Santa's workshop, it ain't....

My sewing table/work space/disaster area.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Hubby was off from work last week and we had a great time taking some little day trips- one day we went to buy a ham and some other goodies, and another day we did some sight-seeing and Christmas shopping. It was wonderful to have him home all week, but now he's back at work and I'm here all alone...*sigh*... but I have enough cleaning and laundry to keep me company for at least a couple of days. (Rats.) However, I've been looking through my pattern collection for some Christmas decorations and gifts to make, so once I'm finished with the chores, my trusty sewing machine and I are going to have a little fun. Yay!

The last couple of days we've had snowflakes falling... not enough to stick on the ground for very long, but enough to get me humming Christmas music. I've spent the last couple of days digging out Christmas CD' s, and there are boxes of decorations are in the living room waiting to be unpacked. I usually start putting them up the day after Thanksgiving, but this year I didn't- hopefully in the next few days I'll get around to that.

While I was away from my computer last week, I got some great news- I was the lucky winner of wonderful Miss April's 100th post give-a-way at her blog, Straight from the Heart!
*gush squeal*

The box arrived with so many goodies inside, it felt like Christmas morning!
Inside were some cute little fuzzy socks....

A gorgeous ornament.....

And this wonderful little serenity prayer cross!

And have you ever seen a bigger Hershey bar in your life?

(By the way, April- Hubby did not manage to steal it away from me- although it was a fight 'til the end! LOL)

This morning I've been thawing out waterers only to have them freeze again, so I think I'll just stay inside for a couple of hours until it warms up and check in on all my blogging buddies- I've missed you!


  1. Oh man... at least you put up a good fight for the chocolate. Yumm.

    I love those fuzzy socks. I have some and I usually end up sliding across the floor while doing mundane tasks like doing dishes. It keeps things entertaining. :D

  2. Your disaster area is much less disastrous than mine! You should be congratulated on keeping it that tidy!

    LOVE the fuzzy socks!

  3. lol. the first picture, I was like, ooh, then the next ooh! then the last OOH YEAH!

    I love chocolate. lol.

  4. Looks like you scored big on the giveaway! Glad you're enjoying the Christmas Season already!

  5. Glad to hear you won the chocolate fight!! I have a couple of pairs of socks quite similar to that and I LOVE them!! Perfect for winter!

    Good luck with the waterers.

  6. Hey Paula!

    So good to hear from you, again! I've been wondering about you! So happy to see that all your goodies arrived safely...enjoy! Yay to you for not allowing your hubby to steal your chocolate...I know things can get real ugly around here when I'm needing a chocolate fix!

    Glad to hear that you and your hubby enjoyed some fun time together! Have a great Wednesday!

  7. Congratulations on winning such a fun giveaway! How nice that you got such a big bar of yummy chocolate! Enjoy!

    How nice that you even have a work space...mine is my couch, LOL! :)

  8. An afternoon of sewing sounds nice and relaxing

  9. Good to read your post...I've missed them....congrads on your win too..nice socks! and the lovely cross!
    At least you have a disaster area, I have to pull my stuff out every time and no desk, just some boxes and the kitchen table....
    I haven't seen that big a chocolate bar in quite a while..slurp!

  10. The cold and snow here have me getting into the mood. It seems like we didn't have an Oct or Nov so I go from summer straight to Christmas. Anyhow, I have my ipod loaded with Christmas music so I am ready for winter/Christmas!

  11. Hi Paula:
    I've missed you too.
    I love the table that your sewing machine is on...cute.
    Isn't it fun to get a package in the mail? I love going through a box of goodies.

  12. Lucky girl! What a nice box of goodies you received!!
    Hope you will share a peek at your sewing creations when you are finished!

  13. Hey Paula!
    Is that sewing machine hummin along?! I hope SEW!!!
    Congrats on your big win! I'da arm wrestled you for that hunk o chocolate! THATS JUST MY SNACK SIZE! LOL
    AND HEY... WHAT do you mean... my head looked cute on that body? WHAT IF THAT WAS MY BODY? lol
    If it's not... then who's is it?
    Alrighty then,
    you better get back to work...
    I'll be here at the shed
    dreaming of HERSHEYS

  14. What a wonderful surprise you got in the mail!! And there is even chocolate...have some good eating with that huge bar!!
    Your sewing area looks good to me! I just got out my mess again today after putting away all the Thanksgiving dishes and decor. Do share what you are doing!

