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A blast from my past

Being a child of the 70's, I will forever love anything associated with that decade. I will always have a soft spot in my heart for Little House on the Prairie, bell bottoms, and Bo and Luke Duke; and I will always have the BeeGees in my music collection. (In fact, I have been known to listen to Saturday Night Fever on my MP3 while vacuuming...)

I was looking up something on the internet the other day and came across an interesting link, which led to another one, then another, then another.... you know how that goes. I finally wound up at a really neat site called The Vermont Country Store. I was amazed at some of the items they carried that I hadn't seen in years.
Then it happened- I squealed with joy when I saw not just one of my all time favorite shampoos, but two! Remember these?

They arrived last week and I couldn't wait to use them.... I was a little disappointed that the "Body on Tap" didn't come in the old Lava lamp-shaped bottle, but it still smells the…

Good things

I've been a very bad girl.... *sigh*... my Ebay addiction has taken a hold on me again. But, I think Hubby will be okay with it when I make him a chicken pot pie in this...

Is this gorgeous or what? I've wanted a little pie bird for a while now, and when I saw this one and the beautiful plate by Pfaltzgraff was included- I couldn't help myself. Especially since I got them both for for $5!! Yay!! The same seller also had this rooster pie bird (squeal) and since they were kind enough to combine shipping, I bought him too.

Here is a picture of my Valentine's Day present-

Hubby also got the momma chicken and her baby riding in the wagon! Isn't he the bee's knees? *gush*

And here is Hubby's Valentine's Day gift-

Well, actually we've had the truck for a while, but I bought him a hitch to go in the bed to pull his trailer with. He was very surprised and happy about that, because plow days are coming soon and he had no way of hauling his tractor around.

Well I…

Happy Valentine's Day!

Boy, the hens are in trouble tonight.....

Headin' North for a day or two

I'm finishing up some mending in my sewing room today and then will tidy up around the house tomorrow- Hubby is taking off from work Friday so we can go to the big Farm Show in Louisville, Kentucky. Hubby can't wait to get there to see all the new equipment and tractors. (Not that we're buying anything... just looking.) Hubby is also really excited about taking his new truck, and since Louisville is about a 4 hour drive one way for us, this will be a nice road trip. Yes, I said "new truck".... he was having some major problems out of "old red" a couple of months ago, so we went shopping for a newer one. We soon found out that with the year end rebates and the dealers wanting to make room for the 2009 models, we were able to afford a new one- a 2008 model- and it was actually cheaper than buying one that was 2 or 3 years old. (I'll post a picture of it soon.)
We're supposed to be getting some bad thunderstorms later this afternoon- the same one th…

I don't play the lottery, but......

I'm beginning to think I should give it a try.

I've never won anything in my life- I've always been notoriously unlucky when it came to contests.

Well, all that changed back in October, when I won these gorgeous handmade potholders from Merry at Puddingstone Farms....

Then in December, I won these wonderful goodies from sweet April from Straight from the Heart.....

And now, I have won two (yes TWO) give-a-ways inONE week!

I won one of these gorgeous old feed sacks from wonderful Debbie at a Make Do Life.....

And I just found out this morning I'm the lucky gal that won this fantastic prize from sweet Darlene over at Darlene's Days!!! Yay!

It feels so good to be on a winning streak.... maybe I need to play some Bingo this weekend! LOL

By the way, I did make my very first loaf of whole wheat bread this week- it was awful. It didn't rise and turned out very flat and hard. *Sigh*..... I'm pretty sure I know what I did wrong. (I would have taken pictures for your viewing…

5 minutes ago it was just rain...

Now it's an inch of white and still falling!
(By the way, it was sunny and 58 degrees here yesterday... whooda thunk this would happen?)

Looks like it's going to be a good day for some bread-making, sewing, and cleaning the house.
Well, it's never a good day for the last one, but it might as well get done while the dough is rising. I'm off to build a fire in the woodstove and get started on my projects. I'll let you know how the bread turned out on the next post, so stay tuned!!