The Diva doesn't like wet feet....

This is Belle, trying to avoid walking her dainty little feathered footsies through the snow...
(all 2 millimeters of it...)

I have to admit.... I'm feeling just a little bit special right now. Why? Because I am now the lucky owner of a gorgeous handmade creation from my wonderful friend Kathleen of Yesteryear Embroideries.... I was so surprised when a Christmas package from her arrived, but I was even more surprised when I opened it up and found this-

Is this not the most gorgeous thing you've ever seen? *gush*

Thanks so much, Kathleen- and no, I won't be "using" it either! LOL

From my sewing room- Several months ago on Ebay I found these little blocks of fabric with pretty, colorful chickens on them for a couple of dollars....

I've been dying to use them for something, so last week I found some plain oven mitts at the Dollar Store and thought I would dress them up a bit. I cut a small piece of interfacing to go between to keep the mitt color from showing through the block, then I fused the block and the interfacing to the mitt with Heat-n-Bond. I took the mitts apart to sew the blocks on, using a dark red thread and my machine's wonderful blanket stitch. (I LOVE blanket stitching!!) I think once the mitts are finished they will be just perfect in my "chickie kitchen"! *Squeal*

Hubby bought these beautiful kitchen towels for me for Christmas and I have a rooster and hen machine embroidery design I want to put on them, but I don't know what color to use.... I know white would show up nicely on the solid blue, but I'm undecided on what to use for the patterned ones and I wanted to use the same color(s) for all of them....

I thought yellow, or maybe a dark red... or both! What do you think?


  1. I love the video. That is the funniest thing! Kathleen's gift is gorgeous. I love what you did with the rooster fabric on the oven mitts. I think yellow would be pretty on your blue towels. Hope you have a good weekend.

  2. I am a sucker for blanket stitching too! I would go with dark red for the embroidery. Like old-fashioned redwork.

    Cute post! I think your hen is sweet, tiptoeing through the snow. And the embroidery is to die for.

  3. That video of Belle is hilarious!! Thanks for sharing it!
    Love the embroidery, it's so pretty. What a great idea for the
    chicken fabric, and what perfect stitching you did!!
    I think red would be pretty on the towels, but I am partial to red anyway.

  4. Hi Paula, so glad you liked the little towel...but please USE IT! lol. I love the chicken squares and what a wonderful job you did! Have a wonderful weekend,blessings, Kathleen

  5. A lady like Belle does have a certain appearances to keep up you now!!!

    I love the is BEAUTIFUL!!!

    The Chickie mitts are can't go wrong with Chickens and blanket stitching I always say.

    Red Rooster...Red Rooster!!!

  6. My chickens were really unsure of the snow too!

    Your present is so beautiful! I love the chicken blocks.

  7. That 'kerchief is gorgeous! And the little chicken patches are adorable. Have fun with your red work and your little princess, too.

  8. Go for the colour!! I think yellow and dark red will look great on the blue and white.

    That video is too funny ~ she really IS a diva, isn't she?!

  9. That video is hilarious!! I think our chickens always blame ME for the snow. Like I put it there to keep them from playing outside!

    Kathleen's gift is pretty!

  10. Ahh Belle is so cute. I don't blame her for not wanting to get her feet wet and cold!!!
    Kathleen did a great job on the embroidery.

  11. Hi Paula~

    I can definitely relate to Bella...I don't like my tootsies getting cold, either!

    I love what you got from your blogging nice! I think I'd go with dark red, if it were me, but you can try yellow, too! Either would look great!

  12. She is a princess! Why not make them some snow shoes so they can keep their lil feet warm? haha

    Great video Paula

    Red on the tea towels is my choice.

    We are on a high fire alert today, at 8 am it was already 97 degrees, they are predicting over 110 degrees. I am so worried about my chooks I have been outside making them lots of wet spots to lay in but the hot wind is just drying it all up so quick. I wish I could bring them all into the air conditioned house but I have so many, I might just bring my silkies in thou, after losing their sisters to that fox I don`t wanna lose the rest of them to heat.

    Give me cold over heat anyday!

  13. Love the video - too cute!

    Yellow roosters with red combs and wattles!

  14. Hey, Your gift is beautiful! And Belle reminds me of my collie who is not found of getting wet. The mitts are awesome I'm going to have to make a trip to ebay to see what fabric I can find. My vote is yellow on the blue but then again I love yellow and blue. lol Take Care :)

  15. Paula, she is so precious, and smart, too. I have been keeping up with you even though I haven't been posting myself. The embroidery is beautiful!! And so special since it was handmade. I am very impressed with your oven mitts. I would not have thought to put those hens on there. I would not have thought to even decorate mitts. You are very creative! Have a great weekend! Angie

  16. You took apart mitts and put them back together? You are industrious...Course I've done that with kids clothes to make a pattern....Mya needs lots of girlie clothes.
    Belle makes me laugh so hard. She reminds me of some of our dogs. They go out in the biggest blizzards and frolic around but in the rain they act as though they will melt. Try to get between the rain drops and dart for the door.
    I think Yellow is the color---or RED--make them Americana.
    I love the embroidery piece. I have to finish off a few pieces I've done this winter.
    Mike is taking to look at new sewing machines today. Maybe I will get one that does everything I dream of---HA HA HA HA.....
    Kepp smiling, Hon. It's good to hear from you.....Linda

  17. Oh Paula, that is priceless! All I can say is never move those girls to New Hampshire!
    Our group amazes me with their indifference to cold, rain, sleet, snow, ice...