  15. Lovely gift package - especially the Serenity Cross. Glad you two had some time together to do fun things.

  16. I know what you mean about staying inside til it warms up . It is so delicious to stay indoors with a cup of hot coffee and LOOK outside, but the sheep and dogs get pretty noisy when they figure it is time for their meal and I'm taking a little too long at dishing them up !

    Your work table resembles MY work table...isn't is a blessing to have "work" we love ?

  17. My dh took a couple extra days over Thanksgiving but we didn't go anywhere. It was delightful just to be together. Glad you two got to enjoy each others company and run some errands.Thanks for stopping by. I've missed you. Did you get my email?
    Hope your waterers thaw out. We got 2" of snow today and the high was 24' with 21' predicted for tomorrow. I'm not so crazy about bitter cold.....
    Smile :)

  18. Congratulations on the win!! Looks like some GREAT stuff!

    I don't think your workshop area looks bad at all!!!

  19. I would have fought to the death for that chocolate bar!!!!!!

    And your craft table/disaster area looks just like mine -- no, maybe mine is worse!!!!

    So glad to see you won the drawing! You deserve it, Paula!!!!


  20. Your sewing table is cute and tidy!
    What did you buy me for Christmas or is it a secret?

  21. Snow would get me in the Christmas spirit too! Congratulations on winning the giveaway!

  22. Hand over the Hershey bar and no one gets hurt!

    What a nice package full of fun goodies. I have a similar pair of fuzzy socks and they're the best thing in the world.

  23. I enjoyed my tour around your blog and farm! I grew up on a farm and loved it. East TN is beautiful country too. One day I be back in the south. For now, I shiver as I live way up north. : )


  24. Love those fuzzy socks Paula....I have several pairs and I love them.

    Don't worry about your disaster area....if we were all honest...they all look like that!!! We generally only clean them up when we have to!


  25. Love the sewing area. I just found my sewing machine through our recent move and now have made to Christmas trees. I plan on sewing alot more.

    Congratulations on your win!

  26. your "area" looks just fine!:) I think we all have a spot (or 2 like that) LOL...
    and wow, with all the bounty you must have been very good this year! :)

  27. Hi Paula!

    Hey, I see the pin keep is right by your trusty sewing machine! Wow! I'm so pleased!
    I can't wait to see what you're making.
    Love, Debra

    PS Have you seen the Andy G. Christmas -the one with the grumpy man who wants to be put in jail, so he can be with Andy and his family for Christmas?

  28. Congrats on the probably needed the plaque after going round with your husband over the chocolate!!!! Now you can put on your fuzzy sock and create as you watch the snow....I am a little jealous of your snow...ours melted a day after we had it....ugg!!! I love your Raggedy Ann doll.....did you make her....she looks like she need a hug!!! I can't wait to see what you create next!!!

  29. I love those socks...they look warm and cozy!!! By the way, your "disaster" look neat compared to mine!!! It depressed me!


  30. Congratulations on winning April's giveaway! You received so many goodies, and the socks look perfect for the up-comming snowy season. So cozy!
    Paticia :o)

  31. I love those fuzzy socks, they are so warm and comfy!

    I have also dragged my sewing machine out, my diningroom table is my new sewing room. ( I did request a sewing room when we built our house here) maybe now hubby knows I can sew he'll grant me my wish... LOL

  32. I do not wish to disagree with you, lovely blogging friend - but what you call a disaster area wouldn't even qualify for the evening news of household messes in MY house! ROFL - I'm a great "piler upper" - there are piles of magazines and unfinished afghan and unfolded clean laundry covering some surfaces in my house! Neat gift you got and hooray for keeping the chocolate! I'm pretty sure here in the messy house (it isn't ALL messy)DH could have sweet talked some hershey's from me - you are a strong woman> LOL - have a great week and do stay warm - brrrrr.

  33. Hi Paula:
    My husband would be dead before he could get chocolate from my hands!
    Congratulations on your win. Those socks will come in handy on those cold winter nights!
    Love, Ann

  34. If that's your disaster area I'd hate to hear what you think of my sewing room!
    Yay for your goodie box. Good fight for the chocolate. Those socks are so comfy looking! They should keep you snug and warm this winter!

  35. Paula, I think your work area is simply charming. I just saw a book at Hobby Lobby today (but didn't buy it) about how to arrange your sewing and quilting area ~ a whole book of wonderful ideas. Maybe after Christmas I'll try to do something spiring with mine!

    Congratulations on your treasures. I just read Jennifer's comment about sliding in fuzzy socks. LOL I do the same thing!


  36. Omigosh, I'm drooling at the thought of that much chocolate. The fuzzy socks look so cuddly and warm. You really hit the jackpot!


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