's been, those footies have to be handy to have!
    Have a wonderful weekend, dear friend! It's going to be 60 here and we plan to be outside!!! Going to barbeque!!!

  19. WOW! I think you SHOULD buy a lottery ticket, and real soon! hahaha Keep trying with the bread. Mine gets better each time i bake it.

  20. Hi Paula,
    You are a lucky girl lately!! Enjoy your goodies that you won :)

  21. I know you'll get the bread right-I bet it still smelled good though. Love all the goodies you've won.
    Love, Debra

  22. Wow! You sure have the luck.
    Want to try again, please come and visit and enter my giveaway.

    Sorry your bread did not turn out, maybe next time. I have not tried making wheat bread, but I will need to try some soon. What recipe did you use?

    Hugs :)


  23. You won Mr Fraker!!!

    Have a great weekend Paula

  24. Yep you need to go buy a lottery ticket! Congrats on all the wins!

  25. You are one lucky girl!!!! I think your odds are good....run to the gas station now!!!!

  26. Wow, you lucky gal! Perhaps it is time to buy a lottery ticket! Bread making seems to be such an art. My son, of all people, can whip out perfect loaves of bread....I struggle and usually end up with something like you described! Back to the drawing board, I guess!


  27. Congratulations on all your wins. It is so much fun to have all the giveaways in blogging.
    Sorry about your bread...sounds like my luck with baking.

  28. Congratulations on your prizes! They are very pretty! Maybe you should consider playing the lottery, lol!

  29. Wow! I thought I was lucky when I won your giveaway those many moons ago!! :)

  30. Wow you are on a lucky streak, congrats for all your goodies!

  31. Hey Paula,

    Girl, you are on a lucky streak! Good for you! I did that awhile back with about 3 wins pretty close together. I tell you it felt good too!

    How ya doing? I haven't talked to you in awhile! :)


  32. Wow! Lucky thing you! LOL. So glad you won such pretty things! Don't give up on the bread...I'm sure your next batch will be wonderful! blessings,Kathleen

  33. Congrats on your wins----even though I was SURE Darlene would pick ME! :)


  34. I think you should get 2 lottery tickets and send me one!

    It is pretty amazing, your winning streak! Congrats!

  35. OH! How fun for you to win all those fabulous prizes. I'm drooling over the old grain sack. Very cool!
    I've had wheat bread turn out to be doorstops before, so I hear ya. Next time it'll be better...and it always smells incredible while it's baking anyway.

  36. WOOHOO, I'm glad the package arrived safe and sound and that you like it!♥

  37. Lucky you! I like all the giveaways on different blogs. Even if you do win them all!

    I want to make some whole wheat bread, and now I am a little nervous about trying it. I'll dig for an interesting recipe and see if I can have some luck.

  38. You have been lucky. Congratulations! I'm sure the bread will turn out next time. Don't give up.

  39. Get to the store and buy that lottery ticket! You're on a roll!

  40. Lucky you!! It wouldn't hurt to try the lotto....
    Patricia :o)


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