  18. Oh Sweet Belle....
    I really enjoyed the video!
    I love the stitching you've done with the chicken blocks!

  19. What a chicken!
    Gorgeous embroidery~ love the butterflies. Your oven mitts turned out really cute. Those chicken squares were a great find!

  20. Oh, Belle is adorable! Those chickens are so lucky to have such a loving chickie mom who understands all their feathered personalities!

    Your project looks adorable!

  21. Hey Paula! I love the video of Bella. Oh my, she made me laugh! You could just see the wheels turning in her cute little feathery head.

    The oven mit turn out fabulous! That was a very creative use for those adorable squares.

    Patricia :o)

  22. That girl is just full of personality! LOL My favorite hen took over the rocking chair this weekend. It's the cat's spot and she wasn't happy, but guess who won??? LOL

    Those little chicken fabrics are so nice! I like what you did with them too. And if it were me, I would definately go with yellow on your towels. Blue & yellow are such a pretty farmhouse combination!

    Stay warm,

  23. Oops, I forgot to say that I love kathleen's work too! What a dear to share with you.


  24. That video is hilarious....Belle is just a Diva...doesn't want to get her dainty little feet wet!!!

    What a beautiful little towel from your friend! I think you should use yellow or the dark red. Those colors would really pop on the blue/white towels.

  25. That embroidery is beautiful! I really like what you did with the chickens and oven mitts.
    come for a visit. I have some old chicken feed sacks I'm giving away.

  26. I think a dark red would be great...I have some green plaid napkins I might try embroidering one day...never thought to embroider on patterns but why not?

  27. Kathleen does amazing work! Love all the things you've been doing too!

  28. Hi Paula
    I loved the video. That is to funny she didn't want to walk in the snow.
    I love those cute rooster squares you found. That one looks adorable on the oven mitt!
    The kitchen towels your husband gave you are so nice and Kathleen's gift is just lovely! (I wouldn't use it either)
    Love, Ann

  29. I don't blame The Diva at all - it is cold here and my feet need to be dry, warm and preferably next to my DH! Nifty idea for the chicken blocks you have - never can have too many chickens.

  30. Paula, it is funny to watch the chickens and how they encounter the snow. Here we have a foot or more and our chickens just stand inside their door and look out. ( alot like me)LOL

    Love the blocks you found on ebay, what a creative idea using them on your oven mitts etc. Sweet!

    I think either color or even both would go just fine for what you have planned.

    Must come back to see your progress, until then, stay warm...


  31. Yes, isn't Kathleen's stitchery exquisite ?

    It looks as if your home and kitchen are filled with blue and white and lots of chicken decorated fabric and items, as is my home!

    Yup, those silkies are pretty particular about their feathered feet, aren't they?

  32. Belle has the right idea! That hanky is gorgeous! You are a lucky winner.

    I love what you did with the mitts. As for the color on your towels~I always vote for red!

    You've made me think about getting busy with some projects!

  33. That is so funny that Belle doesn't want to walk on the snow.

  34. OOOoh!!! I love the embroidered napkin!! I love the old stuff. Of course make it myself?? I just don't have the patience. I DO try to crochet though.

  35. Wherefore art thou Oh Paula? Missing those feathery silky chickie photos and your interesting life stories. Hope you are well and comfy - no ice storm damage and plotting - I mean planning your next big adventure either with animal, vegetable or mineral!

  36. I'm voting with everyone who suggested red, too! I love redwork! I can't blame the Diva -- I don't like cold, wet tootsies either! Just LOVE the oven mit! And to think I handstitch all my blanket stitching!!!!! I need one of those machines!


  37. Psst: Ms. Paula you're invited over for a little surprise that is waiting for you on my blog. Sure hope you can make it!


  38. The video was just hilarious! What a great idea for the oven mitt! I, too, would go with the yellow for the pretty towels. As usual, your blog was such fun to visit!


  39. The ovenmitt is beautiful, good job! I love the chicken jumping OVER the snow as to not get her feet too cold, too cute!!

  40. That video is hilarious! My Hamburg, Silver, hates the snow and does the same thing. The girls just shake their heads at him!

  41. I love these kinds of tea towels...used to cross-stitch designs on them. I think the dark red and yellow chickens would look fantastic against that blue!

    Hope you are doing well...haven't been able to visit your blog in a while and thought I would try to do a little catching up today. The embroidered pieces you won are beautiful! And I sure enjoyed the chicken video--her not wanting to touch the snow with her feet! Too cute!


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